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Had such a lovely day today, everyone I met was polite, all the blokes really sweet etc. Got on the Internet and within two minutes I had my eyeballs assaulted by someone saying “women don’t matter they are just whores” and a sign that said “no fat chicks” What did I search for ? Dickens Oliver Twist on eBay and you tube. That’s it. Not exactly trawling for insults is it? It’s so much worse on the Internet, it draws the sexism out. I’m beginning to really hate the Internet but I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to use eBay and you tube. I just wonder why these insults aren’t filtered out. It’s exhausting, and it’s not even relevant. What has being a fat woman got to do with Charles dickens ? If it was racist I’m willing to bet those in charge would be more careful what they allow through, I’ve rarely seen the N word outside of rap. But it’s still ok to be nasty about women and it can turn up on your screen completely randomly. There’s no point complaining to you tube and eBay I already wasted time doing that before, you get no response whatsoever.

Brother told me feminism is cancer

Today I received an unprovoked email from my brother addressed to my sister and me and sent to the whole family where he declares he is cutting all ties with us because we are “infected by the cancer that is feminism” and “hate every male [we] meet.” I am happily married to a man and the majority of my friends happen to be (feminist) men. He goes on to blame our feminist behavior on our parents for having raised “bad kids.” The saddest part: my brother has two young daughters.


I am constantly told what to wear and what not to wear by everyone around me, including my female relatives who call themselves feminists. They obviously don’t realise they are supporting rape culture by doing so.


I had a big fight with my mom about Sexism today. She didn’t even want to know what I had to say: “Sexism?! What’s that? That’s something that didn’t exists back in the day and I don’t want to know about it now!” So apparently it was my fault when 3 guys yelled at me “you arrogant bitch!” when I didn’t respond to their “hello” at 1am, alone on a badly lit up path, because my facial expression looked “aloof”. Then being sexually assaulted/groped at in public/in a club etc. is different than being sexually assaulted/groped at in your workplace. Wow, thanks for being a role model model. Thanks for letting all us women form, mom!

Key – lock – metaphor

My (now Ex-)boyfriend and his friends talked about a girl who had apparently slept with several men and was therefore a slut in their eyes. I told them they were hypocrites for praising men who slept with a lot of women but shaming a woman for doing exactly the same. They just laughed at me and said “You see, a key which can open many doors is a great key. But no one wants or needs a lock that can be opened by many keys, because that’s a shitty lock”. Now I seriously regret not dumping that guy on the spot.


I was babysitting a 7 and 9 year old pair of boys. The 7 year old started to explain to me that one of his male friends did something stupid, so he insulted him in the most powerful way he knew how – “I told him he was being SUCH a girl.” These two boys live in one of the wealthiest and highly educated parts of the US, which two highly educated and successful parents- one of whom happens to be a woman. If our society begins our young boys’ education by teaching them that the worst thing they could call someone is a girl, the association of anything related to begin a woman will always be akin to weakness, second class status, and misogyny. Being a girl or a woman is not an insult. The longer we condone this type of socialization, the more we fail our young men and women alike.

Nag I think NOT

This morning my husband made an ill timed comment about me being a nag and hen pecking him. A seemingly innocuous comment? I think not! The antagonistic comment stirred an inner fire in my belly of equality. He unleashed an oppressed beast of rage that has been harboring for 10 long years. My crime, making a comment about my having to clean the dogs diarrhea off our bedspread. I could enter into the much argued debate, that if the men in our lives actually addressed the imbalance of house hold chores I, we, women would not have to ‘nag’. I could highlight how frustrated I am that women “nag” and yet men “request”. Not today, today I am fired up because his statement was made in front of our daughter. I will be damned if I will allow anyone in our house to teach my daughter that if she speaks up and uses her voice against a man that this is a negative quality. I will not stand for her to receive the message that women speaking their mind is a negative trait. That she should be submissive and not have a voice in her relationships. The fact that I can not stop media inaccurately portraying our strong women leaders “bossy”, “opinionated” or “nags” Is a very real shame. However I CAN stop my daughter receiving this message in her own house! Stand with me, raise strong daughters. I love my husband, but he picked the wrong language, wrong day!