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I remember how at school, a girl took my classmate’s bottle of water and poured the entire thing into his bag, destroying all his books and whatnot. Obviously, he was mad about it, so as a form of mild “revenge” he pushed the girl’s books off her desk. She called the teacher and said that the guy was aggressive towards her. Even after the boy explained that she poured a bottle into his bag, he got punished for pushing her books off the desk and she was left unscathed by it.

Suffolk Lass

Whilst sitting outside in the smoking area at my local pub (with one female friend and one male friend, known from school days), we were joined by a group of three women. Summer Sunday drinking and a lovely evening combined, one of these women asked my friend “as a man, do you prefer a shaven or unshaven muff?”. My friend responded that if he were honest, he prefers shaven. A discussion ensued: pro’s and con’s, hygiene, media influence etc. After several minutes of good conversation/debate, we all agreed with each other that, at the end of the day, it’s the woman’s own choice what she does. Yet, after this fair and honest conclusion, my male friend and one of the three women who joined us continued: M: Exactly; it’s fine if a woman isn’t shaven, as long as it’s neat and trimmed, you know? I mean I do, I’d expect the same in return F: Yeah, that’s the same as me- I’ve been with my boyfriend for 11 years, and we have always maintained our pubes as neat and trimmed down. It’s just fair, isn’t it? M: Obviously it’s kinda gross when you can see pubes under a woman’s bikini on the beach an’ stuff. F: Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to go out looking like that- it’s embarrassing isn’t it, other women put in the work so why shouldn’t they? M: Yeah, apart from the older women though. You know, Mum’s of three and that kind of thing. F: Well yeah, they’ve pushed three babies out of there, they deserve… M:… They’ve worked hard, they deserve a break! (all laugh, fake or not) I never gave my opinion on matters after this, although we finished out cigarettes fairly swiftly and went back inside to play pool after this. I was shocked that my friends, and a group of young women who brought up such an interesting point in the first place, could so blindly fall into the traps which they had just refuted. I wish I could have had the courage to tell them my point and feelings at the time, however, just prior to the above conversation I heard one of the group of women respond to a question with “oh no, not that feminism stuff, no no, just asking about body hair”. This knocked my confidence in the group somewhat, feeling in the minority with my opinion, thus I write it down here for you to read.


My family and I were watching a film today (I won’t name it or the characters because spoilers), and there’s a badass female character in it. Now the actor playing this character happes to be very slim and tall, and she can fight very well and does so on many occasions in the film. She demonstrates intelligence, bravery and skill equal to the male characters and plays an essential role in the success of the team. So naturally, I’m enjoying the film (it’s a good film anyway). At one point, she’s fighting an armoured warrior, and she punches them several times and incapacitates them. The reaction of my family is immediately “no, she’s not strong enough to do that”. So we can have strong, capable female characters but they can’t be TOO capable, otherwise that would be ridiculous, right? It’s damn unbelievable. D:<