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I had an operation on my nose when I was 17 to repair the twisted tip which meant I had trouble breathing. My parents both accompanied me to one of my pre op appointments.. My surgeon explained all the technical aspects of the operation, including quality of breathing looking at only my dad and addressing him… Then he started saying to my mum and I about how glamorous I was going to look and that I will be more confident and pretty. Yes because all women only care about looks and glamour over their own quality of life.


I accompanied my half Chines wife to get her passport photo taken. I was standing in the shop behind the male photographer silent. He paused just before he took the picture and turned around to ask me if it was for an English passport. Because how could my wife possible know?!?


Really annoyed to hear from an 8yr old girl that the last 3 times her class (from our local school) has practised dancing for Christmas party the Female teachers got the boys to choose a girl. She matter-of-factly told me she never gets picked. Why on earth should she be made to feel like a wallflower!!!


I work in law and recently attended an internal training session. The presentation slides contained some irrelevant stock images, as the (male) speaker pointed out. All fine. Until he mentioned the “three female barristers” in one image. Had this been an image of three male barristers, there is not a chance he would have specified their gender. Eyeroll.


This week I had a job interview since I’m graduating as a nurse practitioner soon. As I was talking to my boyfriend about it, he made a joke saying “wear a push-up bra.” I know he didn’t mean anything serious, and it was just a joke. But, I said, “why would you say that? That won’t get me a job as a medical provider.” Not being the first time we had an equality discussion, he told me I have to realize sex does sell, and then proceeded to tell me a story where he got a job over someone who was overweight and not well-dressed man, but had loads more experience than my guy. Basically the end of the discussion was that I wasn’t naive to how society often works, but I refuse to accept that that’s how it should work, and I definitely won’t play into it. I’ll get a job because of what I can bring to the table, and what I can bring definitely doesn’t include my sex appeal. My boyfriend’s view on feminism is a work in progress, but I try to do my part to educate him. He used to think feminism was this radical idea, but I’m seeing the changes that he’s realizing it’s just treating each other as equal people.


In my late 40’s and told that rumour has it a decade ago I was so hot that men in the office were distracted and didn’t know where to look. Apparently my bra strap showed a lot and I wore pretty bras. Jeez over 10 years later and as an executive this what I am reduced to. Should I laugh that they remember more of what I wore than I do. I was too busy getting things done!