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Hello, I learned about your project from a Tedx talk you did (good job btw)! I never felt like assault,misogyny,harassment is something normal and should be taken lightly but it rather is a flaw in education and society that needs to be faced as it is.I’d like to share two of my stories that have affected me mostly, in a negative way, unfortunately.I was always guarded and raised up with a strong feminist and equality-striving drive and always noticed when I or any other female or even a male in that case, is being treated unfairly. The first one took place about a year ago in a hotel room. My boss at the time was a very chatty and flirty old man and although I was feeling uncomfortable by his compliments as I thought that they were very inappropriate for a man of his age to say to a 19-year-old employee, I believed that this is just how he communicates. A series of unlucky events (good thing they happened, after all) led to a deal break so I traveled to my worktown to be at that time, by train, at night to spend the night at a hotel, he had reccomended to me, to give me a compensation for all the time and money I had spent being stagnant and away from my actual living place for about a month.When I arrived at my hotel room and as I was getting confy after a long tiring day, I get a phonecall. It was him asking me my room number. I, being unsuspected at the moment thought he was asking me so he would add it to the bill so he would pay for it but shortly after I told him my room number (I still remember in fright, it was 210) he said: “I’m downstairs, I’m coming”.I froze in fear, I knew exactly what he had in mind. I collected any sharp objects I could find around and put them inside my pants to protect myself, I opened the balcony door wide so somebody could hear me if I screamed and quickly found an excuse so we could get out of the room immediately. He knocked the door, came in, stuck me against the wall and tried to kissed me, when he saw that I was not consenting, he tried to save the situation by kissing me on the cheeks and went for my neck while sliding his hands under my waist. I pushed him away, made it clear with my attitude that I am not interested in what he had in mind and asked him to go out to eat because I was starving and when we arrived at the restaurant, I couldn’t eat a thing, my stomach was tied and I was looking around trying to navigate where we were so I could call my mother and let her know were I was and with whom, if anything happened to me. He gave me the compensation and when he drove me back at the hotel he parked his car, took my hand and made inappropriate suggestions of spending the night together. I refused, I told him that I’d call him first thing in the morning but when I went back to the room I was so terrified knowing that we are in the same town and that he could come back any moment that I just couldn’t relax, collected my things and left with the earliest bus. I never called, of course. What disgusts me, is that he has a son the same age as I am and what frightens me still, is that had he been more aggresive, I would’ve been raped that night. My second story takes place at an infamous night club where me and me friend were having fun and dancing.I had never been to this place at night before although I had been hearing stories about it (I am referring to non other than Faliraki of Rhodes,Greece). Previously, we had been in another club where two guys introduced themselves to us and asked what our plans were for the night. There was a party not far from where we where, and they intented to go,but we had been there an hour before and told them that it was boring, as it was in fact, so we told them that we were heading for another club. While being in the aforemenioned club, these guys appear at the door, clearly searching the club for us. We talked a little, got a little drunk and they confessed us that they were drug dealers. We knew we were in trouble and that these guys were determined to have sex with us.They were following us around everywhere and even when we tried to escape through the bathroom door, they came looking for us there too. I have a friend who is police officer and has given me some self-defense tips which I applied. I grabbed a beer bottle as a “weapon”,warned my friend not to leave my side and not, in any case, drink anything that they offer to us, that in fact did, a couple of minutes later. They asked us if we would like them to buy us a drink and when we refused he brought two drinks anyway that he insisted that we drink. Long story short, we managed to escape them and drove away but my advice, especially for young ladies is never to accept any drink from someone you don’t know unless you are there the moment of the order/delivery of the drink and never leave your drink unatented.