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While walking down the street in new york city on a sunday, early in the morning. two men walked past me and one said ‘you look like you got a fat pussy’ first, i was confused because what does that even mean, and then i turned around and shouted fuck you. people stared at me like i’d done something wrong.


Hi there, Last year I was on jury service In the first case the Barrister defending one of the two accused was hammering the victims character (the victim was autistic) during this vicious victim blaming rant he said this is a crime where there is a lot of false reporting such as is the case in RAPE – yes that’s right he said RAPE was the crime where there was more false accusations than other crimes. Of course he was also abusing a learning disabled person as well in very unsavoury terms. The Judge said nothing (appeared half asleep) which I found more shocking frankly the entire experience was completely traumatising. Of course with our legal system there is no way to complain or do anything about this appalling, obnoxious sexist git!