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Having my male “friends” feel like it’s appropriate to pull me into tight hugs, pressing their crotch against me when I am clearly rigid and not wanting to participate, even once at a funeral when I was crying. Another “friend” thought it was appropriate to tell my good friend and I that she had a better personality, but wasn’t hot and I was hot, but had a terrible personality. Guy “friends” telling me I would be attractive if I smiled more. Guy “friends” who stop talking to me the minute I make it clear I don’t want to date them. And my brother, who is an amazing person that I love, who ranted to me about the early sexualizing of girls and interrupted me saying “yeah I know” to say ” No, no YOU don’t understand, listen I read this about it” and proceeded to explain to me something I experienced as if I knew nothing about it.


I met an old acquaintance at a party and he happily told me all about his pregnant girlfriend (who was not at the party). An hour later he pinched my bum in a shifty ‘never speak or this’ way. I ignored it partly because i dodnt want to cause a scene and partly because of his pregnant girlfriend. But now i wonder, how much was he relying on me not making a scene, on being consipratorial. A lot i suspect.


My male best friend of 8 years decided he actually fancied me as more than a friend. I was on holiday with him and his family and we’d already had a conversation about feelings etc and I’d explained I wasn’t interested in anything further. When he’d had a few drinks and his parents were out he tried to snuggle up to me, touching me inappropriately. When I said no and moved away he started pretending to cry and asked for a sympathy hug – this time he tried to touch me more forcefully and I asked him if he’d actually just used emotional blackmail to try and make me sleep with him? He made no comment but still wouldn’t let go so I asked him angrily was he trying to seduce me? He answered yes and it’s going to work. I yelled at him to get off me and he stormed out as if I’d done something wrong. That was after 8 years of friendship. It was like I suddenly became an object and he had one goal, any care for me as a human being disappeared. We don’t speak anymore.


Yesterday one of my closest male friends and I were reading a feminist magazine and he actually started explaining the concepts to me. I knew the concepts, and though I might not be as well read as he on feminist literature and philosophy, I acutely experience these things every day. I just really took issue with it. Later, this same friend made an offhand comment about how unfortunate it is that ugly women never get taken seriously in society (after explaining how he made out with a very problematic person because she was hot). I’m not the best looking woman, and I have dealt with that, so it stung. I’ve felt bad since.


My friend was called a prostitute by a classmate. He also talled her that «she should go get paid» and other things of the style… When I went to see an adult to discuss the situation, he didn’t do anything about it…. I don’t know what to do!!!


When I was 13 years old a boy at my summer camp told me that no boy would ever want to kiss me because I was so ugly. The same day one of my friends told me I should give her my shirt because she’d look better in it any way because she had boobs. Both of these incidents made me feel so ashamed, I actually apologized to the boy before walking a way and later gave the girl my shirt.

Suffolk Lass

Whilst sitting outside in the smoking area at my local pub (with one female friend and one male friend, known from school days), we were joined by a group of three women. Summer Sunday drinking and a lovely evening combined, one of these women asked my friend “as a man, do you prefer a shaven or unshaven muff?”. My friend responded that if he were honest, he prefers shaven. A discussion ensued: pro’s and con’s, hygiene, media influence etc. After several minutes of good conversation/debate, we all agreed with each other that, at the end of the day, it’s the woman’s own choice what she does. Yet, after this fair and honest conclusion, my male friend and one of the three women who joined us continued: M: Exactly; it’s fine if a woman isn’t shaven, as long as it’s neat and trimmed, you know? I mean I do, I’d expect the same in return F: Yeah, that’s the same as me- I’ve been with my boyfriend for 11 years, and we have always maintained our pubes as neat and trimmed down. It’s just fair, isn’t it? M: Obviously it’s kinda gross when you can see pubes under a woman’s bikini on the beach an’ stuff. F: Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to go out looking like that- it’s embarrassing isn’t it, other women put in the work so why shouldn’t they? M: Yeah, apart from the older women though. You know, Mum’s of three and that kind of thing. F: Well yeah, they’ve pushed three babies out of there, they deserve… M:… They’ve worked hard, they deserve a break! (all laugh, fake or not) I never gave my opinion on matters after this, although we finished out cigarettes fairly swiftly and went back inside to play pool after this. I was shocked that my friends, and a group of young women who brought up such an interesting point in the first place, could so blindly fall into the traps which they had just refuted. I wish I could have had the courage to tell them my point and feelings at the time, however, just prior to the above conversation I heard one of the group of women respond to a question with “oh no, not that feminism stuff, no no, just asking about body hair”. This knocked my confidence in the group somewhat, feeling in the minority with my opinion, thus I write it down here for you to read.


