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Got called a pussy hole today. Got told by someone he wanted to fuck me up, and then that I knew I wanted it. Did I know either of them? No. Both were at least two years below me.


This is not my story, but rather a friend’s. My friend witnessed a fight between two boys at our high school, and alerted a teacher. The teacher told the office and the next day my friend was summoned to the assistant principal’s office. The first words out of his mouth when she entered the room were none other but the famous, “So, sweetie.. I heard yesterday you witnessed some boys being boys.” My friend was furious but felt too intimidated by his power and her lackthereof (she is a freshman girl in a big high school). She politely explained the situation, but no action was taken against these boys even though she had provided their names, the location where this happened, and basically as much information as she could. The worst part is that girls have gotten in trouble with this same assistant principal for their skirts being too short, but actual violence is brushed off as a matter of gender.


A guy just came up to me and said “did you know that women can orgasm?” sounding genuinely surprised. I responded sarcastically “oh my god sex is for women to enjoy too??”

Young girls its not !normal

I’m 14 years old . my brothers best friend started texting me and I view this guy as my brother (hes 16) and we were talking and I mean I’m called sis on his phone . so we were texting one night about my day at college that I’d been asked out and I said no so this guy shouted at ms calling me an f****** c**t . and obvs I was very embarrassed over it . This guy is very protective over me but I always thought that was because he thought of me as his sister so he was like I’ll beat him up send ms his number (I said no). But after that the conversation started to get darker he asked me if i would kiss him,then he said would I sleep with him (again I said no ew) then he told me he masturbates while looking at my picture and all he thinks about is my pussy and he wants to take my virginity and would I give him a blow job etc it got worse he went more detailed . i said no to all of this and blocked him,buy after I felt ashamed and embarrassed I never wantdd to see him again , I felt like I had done something wrong and was I leading him on . I started doubting myself . But no I’ve realised now I didn’t do anything wrong I trusted him as a brother he said all those things and I said no to all of them. He said next time he sees me hes going to kiss ms whether I like it or not and it will lead to me . this made me cross but ffor some reason i wasnt scared of him because guys have groped me and said innapropriate stuff to me before , actually he was one of them . and the other day I saw him and I was with my brother and other friends and the same guy turned around and “accidentally” groped my boob hard and because of this page and other things I’ve read about women being sexually abused , i don’t know what came over me cause normally I ignore it but I slapped him right round the face in front of everyone (we were in a big city) and I told tmy friends What he did. And my brother is no longer friends with him. But I was actually proud of myself that day that day I felt like I had all you girls behind me and I felt confident for the first time in my life . So thank you so so much lady’s I coudmt of done it without you, don’t stay silent speak! I am a feminist from this experience and you know what I’m fucking proud of it .

Erin collopy

It started when I joined my secondary school I was confident and I felt like everything was ok but everyday random boys in my school would hit on me saying “you alright sexy” “hello baby” and so on I haven’t told anyone at my school about it. It’s still happens to this day and I’m only 14 and I’m year 10 I wish I could tell someone but I would get told “it’s only a joke” “ they are only joking” sometimes I yell at them to get them to stop .


I used to go to a secondary school in South East London and my school was of mixed gender. When I finally settled in, I realised that my body was more developed than some of the young girls that where in the same year as me or even in the years above. This was constantly brought to the boys attention of boys and they would always make derogatory comments, claiming that they were “only joking”. Sometimes the boys would run down the corridors and slap my bum or my breasts and run away. When I reported this to either a male or female member of staff, they would claim that they would “talk to them” or “get to the bottom” of the issue. At the time I didn’t realise the severity of the situation. Today, looking back I wish I would’ve know from a young age what was going on. Even till today I still feel as though I could’ve done more to bring awareness to the issue. Its so unfortunate that issues like this are not taken seriously and young girls are not advised on how to handle such situations.

Amina Birdi

I’m 13 and in year 8. In one of my classes there is this group of boys who chant disgusting and sexist things like “your mum is a hoe”. I told one of them to shut up once when they were talking in class and one of them called me a word which means “prostitute”. I have reported it to the class teacher and head of year who said that this is normal for 12/13 y.o boys and they weren’t going to do anything about it. They acted like what happens in school where they have a responsibility to look after us is not their problem.

“the pretty one”

A few months ago, a guy that I (sort of) knew through a friend (let’s call him LP) sent me some messages on instagram that made me feel very uncomfortable. Being only 12, I had never dealt with this before, so I ignored it and blocked him after showing my friend the messages, who agreed that it was disgusting and immature. I quickly forgot the whole thing and moved on with my life. About two weeks later, whilst on a field trip, rumors started spreading that LP and his friend (who was rumored to have a crush on me) were parading through the woods singing a song they had made up about me. The song was about how hey wanted to take my shirt off and “have me in bed”. I was shocked and had no idea what to do, so I laughed it off. A little while later, word had spread that, to differentiate me and a girl in my grade with the same name as me, they had given us nicknames. I was “the pretty (my name)” and she was “the (my name) with the big boobs”. I was humiliated. Close to tears, I asked my friends, including the other girl involved, to help me report it. The all told me that I was overreacting and that everyone would think I was a “snitch”. The other (my name) even told me that she had been dealing with similar things for years and that I needed to “get used to it”. I just felt so violated… The worst part is, my best friend, who had seen the messages and heard what LP had said about me, started dating him a few days later. I just don’t know anymore… Am I overreacting?


I’am a french graphic student and i can’t count down how many times my class mates called me gay just because i used pink or flower in my creations. I’ve always been attracted by women but all of those attack (they were telling me that like it was a shame) made me questioning it. Was I really gay ? I started to think that i didn’t wanted to accept it just because i was close-minded, i was so obsess with it that i didn’t get the fact that sexual orientation and taste matter don’t have to be linked. It get me time to pass through this


My son’s middle school holds a “twin day” for the eighth graders, part of their graduation celebration. The students dress up as twins, and the best costumes are awarded prizes. Last year, the students who won were two boys who dressed as Moms. They wore lots of ludicrous make up, large t-shirts, and held Starbucks coffee cups. Making fun of how women dress is the height of cleverness and hilarity? I don’t think so. I think that boys making fun of how women look should not be allowed, let alone rewarded. Girls in middle school are self-conscious for so many reasons: they do not the school administration adding to the list.