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“Gary lineker moves pregnant ex wife into London home they shared” Did he actually physically pick her up ? Did she have any agency in this or is she just a helpless bovine being passively moved around by a male? Maybe it was, you know, her home too? Her decision? Blimey the news does like to keep men in charge doesn’t it?


“Twenty of the worlds most beautiful female news anchors” 1. Relevance to a story about Isis? 2. Care to include any males at all? 3. Why news anchors, they aren’t models 4. Great that you mentioned they are all female would have looked so gay dude if you hadn’t /sarcasm


— A Kurdish woman was seriously injured when she was dragged through the streets of a northern German town behind a car with a cord tied around her neck. Her ex-partner, a Kurdish man, later turned himself in to authorities, prosecutors said Monday. Police said they were treating the incident as an attempted killing. The 28-year-old local woman had a cord tied around her neck, which was attached to the car’s trailer hitch, they said. Because she was his ex. Her crime was not really wanting to go out with someone any more. And the cliche is bunny boiler ? Hell hath no vengeance like a man scorned. This happened a year ago and barely made the papers, I found it on a small Kurdish site Not important enough for world news. Just very tired of male violence and the lack of discussion in the press for the reasons we haven’t solved it.

Media fail

“Did you take out a mortgage between 1988 and 2002?” Same advert two illustrations. One a stunning, heavily made up teen model who wasn’t born in 1988 pouting at the camera in sultry fashion The other a normal respectable looking fifty year old man looking intelligent Because only men get mortgages and fifty year old women are too ugly to look at? Ffs how stupid does the press think men are that they won’t click on an advert if it features a woman over forty and why aren’t they interested in women’s money or time? Patronising to all of us. I did take out a mortgage during those years but I ain’t clicking and I don’t buy from anyone that uses women as bait.

Telegraph sexism

“Kate beckinsale finds love with a man half her age” Only we don’t get to see him because the daily telegraph prefers pictures of beautiful women to pretty young men. Imagine if it had been a male actor – I think we’d have seen the younger girlfriend, don’t you? And I think the headline wouldn’t have mentioned the age difference.

Reddit dude

The only private subreddit I know of is /r/foreveralonewomen, which went private because 4chan kept raiding them with hate mail. 4chan really hates women. There was some angst all the way back in the late 2000’s when I frequented the site, but nowadays with the whole anti-feminism movement in full swing they’ve arrived at a seething hatred of all western women.


Many years ago, when I was still a small girl, I watched a documentary about a female body builder. The woman lifted weights and ate lots of protein. She had gained lots of muscle mass as a result. She said that she wanted to “get stronger” by following her strict dietary and exercise regime. She considered her body to be her “project” that she was constantly working on. When asked in an interview whether or not her friends and family had been supportive of her work-outs she said: “No they haven’t. I have had a lot of negative comments about my muscles. People have called me selfish. They have called me obsessed.” On the one hand, this woman seemed determined to be fit and strong, but on the other, she was having to contend with body shame because she was encountering disapproval from other people in the gym and at home. Some people said that she looked like a man because she had so much muscle. “When I look in the mirror, I ask myself, is this the body of a woman or is this the body of a man?” she asked herself with a twinge of regret in her voice at disappointing other people. When men gain muscle, I have never ever seen them get disapproval from other people, only positive comments. The men are usually very happy because they feel fit, strong and living up to masculine ideals. Lots of people admire men for having large muscles. However, strong women that weight lift or gain muscle are regarded with suspicion and hatred by other people. That’s what the documentary showed anyway. Society is scared of strong, fit, muscular women.


