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When I used to go to Secondary School, lots of pupils swore and made references to private anatomy throughout the day. One time when I was sitting in class during PSHE, a boy asked me: “Do your t**s go hard every time you see him [another boy]?” The boy said this quite loudly and there was a teacher in the room at the time. Nothing was done and the boy didn’t have to face any consequences after saying what he said. My parents always told me to ignore people who made rude comments, so that is what I did. I was too embarrassed to report the incident anyway because it happened during the middle of class. We had been told that “bullying” consisted of saying “mean” things to people. We were not told about how to deal with teenagers that were curious about growing up and abruptly said things. To tell the truth, I wasn’t aware at that age (about 14) that women’s bodies could react in that way when looking at men. It had certainly never been mentioned during Biology or PSHE classes! I knew sort of what men’s bodies did because I had been taught about this at school, but not how women’s bodies reacted and I was a teenage girl! I felt betrayed that I hadn’t been taught such things about women’s bodies in Biology or PSHE class, so at first I thought that the boy was lying or making things up! The boy and others were obsessed with women’s chest shapes and sizes. He and others would frequently say things about women and girls at school like: “She’s a fat ugly c***.” “She’s a fit bird, I’d like to f*** her up the a***. She’s got a big a*** and big t**s.” The headmaster later said at assembly that he felt sad because the school inspectors had given the school a lower grade in one category because the pupils had shown a “lack of respect” towards each other and used “inappropriate language”. He looked disappointed and hopeless. He was usually so optimistic and upbeat, but not then. Nothing changed and pupils still made lewd comments and swore at each other after the assembly. Lots of pupils in my school used to watch South Park and copied some of the language and attitudes from the show. I was unsettled by this and felt unsafe. I have asked older adults if they ever swore or talked about certain things during their school days. They look at me as if I am crazy. They say: “We weren’t allowed to swear or talk about explicit topics at school. If we did we got hit with the cane, so we didn’t dare risk it again!” Wish that there was a way to deter people from treating each other disrespectfully and uttering foul explicit language without over policing people’s freedom of speech or having to resort to teachers whacking kids with a stick. Any ideas?


Someone I know started a blog about the sexist experiences she had on a daily basis, and posted links to her Facebook. She got several mansplaining comments and people saying she was being vain and exaggerating, or reading too much into it, that these men were obviously just trying to complement her and she should take their comments gratefully. All very irritating. Then yesterday for international women’s day she made a Facebook post and said she’d lost several Facebook friends and even had family members stop talking to her because she’d been outspoken about her experiences and highlighting how common they were. Insane that today people would deny that this kind of everyday sexism happens and cut her out for highlighting it!


Almost every time I see an article about Kate Middleton, it’s about her outfit. Just now I saw one about how she’s worn the same coat like three times. I’m sure William has worn the same clothes over and over too, but no one cares since he’s a man.


Last Friday i was in Vienna with a friend of mine and we were just having a walk and at the moment there are a lot of asyls from afganistan and so on which are also in linz where i am from, and im used to it to get some comments about my appearance and my look. But it’s not about them now. So we were walking and there was a policeman and he was really goodlooking, a very pretty man, i said to my friend “look at hin he’s so pretty” he didn’t hear this he was too far aways . I wore black leather trousers. im 17 and he was about 35 & he was a damn policeman, so we passed by him when he said ” Sexy trousers” i said what ? he smiled with a dirty face and said again ” you’re wearing hot trousers” I was confused and frightened because on the same day i got botheres a few times more by asyls.. and instead of taking care to make me feel safe or not that low there is this policeman flirting with me.


Reading about quantum computing like you do and am aware that I feel oddly uncomfortable then realise the side bar has a sprawled woman in a bikini just available to my unconscious, just subtly dragging me down. The worst thing is it’s a bikini advert! They think most women want to lie around in public looking sexual? Even the girls I know who actually wear bikinis don’t sprawl around like they are turned on, so it’s clearly for the straight male gaze. Why can’t I just read a physics article without this shit? I just don’t think it’s a coincidence any more, it’s much worse on science and tech sites. They want to put girls off. There is abundant evidence that seeing your same gender sexualised is offputting for straight people and people navigate away quickly. They would never do it with males. I’ve been on the Internet about ten seconds today and it’s every day.


All my life been bullied, harassed, assaulted, groped, sexual violence by inadequate, sexist, substance abusing men & women. Very sexist ideas about family, role of women & men. Allowed myself to be used, abused everywhere. Survivor of many things but sometimes think if had actually died when tried to commit suicide at 19 would have been a good thing but have tried to do good and help people but people hate that as seen by Jo cox Mp murder. deaths by partners, family etc If people are jealous not sure what of as lonely being like this. There are a lot of entitled, bullying narcissistic, sociopaths around. Coercive control & gas lighting a problem too.


Somehow this boy in my school got nude pictures of one of my friends and created a group chat filled with these pictures. For boys to enter, they must pay £2 to the leader of this group. Not only was that despicable, but also child pornography. Sadly, here’s immense sexism: the girl whose nudes were put on the group chat, was expelled from her school, but the boys on the group chat and the boy who created the group chat were simply suspended. It’s great to see the lack of sexism here.


Working in a freelance industry meant I had no maternity rights and so despite having worked for almost 8 years mostly for the same company as soon as I was visibly pregnant my work dried up. I was invited to the Baftas for a project that I had worked really hard on, but when I said I would have to pop out for 20 mins to feed my daughter, I was no longer invited and my place was given to someone else. As a freelancer, awards like this matter and I had earned my place to be there. I was discriminated against because I needed to feed my baby, and to discriminate for this reason is illegal. The majority of people in this industry are lovely and decent people, but the number of women in the industry is declining which means that what is produced has lost a female perspective.


Driving to work on a Monday morning, 6th March 2017, listening to Radio 1. A female caller gets to choose a song, she’s going to the gym this morning and studying to be an architect. After the song finishes, the male presenter reads out comments from texts and twitter reacting to her choice of song. Among them, a comment from a male that has nothing to do with her choice of song but describes her as a ‘difficult date’. The male presenter laughs. Why is it that an aspiring, ambitious female is a ‘difficult date’ but a male giving the same position would surely be described by both male and female listeners as attractive and going places? Why is a successful female immediately threatening? Why do men immediately feel the need to take her down? The male presenter tried to backtrack by making some comment about her being difficult to date if you were a bus driver and describing her as a ‘role model’ swiftly because he evidently realised how the comment came across. But why read it out at all? You wouldn’t read out a racist comment just for laughs and pretend it wasn’t really as offensive as it was – at least, not in this decade. misogyny is still acceptable though.