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About lunchtime, cycling on the bike path parallel to the road, I notice a man on a motorbike on the road a few meters ahead looking right at me – not expression, but kind of serious looking. I pass him and he continues too, and stops several meters ahead of me and again, stares right at me with the same expressionless face. This continues 5 times in total, where he stops to watch me cycle. He doesn’t try and talk, just staring, and then moving on further down the road to get another chance to stare at me anew.


Instead of giving me what I ask for at bike shops, guys need to stop to explain very basic stuff to me. If I ask for a tube, they tell me how to change it (thanks, I know). If I ask for a presta valve they show me a presta valve to make sure I know what I’m asking for (thought I covered that by asking for what I needed, thanks). If I ask them to clarify a technical term, they assume I don’t know which break affects which tire (true story). #mansplaining #cyclospaining


Today I was walking over to visit my fiance, a cyclist, who was t-boned by a car yesterday and as a car drove past me I heard the driver and passenger shouting and whistling at me. I was so pissed off (because those words were the final straw and because idiotic drivers like this one being distracted could have killed my fiance) I turned around to flip them off. But, as usually, I spent the rest of the walk looking over my shoulder and wishing I’d paid more attention to the color of the car so I’d recognize it if they came back looking for me.