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In highschool, I was the only girl in the woodshop class. Everything I did was automatically held to a lower standard by my teacher. When talking to the class, he would slowly repeat basic instructions while looking at me as if I was too stupid to understand the first time, and should I do something well, I would be met with comments of “that’s pretty good *for a girl.*”


At school, our dress code seems to be targeted at girls. No leggings, to bra straps can show, ect. My mom was so mad she couldn’t sleep.

fat shamed

I’m nine years old, and when my friend brought up the topic about our bodies, she talked a lot about boobs. She told me that i only had them because I was very fat. I told her that she shouldn’t be a fat shamer, and that im not ashamed of my body. I would never tell another girl that, because i know how it feels. I am fat, and i love me, I dont hate that i get to say i eat way too unhealthy, because I do. It’s my body band I’ll diet if I want to.


I was in my MBA class and speaking with a male friend about how I wanted to get something that was kind of promised to me. It was a completely casual and benign conversation. Another male jumps into our conversation with “Rawr” like the cat sound, meaning that he thought I was being rude, mean, vicious, and/or bitchy. This is not, by far, the first or last time this has happened to me, or even from this individual in particular. He was not serious, because if someone really feels that way, you don’t make that sound, you have a conversation with them. His action is completely degrading and dismissive, but he thinks it’s funny and cute. Yes, it’s absolutely hilarious to be interrupted, implied to be bitchy, and that my thoughts, opinions, feelings, and/or words are invalid. Let’s pretend that my original words were heated. I have every right to feel that way and express my views. He would never say this to another man! It’s the same old story, if a male is a good leader, he is confident and assertive. If a woman is a good leader, she is bossy and arrogant. This is just one act of many that I receive day in and day out. It is so regular, that people accept and perpetuate it. I am so so tired of all of it!


Today I was working with a team of doctors on the palliative care inpatient service. One of the female doctors on my team is visibly pregnant. We participated in a long discussion with a cancer patient and her family about her prognosis and possible treatment plans. At the end of the conversation we were leaving the room and the patient’s son, for the first time, turns to the female doctor who is wearing a long white coat and a name badge that says “resident physician”. He says “Miss lady, is it a boy or a girl?”


As a student at my local secondary school I can’t go a minute without hearing a sexist comment. I can’t give you can example because there’s so many in one day they just fly over my head! This is mainly because I just go to school to learn and have friends, but not to be popular because I love being unique! I let them fly over my head now because if I let them get to me, if I remember what they say, it could change me. But then there’s enough, and you have to make a change now instead of later. So my school story is there is a boy in my year, in fact multiple boys in my year who would costintly go up to me and my friend and say blank as day. ” Are you feminists?” And well she wouldn’t have shown me this website if I wasn’t interested in the subject. So of course we would say yes. They would then laugh and say “so you like women more then men!” We would try to explain to them that that is no way what so ever what feminism means, but they just wouldn’t listen. They did that constantly for about a month. Until I found a way to stop all of it or just make to 10 times worse! In our English class we were learning about poetry and we were going to do a contest with another classroom. So I did my poem on feminism and I clearly said I was a feminist and that I believe in equality and how I don’t think all men are evil. Any way long story sort, they haven’t approached or said anything to us about the subject ever since!!! I am only 13 years old. And it’s because of people like this that I have to enter a world that I dont want to know and try to get back out again as myself every single school day. My safe zone is my bedroom not my school. And even though school says there’s people at school and at home who you can go to to talk. That’s all you’ll end up doing and they can’t to much apart from maybe tell a thew people off at school. And they wouldn’t even listen anyway. And it’s not a subject that is for talking, it’s a subject that we have to act on and not focus on a small school but focus on the big picture. Schools only one part of my day and only one part of our lives. I am so happy I did what I did and if we all do a small thing like that, sooner then later people will start connecting it to the big picture.

Ariana E.

I was excited for my first day of middle school. I felt I was finally an adult. No childish games anymore. But I soon realised what being an “adult” really meant. Boys younger than twelve were making jokes about rape and sexual assault and I seemed to be the only one that cared. I knew I was going to have to deal with it. They weren’t going to change I unfortunately excepted that. Disrespect towards women was nothing new to me. At the age of ten I was asked to show my boobs online. At nine I was at the park and was hit on by a fifteen year old so I would give him the four dollars I was saving for the ice cream truck. It only became real when on the last day of school my friend Donna was slapped on the ass by a creep that sat next to me in science class. I begged her to tell the teacher, but she didn’t. She claimed it might have been an accident but I could tell she knew the truth. She was already relentlessly bullied by the other students this would hurt her even more. I decided I had enough of that school so I transferred. I transferred to a magnet school were I’d be surrounded by intellectuals. But it got worse from there. Our class President that promised equality makes rape jokes just to get a laugh out of his buddies. The most equality preaching student that I know still thinks this is just the norm. This is an epidemic. Parents at a young age teach what’s right and wrong so your child doesn’t end up like the kid in my history class that said ” its not rape if you like it”. My story is a common one. Please for my sake and for the sake of students just like me, make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.


So I just started grade 11 and I am a strong independent, Hindu, Canadian girl. Three years ago, right at the beginning of grade 8, I went to an elementary school that I had been attending since I was four. I had known most of the kids there my whole life. This made the school mostly comfortable for me. I walked into my classroom on the first day of that year and was assigned a seat at a table group with my three best friends and two boys I had known for years but we didn’t really get along. I have no idea why but, for the rest of that year, from that day forward, boy A decided to harass me and pretend to ask me out every day, (mind you, he had a girlfriend) while boy B would support him and get everyone around us to laugh. They would talk about my figure which was different than most other girls as I had developed earlier or touch me, or try to hug me. sometimes, they would call me different pet names too, like “babe”. Every time I told them to stop, they would laugh, tell me to learn how to take a joke or to just shut up. The worst part? I listened and laughed or went along, and because I did my friends did too. Because of how I was raised, I was always told to not cause trouble, and never mention anything like this because it could hurt the honour of the families for both boys. (I still don’t get how that works) I still tried to tell other girls, maybe get some help but we all came from similar backgrounds and they told me the same things. I even told a teacher who told me to forget and move on. So now, both boys attend the same high school as me and show up in some of my classes once in a while. If I’m not able to avoid them, they like to start up again but I try to stand up as best as I can.


One story comes to mind. My friend and I were 12. We were walking home from the bus stop and these guys drive past and yell something from their car window. They whistled at us. We had modest school uniforms on. Jumpers, I had dress pants and my friend had a knee length skirt. We were 12 years old, but we felt this wasn’t something worth telling anyone, that it wasn’t important enough.