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Annoyed girl

I am in school (under the age of 16) (don’t want to give out my age) and for school we have to write an argument paper. I said i wan tmine to be on sexism in america and how its still a thing, the boy next to me told me i was ungrateful for living in america and need to stop seeking for attention. I am very grateful first of for living where i do and very annoyed that he thinks girls pretend all of this stuff for attention. I want to change all of there views hopefully with this paper.


The first boy I ever kissed sexually assaulted me on our second date. He was several years older than me and I never reported it to the police because I couldn’t prove it and I was scared I wouldn’t be believed. I haven’t dated anyone since then and I’m now afraid to now.


As a female it is both incredibly fascinating and frustrating to me how much emphasis is placed on our looks and the fact that they get commented on so much, whether you’re at the attractive or unattractive end of the looks spectrum. I’m 19 and have finished school now but it felt like between the ages of 11- 18 when I attended secondary school I was constantly being judged and belittled for my looks, completely unprovoked. For example I’d just be sitting in class minding my own business and doing my work and then one of the boys would say ” what would you rate her?” Or “You’re not hot at all”, oh I’m sorry I forgot that because I’m female and you’re male it is my job to look pretty and hot for you. It’s not like I’m here to LEARN or anything, no obviously as a girl my main purpose is to be physically attractive so you have something pretty to stare at in the classroom everyday.I know I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world but from an objective view I’m not ugly, I’m average and the guys saying this were hardly fine specimens themselves. It just pisses me off because guys think they have the right to comment on a girl’s appearance and degrade and objectify them completely out of the blue and the same will rarely happen to them. I’m sorry but things like ‘rating scales’ make me so mad, ugh so objectifying. I know that some guys are absolutely sweet and lovely but from my experiences in school I’m convinced that 80% of boys my age and slightly older are disgusting.


On my school’s robotics team the team leader said that I could not work on the robot because “You are a girl”. I was distraught and angry, how could something like this happen to me in the year 2016? Some people have lessened his words to a joke, but that statement, no matter how “meaningless” was easily the shittiest thing that has ever happened to me.


I went to a careers fair with my school and I was going around the different stalls with a group of five female friends. We arrived at an engineering stall and the man at it completely ignored all six of us, only interacting with to the single boy who was standing there with us.


At my school outside the history classroom there are pictures of famous historical figures with questions under their image to spark people’s interest in studying them, such as ‘why did Oliver Cromwell refuse the crown?’. There’s only one picture of a woman- Elizabeth the First- and under her picture is the question ‘why didn’t this queen get married?’. THAT IS NOT THE MOST PRESSING QUESTION TO ASK OF ANY WOMAN and that question is notably absent from the pictures of famous bachelors up there. What is that teaching the girls who have to walk past that every day


When I was 9 or 10 years old, my neighbour who was two years older used to isolate me in corners of the street where we grew up in (everyone played outside no one wondered where we were) and he would force me to kiss him and pull my trousers down. He did this to many other females my age and this went on for about a year until he got caught by a woman sexually assaulting another girl around my age too. After that, as I proceeded to High School, in year 7, 8 and 9, the majority of females from my year had to endure being sexually harassed every single day. Boys would come up to us and slap our backsides, they would inappropriately touch our private parts and always call us sluts and whores, even though we always wore baggy jumpers and trousers to try avoid it. None of the teachers helped until one day two boys ran up to a girl and slapped her so hard she cried so much. Why did it have to get to that point for someone to finally listen to us? We were always blamed. I hated most of the males in my school. I really despise these memories, I so wish that future generations will teach schools about sex education to a much larger extent, teach males that it is not okay to touch females without their consent, teach them to understand they do not have any entitlement over females, teach them that they cause great harm to so many of us. It is so wrong for so many females to grow up in such a society and even worse that we’re brought up to not talk about it and to believe we are to blame. I get into deep conversations with many females and I always bring this topic up of sexual abuse/harassment because I want to learn that I am not alone in my thoughts, and I always find that the majority of females I talk to, have experienced horrendous things in the same way I did. Just want to also add that I think this page is a wonderful idea to help spread awareness and I sure hope it goes a long way.


i recently put my toddler into nursery. In all letters they address me as ‘Miss’. In all documents i write my title down as ‘Dr’ (since i have a PhD in engineering). Nowhere did I mention if i was married or not. But I and my partner have different surnames. Oops – must be unmarried then. My partner also has a PhD and is of course awarded his title of ‘Dr’. My little boy has title ‘Master’ because he’s a toddler but once he is older he will become ‘Mr’. Why are women still labelled as children until they are married? What’s so wrong with default addressing all women as ‘Ms’ until a preference is stated. Or even just using their stated preference. Why is this idea so threatening to people?


Health teacher informed the class that there were no female candidates for our new principal because “women aren’t fit to lead” and “men are supposed to be in charge”