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A couple weeks ago I was taking public transport into downtown. During my 6 minute walk from my car to the transit center two separate guys slowed their vehicles to yell out at me, and another guy walking shouted, and whistled. At the station I purposely began a conversation with another female who was waiting for the bus to prevent unwanted attention. Once I arrived downtown I walked past a suited businessman in deep conversation with a coworker, and in the middle of his conversation shout out, ” well don’t you look fine” I kept walking and he continued, ” and I know you are someone who can take a compliment”. I was cat-called one more time before arriving at my destination and joining my date. While getting cat-called is pretty typical, what stood out this night was the amount in a short time I spent walking, and my realization that it was the second time I wore a jacket in summer weather purposely in attempt to prevent unwanted attention. And also that a man, presumably talking with a coworker, in a suit, pauses his conversation, yells to me, and the other guy is silent. I have concluded that I will wear what I want ( although my initial reaction was no more heals when I’m traveling alone). I dress modestly and stylishly as it is, and even if I didn’t I have realized it’s not on me to change how I dress.


I was walking along the beach with my friends recently, we were on our way to the cinema. We walked past a house, at which two builders were working. One of the men was staring intently at us. We continued talking to one another, none of us making eye contact with him. He was pretty creepy. To get to the cinema, we had to walk right past them, up a hill. As we did so, we heard him making strange noises. You know the kind, when someone is beckoning a cat to them? Where the person purses their lips and makes a vaguely squeaky sound? This is what this guy was doing. We all looked around, wondering where the cat was. It took us all a moment to realise he was directing it at us. He was LITERALLY catcalling us. He continued to do it as we walked past, and we ended up rushing up the hill, eager to get away from him. We spent ages afterwards wondering if that had actually just happened. Was the man confused? Did he think, when people talked about catcalling, they meant it literally?