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Ana Luísa

Even though I am a psychiatrist with 8 years experience working in a mental institution, a masters in philosophy and a PhD in neuroscience going on, when I was invited to be the director of that hospital I had to hear from my own brother that “surely my husband managed” to give me that place. That was only one of the many times. Sexism is everywhere in Brazil.


At work a week ago I was returning a carton of milk to the dairy case. I was wearing my hair in pigtail braids because it’s too thick to do much else with it. Well, an old man I passed saw me and felt the need to call out, “A milkmaid!” I’ve since switched to a different, older-looking hairstyle, not because of that alone but because I am harassed at work SO MUCH that I’ve come to expect it every time I go in, and I suspect it’s due to both being female and my youthful appearance. Oh, and a few weeks ago a male customer stopped and stared at me for several seconds after his transaction was done, then left saying sarcastically, “Keep smiling.” I don’t go to work to smile and look pretty. I go to do my job and earn money. That’s IT.


I work in a grocery store. Last Sunday evening I was using a cart to return items customers hadn’t wanted to the shelves. When the cart was empty I put it back outside, then got catcalled as I walked back into the store. The next morning I had an early shift, during which a middle-aged guy teased me for no reason. This happens all the time and I’m trying to work on recognizing it and not responding.