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So this year something happened to me at school that I never thought could or would happen. I am 14 and through out my school year, my butt would randomly get smacked whenever I was walking in the hallways. I haven’t told anyone this simply because I was and still am scared about what else the people who did this sort of horrible thing could do to me. I am sharing this because it is a big deal, it is sexual harassment and because I want the nightmares to stop.

15 minute walk

Last year, I was going back home on foot. I passed several men who had no problem cat-calling and calling me beautiful. I moved on. It was about 1 pm (lunch time) and I was almost home when a car passed by me so close my arm hit one of the side mirrors. The driver smacked my butt. He hadn’t even slowed down! I stopped walking and stared at the guy that was driving away, his hand still out the window, giving me the thumbs up. I’m 17 now.


So today I decided to not listen to music on the way home from school and got comments on my body from about 5 boys from a local school. I know it happens everyday because I watch them look me up and down as I walk past them; my hands clenched in fists. A couple of boys stepped in front of me right as I was passing them to try and make me jump. I know it’s not right but I don’t ever feel as though I can stand up to them. I often think, ‘what would happen if I punched him for self defence?’ and then I realise that he could and would do much worse things back. Just the other day, I realised, my brother referred to a group of girls at his youth group as “goes” and it made me so uncomfortable. But even in my own house, I didn’t feel able to say anything to him. It makes me so angry that so many people like me have to experience this, and that even I, aged only 14, feel worried walking past a group of teenage boys younger than me because I know they might try and trip me up or whistle at me. I never know what to do, and what any of us can do unless something is said to the boys? Because I know at the moment that nobody is confident enough to say anything to that school because everyone considers it normal behaviour.