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I went to a party with a couple of friends. One man, at least ten years my friend’s senior, asked her to dance. When she politely declined he told her, “Come on. Say yes. It’s party culture. You HAVE to.” She remained calm and said no again. He stormed off. At a different party later that night, I was dancing with my friends when a boy asked to dance with me. I said okay but after a bit he faced me and began to kiss me, I tried to shove him off but he just kept drunkenly forcing his mouth on mine. After a minute I finally forced him off and he tells me, “You wanted to dance, so you’re a bitch for not wanting me to kiss you.”


I was at a party last night and several people there (including me) turn 50 this year. A cake was brought out with some candles and several of us blew the candles out. One of the men there called across to his wife “Nicky can you blow mine?” I allowed the moment to pass even though I found his comment offensive and am now really annoyed at myself for not challenging him at all or making it clear that his remark was not acceptable – especially as my 13 year old daughter was standing next to him. My instinct to not cause a fuss and make myself unpopular kicked in. Now I have to have a conversation with my daughter about whether she understood the comment, why no one said anything and why someone (especially me) should have. I don’t want her growing up thinking that it’s ok for men to say things like this and get away with it.