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Im going to be a freshman in college yhis fall. A guy I don’t know who looked yo be around 35 years old sent me a picture of himself in nothing but his boxers on social media so I blocked him, but it was very weird.

Change needed

A “male rape victim’s” ordeal has been on the front page of two mainstream online newspapers for three days now. The vast majority of rapes are committed against women, thousands every day, but they don’t even make the news at all, they rarely even get prosecuted, yet it happens once in a blue moon to a man and it’s worth three days coverage? I’m truly sorry for the man but why do the papers think it’s only important or shocking when it happens to men? They literally never mention it about women. The media is worse than the BBC for sexism.


While at a mental health daycare centre, some of the men and boys got into trouble with the group leaders for looking up porn involving images of women on the computers. Why the males had to look up these images in the early afternoon on a week day in an open workspace and not at home late at night in private in their spare time is beyond my understanding. None of the women (even ones with severe learning disabilities) dared to look up porn on the network computers at the centre. Lots of visual porn seems to be tailored towards a male audience anyway. The men who looked up the porn on the computers were yelled at by the female group leaders and banished from the tuck shop. The men were then told by the group leaders that they could only marry and have one partner during their lives because that was what Jesus said to do. I know that these men transgressed by looking at porn during daytime working hours, but the way the female group leaders were trying to police the men’s private lives and script their sexuality was very disturbing. I have to say that the female group leaders’ involvement seemed unethical and interfering, but I was powerless to do or say anything about it. They sometimes said that the men were “useless” and “lazy” at doing certain tasks compared to women which was incredibly sexist. Some of the men tried to talk to me about porn and how they thought women should behave in the bedroom. At the same time they were parroting the “everyone has a special destined someone of the opposite sex to marry” lines said by the female group leaders. Everyone was automatically assumed to be heterosexual and straight there because well “Jesus says so”. It was bloody disturbing. I never signed up for this: I was an atheist. It didn’t matter how many video games I played at home or what my interests were, the female group leaders referred to me as a “sweet girl” even though I was a grown woman. Disturbing as heck. I honestly would have been better off talking to a brick wall and listening to the echo than hearing all the tired out gender stereotypes trotted out by the “God Squad” at that place. At least when you talk to a brick wall, you get some sense echoed back, unlike what I heard at that “mental health” establishment. Never ever going there again. It isn’t that I dislike Christians, some of my best friends in the past were Christians! The difference between them and the mental health group leaders, my friends unlike the group leaders didn’t try and shove their religious beliefs plus gender stereotypes down my throat. My Christian friends in the past let me be me and didn’t interfere in my private life because they were decent caring people!

Sexist telegraph

The daily telegraph is going with “don’t blame the male stars for their big pay packets” No one did, straw man alert ! They blamed the sexist BBC Now stop enabling female journo, stop playing straw man distraction games and stand up for equal pay I noticed not many male stars have admitted it’s unfair, so yes I now blame them a little, even if it’s mainly the male management. It’s still males to blame.


I’m a middle-aged heterosexual music fan. My partner and I still go to gigs and have attended our local festival, Reading. Reading is more youth-focussed than Glastonbury. Both years we’ve been, we’ve noticed groups of teen boys talking openly and derogatorily about girls in an objectifying and sexual predatory manner (how to ‘lay’ girls, girls they’ve been with, etc), from the moment you’re queuing up to get in and thereon in. This is nothing new (anyone remember Club 18-30?) but the striking thing is that the guys clearly don’t care who’s within hearing distance, including teenage girls and the older people like us, and that the way they’re talking is more casual and everyday than just bragging. Last year, there were 2 reported rapes at Reading and the authorities do try to raise awareness of festival vulnerabilities. The carefree spirit of Glastonbury lingers on after the event in other festivals and gigs and this is a wonderful thing. At the same time, more needs to be done in the media, schools, universities and other places where teenagers live their usual lives, to remind them that festivals have a dark side too.

Hannah McCulloch

My story. I was on a night out with my friend we decided to call it a night and walked to a taxi. I had a long black dress on to my angles and no sleeves. It was tightly fitted which took confidence to wear but not too revealing. Nothing was on show. Walking down the street a group of boys walked past my friend and myself one of them hit my bum so hard my friend thought someone threw something on the floor. We both stood there in shock and no one helped me. No one stopped to see if I was okay. Me and my friend cried in the middle of the street. This is what women are up against. My heart sank. I got home and told my parents they told me to contact clubs for cctv footage but I knew the boys would get away and it’s ‘part of the drunken antics of town’ it’s not. I got undressed that night and had a huge red mark on my lower back and bum. I’ve never told anyone else about this I feel embarrassed and feel like it was my fault. All I did was walk down the street. Each time I think of this I cry. Hannah McCulloch -22 yrs


Age: 19 College student. Today’s date is 7-21-2017 and about half an hour ago I get a friend request on my facebook from a guy I don’t know. I message him and ask how I know him and it turns out I gave him a ride home from school (high school) two years ago because my brother asked me too. He gave me kind of a creepy vibe and he was much bigger than me even then. Anyways, I politely keep conversation and he becomes more aggressive in his talking and is really pushing the whole accept-my-friend-request-thing. I try and explain that I keep my page limited to family and close friends (which I do) but he keeps pressing. So I tell him thanks but no thanks I am trying to be careful because 1 in 6 women will be raped and even more among college students predominately by “friends”. He claims he is not a rapists and gets super offended and becaomes very aggressive. At this point I am pretty scared and I don’t know what to do. So I do what any woman does when a guy won’t take no for an answer: LIE. I tell him I was sexually assaulted by a friend (lie) and that is why I am so careful with my social media. He then becomes very offended and starts to get mad at me. I said that its like when someone is attacked by a dog and they are wary of dogs. He still continues bothering me. All I could say was “please leave me alone, you are scaring me” and only then did he give up and leave me alone. Immediately after I took screenshots and sent them to my boyfriend and blocked that guy. I am still scared because he was friends with my brother so he may know where I live. Women get raped telling guys no all the time. I wanted to make sure my boyfriend had the screenshots so he could help me stay safe just in case. I find it so sad that I had to tell him no, then be rude and tell him no, then LIE, and only when I BEGGED him to leave, did he finally leave. NO MEANS FUCKING NO.


I was just watching the news, which was about O.J. Simpson not being released from prison untill at least October. The news anchor then said: ”So for now, all women and children in America are able to walk the streets safely”. O.J. was convicted for murdering a woman AND a man. So this is, once again, implying women are weaker, because with O.J. on the streets, they wouldn’t be safe but men would.