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First time I experienced sexual assault was when I was 14. We had history lesson and the guy sitting next to me put his hand on my thight. I was in shock so I didn’t say anything. At first I thought that it was nothing but When he kept it there and just looked at me it maid me really uncomfortable. After the lesson I told my friends about it and they said how cute it is that he likes me, and that I should’t make such a big deal about it.


I was coming back from school, I was dressed as a school girl which means l wasn’t exposing parte of my body and of War daylight. A man in a car stopped right in front of me and asked me how much I wanted to do stuff with him. I didn’t answer thinking he would leave me in peace but he didn’t. After walking pass his car he surpassed and stopped in front me again, this time showing me his penis and asking once again how much I wanted.


The story I’m about to tell happened several months ago, and this is going to be the first time I am truly going to express my feelings about it. I was walking on the street, at daytime, to go to the metro and to eventually go home. A few meters in front of me was a groupe of 4 or 5 boys, who weren’t older than 17 (I’m around that age as well). The moment they saw me, they started laughing and I heard them saying ”look at that woman!”. But then one of the guys told him, ”no she’s not a woman, she’s a girl. Look at those legs!” And they kept on laughing. At first, I didn’t know what to do. Should I have yelled at them? Ran away? No. Instead, I did as if I hadn’t heard anything. And the worse part is, that’s the choice most women would’ve taken. So I kept on walking, faster and faster, until they were no longer there. When I decided to talk about it to my friends (girls) they felt bad for me, and we never really discussed about it, even though I needed to. But I didn’t want to push it. Because I thought my story didn’t matter. I thought I was just one of these many girls who experienced things like this one. So, again, I shushed. I then explained it to my boyfriend, whom I love very much, and when I told him about it, I was expecting him to feel sorry for me, hug me, or try to make me feel better and remind me that he was there for me in case such thing ever happened again. What happened was the contrary. He directly asked, ”But… What were you even wearing?” I froze at that question. I asked him if I was wearing a skirt, a low neckline, would it have made these boys’ actions normal and acceptable? He immediatly defended himself by saying no, but that ”I couldn’t have expected anything else if I wore provocative clothes”. And the truth is, I was actually wearing baggy pants and a coat. Eventually, he closed the subject and we never reopened it. I felt terrible. I was shocked by the thoughts my very own boyfriend had about this subject. And this is just one of my many experiences. Everyday I feel suffocated. Everyday I can feel the presence and the pressure of sexism. Everyday I feel as if I was seen as a sexual object that shouldn’t even be in this school, by boys. Everyday I hear boys insulting, using expressions that sexualise in a negative and nasty way women. This issue affects me a lot more than my entourage thinks; and I thank this Project for allowing me to finally speak up and me feel better.


When I first started to become really interested in programming and robotics and when I told adults this one of the most common responses I got was that it’s a really good career for me because I’d be able to work from home and raise a family… I was 11.


There’s a really good boys school in my area that let’s 10 girls in every year for sixth form. I was thinking about applying when I heard from friends that in previous years the boys had made a “tradition” of rating the girls 1-10 on the first day and referring to them by that number for the next 2 years. I thought it was obviously just a rumour but then had it confirmed to me by a family friend that went there. Needless to say I didn’t apply.


I’m a transmale but only recently came out, so everyone at my school still thinks I’m a really masculine girl. A year 8 boy yelled after me “I wanna make you squirt” in the corridor. I’m in year 12. He and his friends then laughed really hard. So much wrong going on here.


In my senior year of high school I earned high enough grades to become part of the Cum Lade society. This was a small number of people in my grade who achieved the highest grades in the class. I was the only black girl who was awarded this position. After the Cum Laude assembly in front of the school, a white boy from my class (who did not get on the society) said to me, “Wow, you don’t seem like the type of person to get on the Cum Laude Society”. Probably due to the fact that i am both black and a woman.


I was walking to my next class and my old homeroom teacher (from months before) tried to spark a conversation with me. This probably wouldn’t seem too odd, except for the fact that the only time I would ever talk to him during class was when I had a question regarding the work. What also kind of freaked me out was that when I would see him in the hall I would smile and say hello, something I do to all my teachers just in case I get them again or they become my coaches, but when I did this he wouldn’t even acknowledge me. So when he began talking to be I immediately freaked out (being the paranoid person I am) and tried to end the conversation and leave as soon as possible. He said he missed seeing me and my two other friends in his class. Upon hearing this I got even more freaked out, stumbling my words I tried to leave immediately. This was when everyone was moving to their next class so it was packed and busy, even more so with everyone carrying their backpacks. So, all I could do was turn away and keep walking. After the rush of people my friends who were walking behind me told me how awkward that conversation was and when I was walking away he put his arm around me which I didn’t feel because my bag was luckily preventing him from actually touching me. This freaked me out and made me feel sick just thinking about it.


There is this guy at my school who always acts like he knows more then me. Everytime I talk about anything remotely intelligent he tries to talk over me and re explain the subject even though I have already explained the exact same thing. He once tried to explain to me how female genetalia works because of course, why would I, a female know about my own body. Keep in mind this boy is almost dropping out of school and I have a 95% average. When i talk to him i feel like he is talking down to me and not to me. At the same time i dont want to make a big deal out of it because i dont want to seem crazy.


I have just recently learned that in my school almost all of the boys have been taking photos of girls butts and breasts. They share these photos with each other and “rate” us on scales from 1 -10. Many of these boys talk about how they don’t know how to talk to us because we have breasts and they we should not even be close to considered equals. There has been lots of talk about this issue with the girls and everyone is too scared to speak up. I’m not even hopeful anymore.