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I am 17 years old, which I feel is pretty important to make clear first of all. I was at the traffic lights during the 10 minute walk to my friends house. When the lights were on green, I turned to the line of traffic stuck on red behind me. Bearing in mind it was 24 degrees so I was wearing ankle boots, black shorts which were in no way tight or revealing, a black top and a denim jacket; turning around, there was a line of three cars all hurling comments at me. The first had a man looking in about his 40s, licking his lips and shouting at me. I couldn’t see the others in the two cars behind him, but I heard comments such as “I’ll rip those shorts of you b*tch”, “Jump in and I’ll give you a ride”, and the standard comments of “s**t” and “w***e”. I was stood there for only 20 seconds. When I got to my friends house I burst into tears about the whole situation. This was 3 weeks ago… it has happened repeatedly since then.


I found this nice bit of casual sexism on a car maintenance forum: “I drive a 1984 oldsmoblie as my everyday driver. Being a female, I’m pretty clueless about cars.” WTF?! Being female doesn’t make you automatically (no pun intended) clueless about cars! I’m sure there are a lot of female mechanics/car enthusiasts who would disagree strongly with that assertion! A depressing example of ingrained sexism & gender stereotyping. A