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Jennifer M.

I am a hispanic female in the predominantly male field of bartending and mixology. Throughout my two year career, I have experienced some extremely obvious and undeniable sexism. On multiple occasions, I brought up strong ideas which fell on the deaf ears of my superiors until the right male counterpart later regurgitated these same ideas. These include such ideas as the incorporation of affordable student menus, the changing of bar policy and happy hour to increase the sales of stagnant product, etc. For months I would pitch my ideas to whoever would take the time to listen. In time, these ideas would become policy; managers and owners introducing the idea as an original from the mouths of my male peers. Eventually I had had enough and left this location.


The girls in my school have to go to lunch with tracksuit bottom on over our skorts after PE, the boys however can have bear legs in the dining hall. I’m 15 and got told today (I refuse to follow these rules as they’re extremely sexist) by the deputy head that what I wasn’t dressing “appropriately” and that I need to got back to house and either change into my school uniform or HIDE my legs in some way. I was mortified, but carried on and went into lunch, bear legged, with my friends. I’ll risk anything to stand up for this.


When I was 19 years old working my first job in auto sales, my first day, I was about to walk over to a customer and two other young salesmen grabbed me by each arm and held me back so their buddy could get the customer. I told my manger and he laughed. I was the only female sales rep and the youngest person there. It didn’t matter that I was the top of my sales training class and knew more about the engines, specs and cars then anyone else. They harassed me all the time until after a year I finally quit.