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My wife and I were out on a day date this weekend when we were propositioned twice by strangers while waiting for transit. The first guy kept telling us that we are beautiful and asking my wife if he could see her again. I kept telling him she’s taken. He eventually asked me, why I keep talking for her, what’s it to me. I told him, “She’s not my sister, she’s my wife!” Unfortunately, that didn’t stop him. Later on our way home, another random guy started talking to us. He kept asking where we were staying, did we want to hang out. He asked if we were sisters (my wife is very blond, I’m not). Again I informed him that we are married. His response, “Cool, want to have a threesome?” The worse part is that we are still trying figure out why those guys approached us and how we could have handled it better.


A couple of annoyances about sexism with regards to roles in relationships: Some people seem to think that proposing marriage is a ‘man thing’ (i.e. the man should do it) on the grounds that it’s ‘traditional’ for it to be done that way. Last weekend, I was at a wedding reception, & I was party to a conversation where a couple of people were saying as much. To add insult to injury, two of them were women, & one of the women was my sister- a very intelligent young woman, who I thought was quite liberal-minded. She also said something along the lines of how her now-husband (my brother-in-law) wouldn’t have liked it if she’d proposed to him. Whyever not?! Why shouldn’t the woman propose to the man, for heaven’s sake? Talk about sexist, patriarchal & outdated ideas! That conversation annoyed me, & I remember sighing exasperatedly while it was going on. I didn’t want to challenge them on the grounds that I didn’t want to get into an argument, cause a scene & make things even more uncomfortable for the bride’s brother (my sister was talking to him & his girlfriend) than they were already that day. Another gripe revolves round same-sex relationships. Some people seem to think that in such relationships, one partner is the ‘man’ & the other is the ‘woman’. Surely that’s missing the point of a same-sex relationship? Homophobia AND gender stereotyping here, folks.