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i’m a fourteen year old girl and i feel that no matter how hard i study, no matter how well i do at uni, no matter what job i get, i gfeel tat no one will pay attention to me if i don’t look pretty.


As a younger, skinny girl that is often confused for a boy, I haven’t experienced cat calls or sexual harassment or any of these awful things I hear about. I do have one story though. I have a phone game where you have a topic, and you have to list as many things as you can in that category. It’s an online game, where you play with other random people, and you can chat with them. After playing one round with this specific person, he messaged me, and asked if I was a girl. I replayed yes. Then he immediately asked if I had big boobs and a big butt. Disgusted, I immediately left the game. He tried to message me a couple more times, until I blocked him. I was stunned to see this person doing such a fowl thing on a harmless phone game. It just goes to show how some people think they have the right to do anything.

A Woman With A Brain

Can I just say how sad it is that as a society, we don’t care what songs say anymore? If it’s catchy, and has no swearing, it’s appropriate. Even if that song is about how Ed Sheeran loves a girl because of her body and wants to have sex with her. When I heard the song “Shape of You” I was disgusted in not only Ed Sheeran, but to all the people who listened to it and thought it was fine. My school played it all the time, and I just sat there thinking, “Has anyone ever even listened to the lyrics?” I am disappointed that in 2017, we still haven’t gotten gender equality.


I have short hair. I don’t wear pink or skirts or dresses. I wear running shoes and baseball caps. I am fairly skinny and flat chested. I like physical exercise and biking. So when I am confused for a boy, I’m not offended. I am disappointed and upset at society though. I don’t know why all of those things automatically make me a boy. I don’t like the term “tomboy” because it says that all of these things are boy traits, and I’m different for being a girl who does these things. I want to be classified as a woman because of my gentiles, not the way I look or act. However, that does not mean that as a woman, I only want to have value because of my body. If you want to start a relationship with me because of my personality or characteristics then go ahead, let’s chat, get to know each other. But if you think I’m pretty, I’m flattered, but I am much more.


Upon browsing a new cookbook written by a young female chef, I was puzzled to see photographs of food in which she is holding the food really close to her chest. Her face is not included in the pictures, but her cleavage is. I have yet to come across any food photography in cookbooks written by men in which the food is presented in such a way. Curious.


Today, I was watching an interior design programme which was following the lives of a small family who wanted to build their dream house. The mother of the family was going to be in charge of ensuring the builders were working efficiently and doing their work and she would also be lending a helping hand & her husband would be looking after the children whilst she worked on the house, I thought this was wonderful and she was doing a brilliant thing, unfortunately the presenter of the show thought otherwise as he constantly called her out for small issues, such as she may have mislaid a brick or measured inaccurately, he even went as far as to say ‘Perhaps she should’ve been the one looking after the children..like most women and let her husband do the work’ which I find disgusting. I went on the watch the following episode of this programme where the house was built, it was beautiful! Perfect in every way imaginable, unfortunately the presenter kept calling out the woman and laughing behind her back and being incredibly rude indeed! #EverydaySexism


In the shops, there are dozens of children’s toys, books and games. Pop-up tents shaped like castles are on sale, with a different type apparently designed ‘for each gender’. Ordinary castle has a picture of a boy on it. Pink-ified castle has a picture of a girl on it. Same with books: storybook labelled ‘for boys’ has stories about pirates, dinosaurs and robots. Storybook labelled ‘for girls’ has stories about princesses, ballet and horses. Sticker books and colouring books are horrifyingly similar, while even a storybook with no gender labels shows on the cover a boy in a pirate hat and a girl with a pink crown.

Ann Veronica

There was a comment online about a teenage couple. The comment was something like, “OMG there such a good couple, she,s hot and hes nerdy they wouldn’t be if he was HOT and she was a NERD.” I hate people’s stereotypes on how each gender should be. Similarly, at every school, it seems, a boy gets branded as a ‘nerd’ or a ‘geek’ if he works hard, you only get told to be proud of being a ‘geek’ in the face of bullying if you’re a girl. This, as well as the fact that boys are stereotyped as violent, results in many boys being idiots in order to counteract the ‘geek’ stereotype. Speaking of stereotypes (I’m rambling now), my R.E. teacher once referred to decorating your work as ‘girlifying’ it. I wish I’d thought of going on ‘work decorating strike’.


I had a senior financial analyst working for the Canadian Government tell me that women have an obligation to shave their legs, because having no or little body hair shows good genetics and a good hormonal balance. He also added that all men would naturally be attracted to women with no body hair because of these reasons. Needless to say, I refuted his argument without any difficulty.

Abby Nominose

I was sexually harassed and cyber stalked when I was in like 7th grade on one of my games with my friend, this person, described in detail what they would have liked to have done to me and then went on to describe where I lived. I was so scare that I didn’t touch my computer for about a year and I had a very hard time going to school and leaving the house knowing that who ever it was knew me and lived in my area. I still have a hard time using my computer in public games and have since stopped using almost all of my social media in part for that but also because I don’t quite get the point of it all, it has been 4-5 years since maybe. I also had someone indirectly comment on my breast size at a coffee shop. He asked if I was a college student, this was while I was in 8th grade, when I told him I wasn’t he commented, “Well they sure don’t make them like they used to” I know height would usually be what he meant except for that I am very short at only 5’2″ What scares me is that up until I watched the Ted talk you made when I realized that what happened to me should not have happened not just to me but to anyone, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, and I have not considered myself a feminist until now. I know that my experiences with sexism is not the worst and actually is not as bad as some other women’s experiences, but I am ready to take a stand to end this problem that even myself as a women thought had ended.