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I thought science was objective

I was a graduate student at University in the computer science department, one of very few women. I began avoiding my campus to avoid the everyday harassment I experienced there from students and faculty alike. I worked remotely on my computer instead. My supervisor didn’t like me exercising autonomy, so he made my address public information. Now everyone who was harassing me knows where I live. *Everybody* knows where I live. When I sought help through the University’s recommended channels, I was sent in circles around the University bureaucracy for almost 2 years to no avail, and lost time to work on my thesis. My supervisor then cut my funding (after my own scholarship money ran out, conveniently) on the basis that I didn’t get enough work done, which has forced me to leave school. There is a lot of fear in my every day life now and I don’t dare to go anywhere without a weapon on me. The police don’t help in these kinds of situations- they wait until after you’re assaulted, and oftentimes even then….. Meanwhile my supervisor never got in trouble and continues to be the poster-child of the University. And they wonder why there aren’t more women in tech! You need military training to avoid some of the s**t they throw at you.