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I logged into my computer just now to find an ad for Microsoft Groove on my login screen, & saw to my annoyance that there was a nice bit of casual sexism in it: “Free your inner child with Microsoft Groove. Entertain your crew with music for ‘kids’ of all ages. Rock music for Dads, check. Disney hits for everyone, done. You’re road-trip ready for great music adventures with Microsoft Groove. Browse family listening playlists.” Because OF COURSE only men like rock music, right?! Enough with the gender stereotyping already- I’m female, & I like rock music, as do several other women I know! Microsoft, I expected better from you.


According to Microsoft Viso, women are not people. I use this tool to draw IT diagrams and wanted pictures of people. I did a search for “People” and got pictures of white men. I did a search for “Women” and got signs for toilet doors. I did a search for “Men” and got signs for toilet doors…. and the pictures of people, who are all white men.