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Daisy Chapman

At school a boy in my class decided that, and I quote, “let’s violate (my name)” I turned around but he had already walked up to me and tapped my bum. One of his mates saw and burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I had no idea what to do so I didn’t say anything, not to him, not to anyone. A few weeks later the same guy was sitting next to me in a lesson and he grabbed my ruler and started feeling my vagina with it. He laughed. The boy sitting opposite laughed. I had had enough. I told him to stop and started telling him how he couldn’t go about doing that to girls. Guess what his reply was. “Can’t you take a joke”. I haven’t reported him because I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously and they would say it was a harmless joke. It was a joke – to him. To others, it’s sexual assault. I can’t believe that in the 21st century people think that it’s ok to go and violate someone else. That it’s a fucking joke. Girls get raped everyday and a boy in my English class started singing a rape song to me. I call him out about it and suddenly I’m a feminazi who has no sense of humour. I’m a feminist because stuff like this has to change. We have to stop thinking it’s normal for female singers to be half naked in music videos when men are in suits. That to be a woman and accepted into society you have to be think and pretty. I don’t understand how this is the norm. That this is ok. Why should we live like this?


Last week at school my principal called all the female students to stay after assembly while letting the boys leave and go to class. They proceeded to tell us the dress code for our homecoming dance and it was so degrading. They told us no cleavage no dresses above four inches above the knee no dresses lower than middle back. They showed us pictures of all of the dresses we were not allowed to wear, while reminding us of how inappropriate our dresses were from prom last year. They told us how we should not lead our boys astray and that we shouldnt be using our bodies as a distraction. They said we cant let them see us in that way and that boys will be boys and that they dont want them to have wrong thoughts about us. LIKE IT WAS OUR FAULT THAT BOYS THINK WRONG THOUGHTS!!! It was so hurtful and degrading and we all felt like distractions to boys instead of people. Like some of us have boobs and we cant just leave them in our purses for the night because the 50-60 year old fully male administration thinks its inappropriate for women to have body parts.They are so worried about their precious boys at my christian conservative school and it is so infuriating. We all walked out in disbelief and were so angry and felt completely objectified by our school and the administration. I then walked into my next period class and of course the boys were asking what happened and we were all explaining to them how angry we were about this and my misogynistic math teacher just looked at the boys and said “oh theyre just mad they cant wear short dresses, just let them rant.” wtf? that wasnt the point!! the point was that we all felt objectified by people who are supposed to protect us. It was humiliating. I also later found out that the boys got to play games and watch youtube while the girls were being told that their bodies were immodest and distracting and we should cover up.


I am in 8th grade in New Jersey. I am a proud feminist who is starting a social justice program at my school and is class president. Last year I got onto the bus and my friend who was sitting next to me, a girl in 6th grade, so asked her what was wrong. She said that during science class they were all talking when she felt someone squeeze her but. She snapped her head around and didn’t know how to react. One boy had forced another boys hand onto her but. She told me this in an outraged fashion and I spent all night thinking about it. I went in and confronted the boys, they said is was an, “accident” They said, “Chill, it’s not like it mattered that much anyway. She was cool with it.” I think about this every day although occasionally I bring it up with her and she seems not to care. I think she thinks its normal. Maybe it is. IT SHOULDN’T BE NORMAL.


A guy in my class told me tha there was no such thing as a pay gap, there is no difference between male and female salary. When I told himk that he was wrong, he told me that I only siad that because I’m a girl, not because of FACTS.


We had school speeches recently and I decided to try and get the message out there by doing my speech on the fact that using “like a girl” as an insult is not okay. After presenting to my class I received the news from my teacher that he had decided that I was the first of two people to go through to the year 8 semi-finals along with someone else who turned out to be a boy who had done his speech on military budgets (for some reason).After I’d given my speech to my entire year group in a shaky fashion (I’ve never been good at speaking in front of people) I honestly wasn’t surprised when I got the news that I didn’t make it through to the finals, I was just happy that I had managed to get my messages out to so many people. This feeling was undercut, however, when at the next break a group of giggling boys came up to me and my fellow semi-finalist (who had made it through to the finals) looked me straight in the eye and, in the most mocking tone possible, said “I honestly wonder if feminism really is about equality or if it’s just kicking boys because they can’t kick you back?”.


I agree it is a valid problem to discuss. On all the incidents stated below, I was either dressed in uniform pants and shirts (or) in a collared tee and plain black jeans. These are my experiences: 1) In the freshmen year of high school, I sat in the middle of the second-last bench. The teacher staying at the front of the classroom rarely paid attention to what went on at the back. So, the guys sitting behind me took advantage of the fact to pass vulgar comments around. Once, in biology class, I felt something slide up and down my back, tugging at my skin. I realized that the guy behind me was driving his hand up and down my spine. I caught it and gave him a stare and cast a look at the teacher, letting him know that I would not hesitate to tell her. He stopped. Later, when I told the teacher of the incident, she asked me to stop making a fuss. 2) Sometimes, I had to walk back from school to my house. The distance was about half a mile. Often, a group of lads on the road would rudely brush past me. They would stick their feet out, expecting me to lose my balance and fall. They would snicker and pass lewd remarks. 3) Once, on the same walk from school to home, two guys on a bicycle tried to run the cycle on me and when I stepped sideways, they crashed into the garbage can behind me, swearing and cussing. 4) Once, on a train trip to a neighboring state, the train collector, seemingly thrice my age, would keep staring up and down my body and smiling creepily. 5) Once, when my friend was taking an early morning walk when there was not much movement around in the streets, a passerby decided to take his pants off and show his genitals to her. He was grinning at her, saying something along the lines of ‘Come and get it!’ 6) In a public dancing event at a wedding, men kept on jeering, whistling, winking at the women who were dancing, while they failed to even notice the fact that even men were dancing too. 7) Then, there are those random sexual texts from strangers. Annoying waste of time!


Studying to become electrician, antiquated teacher says to me ‘You’re going to have to be twice as good as the men to get a job’. Also after answering a question incorrectly he told me ‘You must have the wrong hair colour’ (My hair is red/brown) I was also the only female in the classroom. There was one decent male in the class who complained to another teacher about the sexism I received. He is a hens tooth of the male species, so rare.


“Blurred lines” was played at my year 11 prom. Considering the fact it’s a song about sexual assault and about how the fact that the lines between consent and “no” are apparently not clear, I thought this was highly inappropriate. Sorry but how hard is it to grasp the concept that no means no and yes means yes? How is there still confusion about what consent is?


At school, a teacher was yelling in the hallways. I tapped on her shoulder to ask her what she was yelling about(something about oppresion), but as soon as I opened my mouth she began screaming that I was mansplaining and because I had a Y chromosome, I should die, and she immediately grabbed my arm and started dragging me to the principal’s office.