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All the composers on the 20th century music recommended listening list for OCR A level are male. One female composer is featured in the accompanying textbook in the 20th century section . At least this has prompted a discussion about sexism in music in my lessons.


I was at a work meeting with lots of other head teachers. At lunch I sat down beside two male heads i hadnt met before and one immediately started asking if i sat there to sit near the handsome ones. On another occasion as a younger teacher at a school i worked in the male head stopped to talk to me and my year group partner. we were going swimming in the afternoon with our classes. he asked if we got in the pool, if we wore bikinis and then said he might come down to see…all the time he was talking to us he was rubbing his nipple through his shirt!

Emma Jean

When I complain about boys at my school for being know-it-alls or sexist to my dad, I get met with, “you’re probably going to end up dating him.” Um no. Maybe when I really dislike a person, I actually dislike them.

Emma jean

I went to an engineering open day with my school, and there was a male speaker. He was talking about how more women should consider going into engineering, which is good, but he said, “you’ll be surprised to hear that women do very good at engineering, as good as men.” I don’t think people should be surprised to hear that.

Boy in a Dress

I’m a boy, and like to wear a dress to school, church, etc. Whilst the people at church and most of those at school treat me with respect, not all students do. In 8th Grade, this group of 6th graders would always catcall me and make vulgar comments about my body. There was one incident where I was wearing my dress during a fire drill. I had just talked to two female friends of mine who I had been really good friends with in 7th Grade. Afyer we finished talking, I started to move ahead from them, wanting to get to class sooner. Then, I felt someone touch my butt and heard them laugh. They thought, bevause I was dressed like a women, that they could sexually harass me. Another time, I was wearing my dress and walking to the bus. I felt someone touch my butt. I looked over to see two boys, I guessd in 7th Grade. They said it was an accident, so I turned around. Then I felt again, and turned around to see them laughing. I haven’t told anyone of these incidents because it happens to so many women, that I feel like I would seem like some sort of snooty men’s rights activist if I reported it, and I’m definitely not a men’s rights activist. There are also several oher times where people have made fun of me or assumed my sexual orientation due to my clothing.

Daisy Chapman

At school a boy in my class decided that, and I quote, “let’s violate (my name)” I turned around but he had already walked up to me and tapped my bum. One of his mates saw and burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I had no idea what to do so I didn’t say anything, not to him, not to anyone. A few weeks later the same guy was sitting next to me in a lesson and he grabbed my ruler and started feeling my vagina with it. He laughed. The boy sitting opposite laughed. I had had enough. I told him to stop and started telling him how he couldn’t go about doing that to girls. Guess what his reply was. “Can’t you take a joke”. I haven’t reported him because I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously and they would say it was a harmless joke. It was a joke – to him. To others, it’s sexual assault. I can’t believe that in the 21st century people think that it’s ok to go and violate someone else. That it’s a fucking joke. Girls get raped everyday and a boy in my English class started singing a rape song to me. I call him out about it and suddenly I’m a feminazi who has no sense of humour. I’m a feminist because stuff like this has to change. We have to stop thinking it’s normal for female singers to be half naked in music videos when men are in suits. That to be a woman and accepted into society you have to be think and pretty. I don’t understand how this is the norm. That this is ok. Why should we live like this?


Last week at school my principal called all the female students to stay after assembly while letting the boys leave and go to class. They proceeded to tell us the dress code for our homecoming dance and it was so degrading. They told us no cleavage no dresses above four inches above the knee no dresses lower than middle back. They showed us pictures of all of the dresses we were not allowed to wear, while reminding us of how inappropriate our dresses were from prom last year. They told us how we should not lead our boys astray and that we shouldnt be using our bodies as a distraction. They said we cant let them see us in that way and that boys will be boys and that they dont want them to have wrong thoughts about us. LIKE IT WAS OUR FAULT THAT BOYS THINK WRONG THOUGHTS!!! It was so hurtful and degrading and we all felt like distractions to boys instead of people. Like some of us have boobs and we cant just leave them in our purses for the night because the 50-60 year old fully male administration thinks its inappropriate for women to have body parts.They are so worried about their precious boys at my christian conservative school and it is so infuriating. We all walked out in disbelief and were so angry and felt completely objectified by our school and the administration. I then walked into my next period class and of course the boys were asking what happened and we were all explaining to them how angry we were about this and my misogynistic math teacher just looked at the boys and said “oh theyre just mad they cant wear short dresses, just let them rant.” wtf? that wasnt the point!! the point was that we all felt objectified by people who are supposed to protect us. It was humiliating. I also later found out that the boys got to play games and watch youtube while the girls were being told that their bodies were immodest and distracting and we should cover up.


I am in 8th grade in New Jersey. I am a proud feminist who is starting a social justice program at my school and is class president. Last year I got onto the bus and my friend who was sitting next to me, a girl in 6th grade, so asked her what was wrong. She said that during science class they were all talking when she felt someone squeeze her but. She snapped her head around and didn’t know how to react. One boy had forced another boys hand onto her but. She told me this in an outraged fashion and I spent all night thinking about it. I went in and confronted the boys, they said is was an, “accident” They said, “Chill, it’s not like it mattered that much anyway. She was cool with it.” I think about this every day although occasionally I bring it up with her and she seems not to care. I think she thinks its normal. Maybe it is. IT SHOULDN’T BE NORMAL.


A guy in my class told me tha there was no such thing as a pay gap, there is no difference between male and female salary. When I told himk that he was wrong, he told me that I only siad that because I’m a girl, not because of FACTS.


We had school speeches recently and I decided to try and get the message out there by doing my speech on the fact that using “like a girl” as an insult is not okay. After presenting to my class I received the news from my teacher that he had decided that I was the first of two people to go through to the year 8 semi-finals along with someone else who turned out to be a boy who had done his speech on military budgets (for some reason).After I’d given my speech to my entire year group in a shaky fashion (I’ve never been good at speaking in front of people) I honestly wasn’t surprised when I got the news that I didn’t make it through to the finals, I was just happy that I had managed to get my messages out to so many people. This feeling was undercut, however, when at the next break a group of giggling boys came up to me and my fellow semi-finalist (who had made it through to the finals) looked me straight in the eye and, in the most mocking tone possible, said “I honestly wonder if feminism really is about equality or if it’s just kicking boys because they can’t kick you back?”.