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I’ve been doing these exercises from a book about sex (yup, nearly 30 and need a sex ed textbook. Well done, education system.) and the first one is all about remembering your body’s history, like, recalling times that you were aware of your body, how you felt about it, how you physically developed etc. First off, I notice that there are very few happy memories related to my body. Alarming. Secondly, I realised that the first time I ever felt fat was in a ballet class when I was 6. It wasn’t anything that was said to me, I just noticed that all the other girls in their neon-pink leotards had flat stomachs and mine wasn’t. Being a girl fucking sucks, doesn’t it?


When I was 16, being drunk in a disco, a guy takes me to a hidden corner (I cant remember how) and started kissing and touching me. I couldn t separate him by myself but two friends of mine helped me (they were both 15 age girls), they had to hit him. The worse was that some of my classmates were there also, they had seen the situation and they hadn t reacted, in fact they felt it was funny and I was a slut.


I pull into a parking space and the man in the van gets out and says: Can I ask why you parked there? Why do you need to know? You picked this space. Is there a problem? Yes, there are lots of spaces but you picked this. If you need to know, it’s because it is easier to leave the car park from here. I need to open my side door and back door ( very rude tone). From the front, which is where you sit unless you are planning on staying? My wife is doing the shopping!! I don’t need to justify myself to you! You got out to challenge me to justify my parking, in a space, within the lines, not obstructing your side or back door! You need to get a grip woman! I need to? He then scurried into his van. I go shopping; comes back. Wife: Why did you speak to my husband like that? With respect lady, you weren’t there when he got out of his van to challenge my parking. He then told me to get a grip. Maybe you should. They both then scurried into the van and ate their lunch. My points: Duncan (husband) and I had a conversation this morning about the many ways in which sexism presents itself. Right there baby. I guarantee that the man would not have got out his van if it was Duncan sat there. What IS the actual problem? Go me for not losing it!


So I have a friend. His name is David. David once said to me, “Well Scarlett, if women are equal, and can punch men, I can punch a women without a reason.” I was taken aback. Now that I think about it though, he said this to me maybe four or five times. I, a female, tend to be friends with men more often than I am with women. If I do the calculations, 70 percent of my friends are male. So, considering this, they tend to be a bit on the ignorant, and whenever David (previous agressor) says something along the lines of abusing, objectifying, or depricating women I go off. And then I am told that I am “being unreasonable” or that I am “starting something” or I am “fighting a losing battle” or that women “ARE equal”. Perhaps my going off is a tad unreasonable. Wait, no. No, it isn’t. So this isn’t exactly a story where I was being hit on, but at the ripe age of 15 I was defending my right to speak. I felt it my job to help protect this, along with the simple fact that he was disrespecting everyone, not just women. He has a sister. I pulled that card. I said, “Would you use this right against your 6 year old sister?” And he just could not get the point that you can’t go around hitting people. We are no longer friends.


— A Kurdish woman was seriously injured when she was dragged through the streets of a northern German town behind a car with a cord tied around her neck. Her ex-partner, a Kurdish man, later turned himself in to authorities, prosecutors said Monday. Police said they were treating the incident as an attempted killing. The 28-year-old local woman had a cord tied around her neck, which was attached to the car’s trailer hitch, they said. Because she was his ex. Her crime was not really wanting to go out with someone any more. And the cliche is bunny boiler ? Hell hath no vengeance like a man scorned. This happened a year ago and barely made the papers, I found it on a small Kurdish site Not important enough for world news. Just very tired of male violence and the lack of discussion in the press for the reasons we haven’t solved it.


I was in the local corner shop when a group of young boys came in, I’d say they were around 12 or 13. I stopped at the end of an aisle to let them pass together when one of them said audibly to the rest ‘I didn’t know they sold pussy in here’. I was clearly the subject of the comment. It doesn’t make any difference to how horrible this was but I’m very visibly pregnant at the moment & felt so degraded…at the hands of a 12 year old boy.


A dude that I’m vaguely acquainted with (& have never liked that much) said “hello, floss!” to me when we bumped into each other today. I said hello back to be polite, but muttered, “dude, my name isn’t floss” under my breath as I walked off.


Rabinowitz has been thrust into the spotlight over an issue that has become an increasingly familiar problem for airlines flying in and out of Israel: ultra-orthodox men who refuse to take their seats next to women, demanding changes in seating and sometimes causing delays. After successfully suing the country’s national carrier, El Al, for gender discrimination and winning a landmark ruling, Rabinowitz’s stand now means that flight stewards can no longer request female passengers move seats to accommodate ultra-orthodox men who do not want to sit next to them. Describing the practice as “discriminatory” Israeli judge, Dana Cohen-Lekah, who heard Rabinwotz’s complaint, on Thursday ruled that “under absolutely no circumstances can a crew member ask a passenger to move from their designated seat because the adjacent passenger doesn’t want to sit next to them due to their gender”. In February, 10 ultra-orthodox passengers stood in the aisles and refused to take their seats, causing a delay on an easyJet flight to the UK before female passengers agreed to move so the flight could leave. (Why the hell didn’t the men just politely move??? Why expect women to move?)


At a friend’s ladies party, a friend’s husband dropped in late on. I had not met him before. He made a beeline for me, topping my glass and telling me how beautiful he thought I was, all in earshot of his wife. I moved away from him and he laughed and joked with a couple of the other ladies who knew him. He then made further attempts at getting my attention, including pinning me in my chair whilst saying “if I could, I would ” His wife joined in later saying how beautiful she thought I was too. Freak show! How would/should you respond?


I was riding my bike in shorts and a regular t-shirt, it was like 30 degrees and I was just enjoying my ride when not even 5 minutes from leaving my home I was honked at by some guy in a car, the guy next to me at the lights asked if I knew who he was (I assumed he wasn’t beeping at me) and the man next to me informed me that the guy who honked was trying to grab my attention; I ignore this incident and went about my bike ride, not even 2 minutes after that I was hopping off my bike and 2 guys in a ute slowed down to 10mph to watch me get of my bike and yelled and hollered at me, and lastly, about 5 minutes after that I was again honked at!! Im ashamed to say I haven’t rode my bike since in fear of my safety.