So, my sister and I were at our friend Javi’s house and Sarah (my sister) and I agreed there was a general ambience that put us in a bad mood. Most of the friends that were there were boys, and we don’t see them as often as they see eachother. We were finally all talking and eating, having a good time, when this happened. (Please know, my friends are all really good people and didn’t mean it). Friend 1: what’s better than a rapist? A child rapist. What’s better than a child rapist? A local child rapist. (Everyone laughs) Me: rape jokes aren’t funny Friend 2: yes, they are Friend 3: guys, chill. You know how she is with women’s rights Friend 2 (I think): I know a joke, women’s rights Friend 1: women can do anything they want, but they don’t have any rights. Then, I got extremely angry and started listening to Troye Sivan because it helps. I was at that point where I couldn’t even speak, but I eventually told the Mamás, and then I stayed with them and we talked about quinceañeras. I do think I taught them a lesson, as they later apologized and their Moms are going to talk to them about it. They reduced the things I care about to jokes. And what worries me is, they’re all exceptional people and great friends. They didn’t realize how serious it was. I later told one of them that in a year, a month, the next day, I could be raped, and I mu=ight not feel safe telling them. Because it’s “Just a joke”.


Last night, one of my boyfriend’s friends, said to him in front of me, that had my boyfriend gone on holiday with him last month, then he’d have found him a different girl every night to sleep with. I told him to “f*** off” and he made me feel like I was overreacting. Why do some men feel it’s acceptable to treat and talk about women with such disrespect? That we should accept and expect to be cheated on? That we should accept male sexual entitlement? And he had the nerve to say that in front of me? I’m absolutely furious.


English is not my mothertongue but I’ll try my best The first time I realised that the world still is cruel to girls was when I was 13 years old, maybe 12. I was walking down the streets in a skirt and slightly heeled shoes. It wasn’t more than 2 or 3 centimeters, but they were my moms shoes and I loved them and their pretty purple colour. Then a man stopped next to me in a car. He asked: “excuse me?”. And since I thought he might be lost and needed help with directions, I went over to help. But his next sentence was: “You’re a very pretty lady, you…”. And I said: “thank you but I have to go home.” and walked away in a zone which was forbidden for cars and as soon as I was out of sight I started running. Even though he just said that, and didn’t touch me, it terrified me. His words and the way he looked at me was enough to make me cry on my way home. I was a kid. As soon as I saw my parents I told them about what happened and my dad said, that that’s the time that stuff like that start, and that I should be more careful from now on. My mother told me again, not to get in the car with strangers, no matter what he or she might say. That I am always allowed to say no, even or especially if I don’t have a reason why I want to say no. I promised myself to never ever say Yes if I don’t mean it, but still was afraid. What should I do, if a stranger or even someone I know doesn’t ask or doesn’t even try to hear my no. Despite the fact that I’ve promised to myself to never say yes if I didn’t mean it by heart, I have slept with my ex boyfriend, when I didn’t wanted to, because I felt like I had to, especially when the relationship started failing I thought that it was my fault, and if I wern’t able to keep the relationship as happy as it was at the beginning, it would be my duty to at least pleasure him physically. It hurted every single time because I couldn’t relax. I’ve also slept with a friend of mine, because I knew that he compared himself too much to a friend of him, that I sometimes casually hooked up with. We made jokes about it, and as soon as he broke up with his now ex girlfriend he really wanted me. I got called mean from another friend in this group of friends, for not sleeping with him. Then I actually got drunk and well, did it. Since then whenever he texted me he told me that he wanted me in his bed again. It was good sex, but the more he pushed me the less I wanted to be near him. I didn’t want to be touched by him. He stoped asking me about me, only wheter I wanted to stay over night. And once he even made me drunk on purpose, so that I would want or even need to stay over. After some time I told them that I wanted to stop having casual sex, because I wanted sex to mean something again. They didn’t really get it but were ok with it. But that friend touched me the whole day and whined about how badly he wanted sex with me because it was the closest to “making love” he has ever felt. How could he ever think that my body was his to use? These stories were about some of my personal experience, and I’m not sure how much they show that sexism is aweful or anything valid. They are more of a summery of some stupid decisions and thoughts I’ve made or had. But am I the weird one who had thoughts like that, or felt pressure without reason, or was it more? Also I’m normally a very strong, independent woman. If we assume that there are more people out there who have felt like me and even me who is supported by my family, other, better friends than I talked about before and actually know, that I have a right to reject and still have struggles to find a balance as soon as it comes down to sex, if I have struggles to say no, who doesn’t? I hope it’s easier for you.