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Nearly died at home and abroad from violence, phone messed about by men & women. Women can be just as if not more sexist/misogynistic. Recently have been harassed at home, text etc. if go out hugged, grabbed etc. Past sexual abuse & violence here and abroad. Have to be strong in this life. Workplace lots of mobbing, bullying. Police, social services, unis, NHS, you name it. Hate crimes, disability, misogyny, religion, racism. Brexit and Trump obj inflamed the situation.


First woman appointed chief of police Watch out for the comments section! Here’s one charmer “Another woman (lesbian?) promoted due to her gender and not her abilities.” Weird how men often are promoted because of their gender yet our commenters assume they are capable…… yet you bust a gut and beat the odds and out come the frightened little boys


Student care centre guardian, 66, gets 10 years’ jail for sexually abusing boys But the media doesn’t publish his photo? That’s pretty good male privilege and protection


I complained to the police about a male who was stalking me and the response I got was he has a right to drive around in a place at the same time as you. He had just been released from jail and was on bail for robbing a bank. I gave all the peoples names that he sexually assaulted to the police and not one of them or another person said they believe me. The sexual assault centre discharged me numerous times on the basis that I was apparently doing well. I have reason to believed that I am being stalked at least on occasion and it has been more than ten years since the first incident.

Anonymous 12 Year Old

I have always been a feminist and always will. I attended my first feminist march this year. Being the age I am, I even shock myself by realizing how un-shocked I am by the regularly occurring sexism going on, especially during chats in video games. Once, after winning a game, a male player responded by not only accusing me of cheating, but also going so far as to say ‘get back in the kitchen you sl*t. I am only twelve. That was also the first time I decided to empower myself and fight back. I responded saying ‘not until you get back into your mud pit you male chauvinist pig.’ This is my first time mentioning the incident.

Telegraph sucks

“Fathers face bias for applying for part time work” Implying that mothers don’t? Are you joking? Every woman I know has had both part time work bias and full time work bias… The other picture is how life is “about to get more dangerous for strippers” with a nice big picture of a naked woman on a pole. Yeah because you go into strip joints to meet safe, respectful men. And obviously strippers are a huge majority with major problems in their careers. Good to know which group of women these men see as most worth featuring. Daily Telegraph needs an everyday sexism page all to itself.

Enough already

“Film studios may face lawsuit for failing to hire female directors” Picture shows half naked woman with enormous boobs, not a female director. Because obviously a picture of a female director wouldn’t please the boys in charge… even when that’s what the article is about… Meta sexism?


I was reading a fan fiction story earlier that included rape and the writer kept getting reviews telling them that the story was stupid and disgusting and should be deleted, and I was appalled that they were so anti truth that they weren’t willing to simply ignore it if they didn’t like it. Then there was one review that applauded them for showing people stuff that really happens, and I felt better, but I still feel horrible for the author and for all of the people who are rape victims and are told that it is disgusting and they shouldn’t talk about it.

so yeah ?

ok so why is it when a woman sais that she doesn’t want to have children all hell breaks loose, but when a man sais it, he doesn’t get told that ” he’s missing out” or ” he’ll change his mind when he is older”

what bothers me

what bothers me most is how many people ( on this site as wel) make fun of harassment and sexism, and this from all genders. if you don’t experience it ( or choose not to see it) fine that’s your life but don’t mock others who are hurt from it.