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This is some stuff that has happened to me and other girls at my school starting at age 11 or12, and I’m 13 now. There are girls in my year who are slut shamed because of having sex but the boys do initiate the relationship you know. I’ve had lots of boys ask me for nudes and other girls will gladly send them but I haven’t because I’m not trying to have the school see my tits , and a lot of boys leak nudes and stuff and one boy blackmailed a girl and threatened to leak them if she didn’t send him more nudes. They also get fake pictures and say it’s you if they can’t find real nudes of the girl. They hack girls Snapchats to find pictures of them. At a party a boy got a girl drunk , she was already drinking but when she had a Fanta, he put more vodka in it. He then fingered her even though she was saying no. In general, the boys will make sexist jokes and don’t respect the girls, but a lot of the girls don’t care. It’s hard because I’m friends with these girls but don’t feel comfortable telling them that they can’t let the boys do these things. I have had a go at the boys a lot and have to make sure I don’t do anything that will get me in trouble, but it’s hard because I know they’re just going to get worse and god knows what they’ll be doing by the timetheyre 16. I’m always sexualised because of my boobs and am known for them being big which pisses me off. If I were a top that shows them at all I get called a slut, but the girls that are flat chested will wear tops that give them nip slips every five seconds and no one says a word. I hate to admit it but now when I go out I feel a bit scared walking past most men, from my age to really old. I always see them looking my up and down and I want to punch them because I’m nowhere near legal, even though I look older than my age. I’m worried to grow up Becuase I doubt men will have any boundaries with a grown woman if this is how they act to a 13 year old. When I’m out, men will shout stuff from their cars at me and I had a proper old man telling me how good I looked once. People shout that I have massive tits and someone gave me money and asked for a kiss. I can deal with it quite well because I’ll gladly say something back but often I get to angry and am kind of in shock. I don’t think it’s fair girls my age should go through this and I’m worried for my 8 year old sister to get to my age. People act like if you’re a feminist you hate men so I can’t speak out about it much at school but I always defend women’s rights when it’s brought up. This stuff might not seem like much and I’m sure people go through much worse but i wanted to share. With the stuff at school my mums friend is a psychiatrist so she can speak to the school without mentioning names because I don’t want full on investigations, so hopefully things will get better there


Examples of Tenacity in a sentence: The male hikers were pleasantly surprised by Katie’s tenacity on the tiring journey. Tenacity: In a Sentence


The Topsy and Tim children stories CD has an episode on firefighters. At one point, they discuss whether women can do it. The answer given is, in substance “yes, but they must be as physically fit as the men”. Credit where it’s due: this makes the point that firefighting is a potential career for women. But there is an insidiously (albeit probably unintentionally) sexist message: that men are the point of reference. A woman applying to be a firefighter will have to prove something more than a man would, namely that she is as good as a man. Furthermore, a male firefighter is completely normal; a female firefighter not somuch. So a woman applying to be a firefighter would be trying to go out of the comfort zone of social norms. Not everyone is a born rebel, so this can deter women. A much better way of presenting this would have been to say that there are physical fitness requirements, which all applicants, regardless of gender (or indeed anything else), have to meet. The difference may sound subtle, but it matters. None of this affects me directly: I am unlikely to ever become a firefighter (or indeed a woman). But my 4 year old daughter has been listening to that story…


*So* fed up of working in a global organisation office culture where arrogance and bullying are perceived as ‘leadership’ qualities and the organisation pays lip service to diversity and equality then does nothing else to truly promote those concepts. Have tried to speak to managers and suggest improvements in workplace survey responses but challenging the status quo is vulnerable behaviour if you want to ‘get on’. One male manager physically recoiled when I mentioned sexism as a general concept. Coming to the conclusion that, in some workplaces, it’s not safe to highlight workplace issues or raise complaints unless you do it as a group or have active union representation. There is a BBC programme in the UK tonight called ‘No More Boys and Girls’ – the trailer suggests it will demonstrate how sexist attitudes are already pervasive in the classroom. Is macho office culture just the classroom ‘writ large’?

Social experiment

I did a social experiement to help prove sexism once. I am a guitarist and while I am not the best guitar player around I am good at it. I play all sorts of different styles and have since I was a small child. Thing is people have always judged a performance on the persons gender and always will judge a mans performance as being better than a females.. People in my life have told me that thats ridiculous and laughed me off, so I decided to test it. I recorded myself playing Rage Against the Machines “Killing in the Name” I did the recording a few times before getting the one I wanted. I then created an alias soundcloud account and uploaded the recording on that as well as my original one I went on 5 different message boards and uploaded the cover twice, pretending it was two different covers (when it was the same) For one, I said it was covered by a 24 year old FEMALE guitarist. The “other” I said it was a 24 year old MALE guitarist. On one of the message boards I said the “male” had been playing 6 years and the “female” 10. Across all 5 message boards, the vast majority rated both uploads highly, but the one under the male name as more “proficient, cleaner and had better timing” and the female one as “good but needs improvement” “the timing is off” “can be cleaner” Even the one I pretended was by a more experienced player, they rated the male one better. Only one person out of every forum pointed out that both uploads sounded the exact same.


