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RETWEET for Ass FAV for Boobs Good to see Twitter has hit a new low, this is a thing now This is not ” liking girls” this is showing off to males over the bodies of women


The fact that in this century, some people (including some women!) view the man as the head of the household and/or think that a wife’s role is to be submissive to her husband & allow him time to go out & be a man, whatever the smeg that means. These views were aired as part of a series of short films on Channel 4 a few years back, & they were made available online as well. There was the ever-present comments section under the vid, & the comments were absolutely depressing as & made me both furious & despairing of modern society. The majority of the commenters seemed to be labouring under the misapprehension that it was the 1950s, not whichever year in the late noughties/early 10s it was, & posted comments to the effect of how the lady in the vid was right, as the man is the ‘captain of the ship’ (why? In my opinion, a healthy & happy marriage is one where both partners are equal- a democracy, if you like- not where one partner calls all the shots! Depressingly, I think a woman posted that). Another commenter posted something to the effect of how they knew that what the lady in the vid said wasn’t very politically correct, but they agreed with her (I think this poster might’ve been male, but I wouldn’t swear to it). WTF?! As I already said, it makes me despair that in 21st century Britain, people still hold these outdated views.

12 year old girl

I’m sick of commercials portraying women as hard asses and men as fumbling idiots. Women can be fun and men can be responsible. The fact that I have to say that is extremely frustrating.


Wanted some stocking fillers so looked up “decorative tin” Surprising amount of sexism there, including “beware of the wife”, “women no shirt equals free drinks” and several women’s bare, bent over arses in my face. Plus some impossible breast physics (trust me I have big boobs I know how they move when you bend over) Male equivalents? None. I get that some people have a vulgar and sexual sense of humour, I don’t get why it’s always women in view, not men. Would have been totally ok if some of the bare arses bent over for the viewers pleasure had beeen male, but they never are. It just reminds you that even when you are in the market to buy, you’re really the commodity. And that’s just decorative tins. Would have been nice to get away from sexism for one day whilst just buying stocking fillers. Must be lovely not to have to deal with this stuff. Maybe I’m senstitive but when you’ve been groped and leered at more than a few times, being forced to view big boobed women bending over in your face is never neutral. Suspect most men would feel differently about themselves and the world if they were forced to view erect penises when shopping for their Xmas presents.

Sexist telegraph

“Secret to a happy marriage – dress to please your man” Thanks daily telegraph for that front page headline – and the picture of the super model we can never look like. Never the front page for the thousands of women beaten and bullied by their husbands I notice. Is it the 1950s again? In my experience the secret to a happy marriage is a non macho male. Daily telegraph paternalistic sexist bollocks and still continuing #dontclickdontbuy


http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/uber-eats-changes-customer-name-bitch_us_59aeeb16e4b0b5e53101704e Uber Customer Service Rep Changes Woman’s Name To ‘Bitch’ After She Complains UberEats: Where they cancel your order after making you wait an hour and a half, then change your name to “Bitch” when you complain…. The complaint ” I ordered food an hour and a half ago, called in to complain and the offshore call agent just kept saying I’m sorry to hear that you are upset the delivery service cancelled. this is unacceptable – if they were going to cancel, why not cancel anytime in the first 89 minutes? get better customer support and don’t accept orders that you can’t deliver on.” The next day, Reardon received a reply: “Hi Bitch,” it began. Reardon’s real name has since been restored, and an Uber representative told HuffPost that the employee involved in the incident had been fired.


Is it “women being smacked down day”? I’ve just seen a staggering four clickbait conflict driven “headlines” served up to me on one page with four pretty women being slapped down for their public opinion on some issue. Because it’s fun to watch pretty girls get a verbal smackdown isn’t it? Weird how its hardly ever males. Was trying to look up hurricane Irma. Just got reminded that women with opinions will be crucified in public and have their shame and embarrasssment filmed for voyeurs to enjoy.

Sexist telegraph

Daily telegraph has been running and highlighting the battered husband story for two days now Wow the attention you can get if you’re a straight male victim is really impressive. Wonder how many wives and girlfriends have been killed in that time? Telegraph doesn’t give a damn for the majority of victims because they are are female.


One reason why I am uncomfortable with social networks is what seems to me a marked inequality of response. Whenever female contacts post an article, whether scholarly or political, the response is close to zero. Male contacts, on the other hand, are far more likely to succeed with this and even spark a debate. Bottom line: the average female academic, no matter how critical her mind, is not recognized as an intellectual. Her stuff will simply not be read. Many of us, therefore, rarely post something that would fit the above content. How do you feel about this, ladies? Is my judgment too harsh? Is it all down to facebook algorhythms? Or is it merely due to the fact that many facebook contacts would not want to be seen in public liking your content for other than intellectual reasons (such as, what would this person’s partner think if I like her content)? I any case, I find this to be upsetting. Many of my female contacts have taken to post merely personal, not intellectual, content, although we’re all academics and could definitely do better. Counter-strategies, anyone?