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Florencia P

I was in a physical education class, trying to lift 11 pounds, which I couldn’t, therefore my female teacher asks me “How are you going to carry your baby if you can’t lift 11 pounds?”


2 days before my 14th birthday i wore a skirt to school (i usually wear trousers) and a boy who is years younger than me told me i had “nice legs”


I have a friend at my school. He’s a guy, I’m a girl. He’s shorter than me, and weaker than me, but we get along fine. Unfortunately, over the past few years, we’ve kind of grown apart. We’re fifteen now, three years away from leaving school, A lot has changed since we were twelve. So he hangs out, with a group of guys, some of which are cool, but most of which pick on him, pushing him around, and treating him like dirt. I see this when we have Automotive together (I’m the only girl in my Auto class, but that’s normal for a country school(did I mention we live in the middle of nowhere?)) and last year, when we had Physical Education together. I first noticed this, when we were playing a game, and I was the only girl in the team that had bothered to play. As per usual, none of the boys would pass to me. As I have mentioned before, I am used to this, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to make a change. After, walking back to the changing rooms, I found myself walking next to him. I was too mad to trust myself to speak, but luckily, he spoke first, muttering something along the lines of, “I’m sorry.” I ground my teeth. “Yeah, well, that game sucked more than usual. That substitute sucks.” We had a substitute teacher, and our normal teacher would have made a rule, that you had to pass to a girl in your team before you could score. I hated that rule with all my heart, but it helped sometimes. He shook his head. “No, I should have passed to you.” “You should have, why didn’t you?” I was slightly mad at him now, it only just occurred to me that there were several moments when he had the chance to. “I wanted to, but [one of the boys] said he would bash my head in if I didn’t pass to him.” “You should have passed to him anyway. If he wanted to beat you up, he’d have to get through me first.” [When I say we were good friends, I mean it. The following year, we’d had to learn ballroom dancing, and we had to do it with someone from the opposite gender. The funny thing was, he and I got to watch the kids who chose their girlfriends or boyfriends, fall into absolute jeopardy as they broke up half way through the unit.] He turned to me, more serious than ever. “Eadie, promise you’ll never do that. You’ll only make it worse.” I was shocked to silence, and didn’t get to ask what I wanted to most before he left for the boys changing room. ‘But what if they’re beating you up?’ Though I’m sure I know what his answer would be. ‘Then I’ll have to deal with it myself.’ And that crooked smile of his, which does not reassure me at all. True to that, I have never stepped in, and though it boils my blood to see them treat him like that, I stuff it away for later. But I just wish more people knew that sexism does not just happen to women.


Im only 14 and I have to deal with cat calling, whistilinf and groping everyday. Men stuck their heads out cars and say “wow! Let me chat to you real quick” or “mami” or “sexy” or “big tits”. I’m scared to walk the streets with my family in case this happens. Try try to get my number, older men say their 15 even though they are really not.

12 year old girl

Two guys in my Spanish class goofing off and eventually just seeming like they’re on steroids or something, apparently even to themselves. One says to the other as they laugh off another crazy action “Dude, are you pregnant or something?” This is a horrible disrespect to all mothers, future mothers and women in general! I was no outraged that no protest came from my mouth.


As a child I was really close with all my cousins. We were all girls except for one boy, so he was just raised like us unlike most other boys who are taught they are oh so different from girls. He also got all our hand-me-down clothes which were mostly pink and dresses (“for the little girl, I mean I can’t imagine that she would want the dinosaur shirt she asked for”). So, on his first day in kindergarten, he walks in wearing a dress and gets bullied. He never wore a dress after that. Now he’s ten and has long hair and I’m scared of the day he will get tired of being called a girl and cut it off (I went through a similar thing, when everybody kept telling me I should just let my hair grow, “you’d look so pretty” and I eventually gave in to the pressure. Last summer I cut my hair again for the first time in years and honestly I don’t care anymore if I look like a boy, at least people take me seriously when they think I’m a boy)


we were supposed to be doing pushups and the boys were making a fuss. our teacher said “get it together. even the girls can do these.”


Today, a boy in my class poked my stomach as I walked by and said “Nice stomach”. I was just walking by to get to my stuff and I wasn’t wearing a shirt that even let you see my stomach. It wasn’t tight or anything. On my way back past him, I covered my stomach with what I had come to get. It pissed me off and freaked me out. This isn’t the first time I’ve been objectified by boys my age. I’m in eighth grade.


A few years ago: age 14 coming home from school on the train with my friends. Wearing school uniform, with no tights. Man gets on the train and exclaims in front of the entire carriage that I have the type of legs he dreams about. No one says anything, and he then says that I don’t want to know what he will be dreaming about tonight. No one did anything until he left, and I regret not reporting it at the time. I didn’t tell my parents because I thought it was my fault. Reporting it now to give myself peace of mind