Saw a rom com (not my choice) recently and the common element of man having to prove himself worthy of a woman was in evidence. Can you imagine the other way round? And I am guessing that rom coms are at least part responsible for men who obviously do not know their partner all that well asking women to marry them in public places and being totally humiliated. I hate the genre – it is utterly sexist. Men are often made to look like clueless idiots and women are often humourless and demanding, and often materialistic – sometimes I am amazed that the female lead is actually meant to be a likeable character at all!


I left my job to return for a PhD with an intention of developing expertise in my field and preventing encounters with men who label me “ignorant” or hint to my own incompetence. Part of my PhD requires public engagement via social media. In one such recent Twitter encounter, I stated my opinion and backed it up with facts. A man that disagreed then proceeded to lash out, calling my remarks “effete” and “ignorant.” I called out the blatant sexism, for which he continued to retaliate, calling my tone condescending. This is such a nasty cycle and I find it so extremely frustrating…if we sit back, it happens more. And if we speak up, sexism intensifies. We have our work cut out for us.

Every day

Just had my eyeballs assaulted by a comment from a man under a sweet harmless article about a female artist which showcases her cartoon pictures of her living happily alone with her dog before she got married, jumping around, sleeping, washing up, all lovely innocuous stuff. This is in the women’s section so obviously he’d gone there to make trouble and he wrote how nauseating her work was. Wow, some men really can’t cope with women having a nice time without them, can they? It’s not like she’s even permanently single. It’s hard to find anything negative to say about the piece, but he managed. What the hell is wrong with these keyboard warriors and why are we suffering constant drag downs in order to protect their “free speech” i.e. The male right to be needlessly nasty? You never see a barrage of females online saying vicious stuff about cheerful, talented male artists. In fact even the articles that are about difficult or aggressive males attract less vitriol than anything cheerful done by a woman. I then got on you tube and was assaulted by two nasty videos hating/swearing about JK rowling, who lets not forget has given millions to stop children being abused, but still gets more online hate than tony Blair, duerte and Hitler. Because she’s a woman. I didn’t click the videos but the introduction clip shows the swearing/insult written across it. Why doesn’t you tube block it? Because free speech means abuse of women is ok apparently. This on the same day that my friend and her baby were verbally assaulted by an aggressive male driver who didn’t like that she’d got to “his” parking space before he did, despite him trying to drive the wrong way down a one way street. Any surprise she didn’t realise he wanted that spot when he drove straight past without indicating, then tuned back around and drove illegally ? But apparently she’s supposed to guess his intentions and move for him once he’s realised his mistake. She reported his verbal abuse and crap driving to the police. What a big man to shout abuse at a small woman with an 18 month old baby. If I drove down a one way street I’m pretty sure I’d feel in the wrong and even if cross, I wouldn’t shout at a man especially if he’s carrying a baby. I don’t know any woman however annoying or aggressive who would shout at someone with a baby in their arms. Sadly I actually do know a couple of shouty men who I bet would do that. ( And I’ve had two incidents of men screaming abuse at me from their cars after mistakes they clearly made too. Really frightening) That’s just today. I could go on about how all the truck driving terrorists are also male… and how the papers never seem to link that to aggression. Boys need to be taught at school that they have an extra responsibility to be gentlemanly and less aggressive since they are the gender that are killing people. Aggression is horrible in females too but we aren’t killing people so you know it’s unlikely to really kick off. The guys seem to feel the road belongs to them and get hysterical when challenged. I went on a bit there, I know, I’m just tired of the aggression and the fact that so much of it is coming from one group of people. I know not all men are like this but I’m tired that so many are.


Story in the Times (paywall sorry) about the well know actress Laila Rouass that only talks of her in the context of being Snooker Player Ronnie O’Sullivan’s fiance. Seems once you’re engaged you lose your own identity and have to be referred to by your other half’s occupation. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/barcelona-terror-attack-fianc-e-of-ronnie-o-sullivan-hid-in-restaurant-freezer-sdx8cslc2


I just sat and watched power rangers with my little nephew. The villain in this episode was a female, her weapon was “magic makeup” and she wanted a boyfriend so used the makeup to switch bodies with what society deems attractive. After the power rangers realise the now “attractive” girl is the villain they trick her into switching by saying she doesn’t need to be anyone but herself, then proceed to kill her. Not only is this telling young girls that your only weapon is makeup and how you look, it’s reinforcing the stupid, not true that unless you’re attractive you won’t get anywhere in life! I don’t even have the words !