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I remember how at school, a girl took my classmate’s bottle of water and poured the entire thing into his bag, destroying all his books and whatnot. Obviously, he was mad about it, so as a form of mild “revenge” he pushed the girl’s books off her desk. She called the teacher and said that the guy was aggressive towards her. Even after the boy explained that she poured a bottle into his bag, he got punished for pushing her books off the desk and she was left unscathed by it.


I’m a bookworm, and anyone who knows me knows this fact, but this Hanukkah I was very disappointed with my presents. I got clothes and money from my relatives. My male cousin who is nowhere near as much of a reader? Almost all his presents were books. Gee, thanks relatives, I really wanted CLOTHES that you all picked out, meaning stuff I never wear. Seriously, all you had to do is ask my mom what I like, you’re relatives. Or just give me the goddamn money, if you really don’t understand my tastes. I would have loved to get those books 🙁


I’m friends with this boy who is in a few of my classes. I’ve known him for four years and we’re both massive book nerds. He’s perfectly respectful to me, and even though he used to have a crush on me it’s not awkward anymore because he has a girlfriend. Unfortunately, two other boys who are in some of those classes with us make suggestive comments about us all the time. One of them even thought we were dating at one point, and now they act like we either are secretly or are both harbouring crushes. It’s really annoying and I wish that they wouldn’t make jokes like that, because it makes it more complicated than two people who like books and want to talk about them together. If we were the same gender, they wouldn’t think anything of it. Why is it that people are apparently not allowed to be platonic with people of the opposite gender?


So recently I’ve been reading these things, following feminist accounts, and doing these things since I believe in the cause of equality of the genders, and I came upon a few posts. Unlike many others, these were actually GOOD ones that were funny and posed good questions such as “Why does a boy suddenly have to change everything about a girl’s life,” and “Why does the majority of society believe that a woman must have a spouse or she’s a failure?” Now, as an aspiring author, I was intrigued. These would make really good writing prompts if used the correct way, and I wondered to myself why I hadn’t seen this before. Romance is NOT a necessity in a woman’s life, and if she wants to live in an apartment with 20 million cats, good for her. So, I’m going to take it upon myself to write a book about that. Not all people get or want a partner. Many work solo and enjoy it. Now, as I’m only 14 and not that good an author yet, it will take time, but I really do want to do this. Honestly I’m not even sure if many people will like it or want to read it, but hey, a good strong feminist can make a good story, even without a guy (talking to u, Disney).


I was visiting family this Labor Day weekend. My 2 1/2 year old niece was coloring a picture, and I started flipping through the coloring book it came from. It was princess-themed, of course, and the more pictures I looked at, the more depressed I got. Here is a sampling of the captions that were at the bottom of each page: -Pretty as a Picture -Pretty as a Princess -Lovely Locks (underneath a picture of a princess brushing her hair) -Sweet Smile -Such Poise -So Graceful -In love (under a picture of a princess apparently daydreaming about a prince) -Beautiful new dress I counted at least 5 different pictures of a hand mirror or a girl looking in the mirror. Not one picture showed a princess or a lady actually DOING anything (unless you count the single picture of a girl dancing with a prince – I don’t). My smart, energetic, very active niece is not yet 3, and already the toys and books we surround her with are giving one clear message: you are here to be looked at.