Was watching an online educational video on stereotype threat hoping to learn something new. Oh dear, instead it just ended up being one of those fat shaming and “women should wear make-up and be thin to attract a man” video. The video has a male narrator who says something along the lines of “Jane has been called ugly all her life and she thinks she is ugly because she is fat. Because she is fat she doesn’t think she is attractive”. The cringe worthy story then goes onto say that most men would prefer “thin” women who “make an effort” by “putting on make up”. Therefore, the story concludes, if Jane could just see herself as attractive, lose a few pounds, brush her hair, put on make up and conform to society’s superficial gender stereotyped beauty norms, (by overcoming “stereotype threat”, and “fulfilling your dreams” um really?) she’d attract a man and live happily ever after. I’m not even bloody joking, they have a cartoon of a slim Jane character wearing make-up holding a man’s hand in the story. Ugh. Maybe I’m reacting badly to this and this philosophy of “it’s what’s on the outside that counts” because I watched too many episodes of “The Raggy Dolls” as a child. You can be a good person and be fat, have shabby clothes and messy hair. Let’s face it: not everyone can afford to wear expensive fancy clothes or make-up anyway. Plenty of men dress shabbily and wear no make-up yet are still loved. Why shouldn’t the same be the case for women? We are all human aren’t we, so why the difference here? Make-up is toxic, daft, too fiddly/time consuming to put on and exploits children in India working in mica mines. Also, many schoolgirl bullies in the playground wore a lot of make-up, so I have always associate make-up with female violence and meanness. Yes I said violence, I was beaten up by several make-up wearing girls in school who were ugly on the inside. This is why I do not wear make-up, only basic Chapstick to protect my lips. I would cheer if make-up was abolished. Some cultures seem to value overweight women, so I don’t know how the “stereotype threat” story of “fat women are ugly” would apply here. I’m not saying don’t exercise at all, I am just commenting on the fact that I have seen men with larger women are attracted to them, making the “stereotype threat” story irrelevant.


India’s government is advising pregnant women to avoid all meat, eggs and lustful thoughts. Doctors say the advice is preposterous, and even dangerous, considering India’s already poor record with maternal health. Women are often the last to eat or receive health care in traditionally patriarchal Indian households. Malnutrition and anaemia, or iron deficiency, are key factors behind India having one of the world’s highest rates of maternal mortality, with 174 of every 100,000 pregnancies resulting in the mother’s death in 2015 “The government is doling out unscientific and irrational advice, instead of ensuring that poor pregnant women get to eat a nutritious, high-protein diet”.. The government booklet, titled Mother and Child Care ignored widely accepted medical evidence that pregnant women benefit from eating protein-rich meats and can safely engage in sex, doctors said. It says pregnant women should also shun “impure thoughts” and look at pictures of beautiful babies to benefit the foetus. “Pregnant women should detach themselves from desire, anger, attachment, hatred and lust,” reads the booklet, released last week by the Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy, a part of the government’s ministry that promotes traditional and alternative medicine.” Might be better for the world if males detached themselves from those things since they are the ones attacking everyone….


All of my male friends talk about masturbation and watching porn very casually and even brag about it sometimes. As a woman (who does like to pleasure herself from time to time) I am horrified at the porn industry. I have tried to get into watching it but it makes me feel uncomfortable and not at all turned on. One time I was browsing and came across a video of a woman who kept turning her head away and saying “no” to a man who attempted and succeeded in sticking his penis into her mouth. Nearly all porn movies I’ve seen end in the man ejaculating all over the woman’s face and/ or breasts. HOW IS THIS SEXY OR REALISTIC? I don’t know how young men are interpreting these images, but to me they are objectifying, demoralising, sexist, and are promoting sexual violence. I myself have felt the repercussions of this from sexual partners in the past. One man that I met on Tinder was taking off my clothes, took one look at my downstairs area and told me he didn’t want to have sex any more because I had pubic hair! He said “have you ever seen a porn star with a jungle down below?” I felt humiliated. But seriously?! Porn is ruining men’s expectations of sex and consequently, women’s expectations are changing too. Porn makes violence and male dominance feel like sex. And love, care and intimacy leave men feeling cold and emasculated. I’m sick of porn and it’s utterly sexist ways! I hope there are others out there who agree.