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I am a 22 year old female who is fed up of receiving sexism at home. I am a person who believes in equality for all genders, races, sexualities and beliefs. I am very careful and respectful about this. However, at home my parents treat us in such ways that clearly prove sexism. Chores are never that important if my brother does not do them (I’ve never ever seen him help out in any kind of way) but whenever I am asked to do anything and ask my mum/dad why they are not telling my brother to do something as well (e.g. chores), it always comes down to them stating that as a female it is more important for me to do it and not him. I argue with them every single day. It gives me so much anxiety. I try to understand because that is how they were bought up but it is really frustrating.

Ex waitress

Carrying two hot plates is not permission for you to grab my breasts, had to walk with my elbows turned in to avoid this. Everyday waitressing? Also having to deal with a boss who joked about breasts every day. Literally every day. But it’s ok cos he likes art, like the other pervert, they both like art so staring at womens breasts and endlessly discussing them is totally ok. Also pride shamed for not being willing to get naked for the guy who was into art and drawing the female form, yeah he sprung that one on me while I was innocently chatting. Second time I’ve had to face a room full of topless women without warning. How is this ok? If I had a ton of dick pics on my wall I’d take them down before inviting a new male friend over. Common sense and courtesy.

Mum of a boy

When I told my son that the book he’d reserved was ready for collection from the library, his dad said: “Oh is that the book about princesses?” and my son squirmed with embarrassment at the thought. So I’ve asked his dad to read Everyday Sexism – thanks Laura for giving us this tool


A male relative says that a female relative is coughing because according to him she is “has a guilty conscience for not being an attentive enough wife to her husband” (him). What?!


My own father told me to stop wearing skinny jeans, that I was only trying to make a ‘show’ for other people.


Im only 14 and I have to deal with cat calling, whistilinf and groping everyday. Men stuck their heads out cars and say “wow! Let me chat to you real quick” or “mami” or “sexy” or “big tits”. I’m scared to walk the streets with my family in case this happens. Try try to get my number, older men say their 15 even though they are really not.


As a child I was really close with all my cousins. We were all girls except for one boy, so he was just raised like us unlike most other boys who are taught they are oh so different from girls. He also got all our hand-me-down clothes which were mostly pink and dresses (“for the little girl, I mean I can’t imagine that she would want the dinosaur shirt she asked for”). So, on his first day in kindergarten, he walks in wearing a dress and gets bullied. He never wore a dress after that. Now he’s ten and has long hair and I’m scared of the day he will get tired of being called a girl and cut it off (I went through a similar thing, when everybody kept telling me I should just let my hair grow, “you’d look so pretty” and I eventually gave in to the pressure. Last summer I cut my hair again for the first time in years and honestly I don’t care anymore if I look like a boy, at least people take me seriously when they think I’m a boy)


I’ve heard lots of girls say they want their future boyfriends to be taller than them, when asked why they usually don’t have an answer other than “it would look weird” Story from my mum: a friend (who is pretty tall and loves high heels) used to have a boyfriend who told her she couldn’t wear heels, because they would make her taller than him Also saw a woman sell her high platform shoes online, because they made her taller than her boyfriend


My daughter works at a homeless shelter for very young parenting or pregnant (or both) girls. I could fill pages with the things men do to these girls. The one that bothered me today: One young guy prevents the girl from using birth control and he won’t use a rubber–so of course she gets pregnant. . . which makes him happy because then he can crow about it to his friends. But then, when she gets a bit too heavy, he oops pushes her down the stairs. She miscarries. And . . . he’s happy again. Repeat ad nauseum. Because he thinks it’s his unquestionable right to treat her that way. Apparently it must be, as nobody ever nails him for it.