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Me: *Comes out of flat building at 6:45am to go to work* Builders: “All right sexy? Fancy a fuck? Me: *Walking with headphones in proceeds to ignore and walk on* Builders: Okay take it your way you fucking bitch faced cunting whore. Me in my head: ..its 6:45am. OR Me: *Waiting for bus to leave work, traffic is rammed and cars are crawling by me* Strange man in passenger seat: *Makes variety of compliments to me.* Me: *Has headphones in, ignores and continues to wait for bus.* Strange man in passenger seat: *Once car is opposite me, proceeds to lean out of said car and grab my forearm, pulling me towards the car before break in traffic and car speeds off.* Following this incident I was incredibly shaken, he had almost pulled me into his car while I just waited for a bus, that same day a random man decided to try and hug me at 6pm in the evening UK while I walked home. Not sure what was in the water that day but it was horrible.