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A young female tourist in London speaking to a young man from the US. Tells him about having lived with her boyfriend for a few months. His response? “In America you wouldn’t live together unless you were married.” Aside from the fact that I think he was pissed she wasn’t single, he was trying to shame her. And attributed conservative (oft religious-based) views held by SOME in the USA to the entire nation. WRONG. I hope she didn’t believe him.

Lauren Hepburn

Overheard in Fulham Broadway: a man complaining that his and his wife’s friend ‘Just doesn’t try; doesn’t try at all, does she? Doesn’t wear any make-up. Puts no effort in whatsoever to look like anything other than a grumpy old woman’


Earlier today I was in an underground train in Munich, the city where I live. I became aware that guy in front of me was looking at me, but I didn’t pay much attention at first. Then I heard that he was groaning, and after that I realized that he was masturbating in front of me. I got up and went to take another seat in another wagon. Luckily it happened in a train full of people, so I didn’t feel really in danger – but I felt angry and hurt, and my hand kept trembling for a while.


so I read a story about a man noticing a girl on a train, and she smiled at him and then got off the train. he’s now looking for her because ” they had a moment together and he knows she is the one because of that smile” they all call it romantic, I how ever find it creepy, you don’t know her, never met her you don’t know her name or age even, they never even spoke to each other, al you know is that ” she has the best smile” … that’s not having a moment that’s a person being polite.


I was sitting on a train, chatting with a friend about a very difficult subject that I’m currently studying. I told her that I’m quite anxious about it, because I need to pass an exam and I’m not sure I can do it, that subject is ancient greek. A man was sitting in front of us and listened. Suddenly he came up and told me: “You don’t need to study, you are so pretty!”


I consider myself lucky because I’ve never been groped or physically assaulted in public. There are so many instances in my life they’ve become a blur, they’ve become normal and only the particularly shocking memories remain. After many times of being called “bitch” for ignoring people I tend to say “thank you” to being told I’m beautiful or “no sorry” to being asked out by someone who pulls to the side of the road while I’m walking my dog to ask for a date, I don’t even bother telling them I have a boyfriend because they never believe that. When I run outside I always leave one ear bud out to make sure no one comes up behind me… This is my normal. On my 27th birthday this year guys were coming up to my male friend at a bar and telling him how hot I was and saying creepy things and asking permission to talk to me, as though I do not have any say in the matter. The girl I was with told me I was rude for not accepting drinks from strange men I had no interest in. Walking through the mall with my parents AND grandparents at 16, an older man fell into step with us and started saying crude things. I had no words. When I was 18, I went to a tech school for college, about 70% men and I found it difficult to make real guy friends, most ditched me after learning I had no interest. When I broke down to my doctor SHE told me maybe I should try wearing different clothing because I might be leading them on. Despite all of this I feel like the protector when I am out with my girl friends, I stand behind them if I think they’re being leered at or put myself in between them and a creepy guy who’s getting too close. I’ll take the brunt of the abuse and tell a guy to f*** off if he says demeaning things. After so many awful encounters I feel like I have developed a tough skin and I cannot stand to see the sad, scared, defeated looks on my friends’ faces.


Im only 14 and I have to deal with cat calling, whistilinf and groping everyday. Men stuck their heads out cars and say “wow! Let me chat to you real quick” or “mami” or “sexy” or “big tits”. I’m scared to walk the streets with my family in case this happens. Try try to get my number, older men say their 15 even though they are really not.


13 years old and the first time I had got the train alone, coming home from a friend’s house. Man sat opposite me and rubbed his crotch, staring directly at me and making noises. I put the blame on myself for 3 years and have only now realised it was not my fault.


A few years ago: age 14 coming home from school on the train with my friends. Wearing school uniform, with no tights. Man gets on the train and exclaims in front of the entire carriage that I have the type of legs he dreams about. No one says anything, and he then says that I don’t want to know what he will be dreaming about tonight. No one did anything until he left, and I regret not reporting it at the time. I didn’t tell my parents because I thought it was my fault. Reporting it now to give myself peace of mind