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I recently am reading the book Everyday Sexism. 5 years on, I thought that some things might have changed, but only yesterday I was catcalled walking alone in the afternoon in modest clothing, and my childhood was still influenced by gender roles. I’m a 17 year old girl, but I definitely realise the importance and impact of change.


Today my friend called me stressed and crying. She was in a cafĂ© and her parents had gone off to buy something and a man started taking pictures of her and her legs. He caught her looking and winked at her. Her parents said that he probably wasn’t because his family came after. As if having a family excuses such behaviour or dismisses the chance of it. My friend was only wearing a denim dress, not revealing but showing her legs on a warm day like everyone else. Why can’t we embrace and celebrate our unique bodies without getting harassed? My friend was distraught and she had no one and the worst part of it is that we are both 12.