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This is some stuff that has happened to me and other girls at my school starting at age 11 or12, and I’m 13 now. There are girls in my year who are slut shamed because of having sex but the boys do initiate the relationship you know. I’ve had lots of boys ask me for nudes and other girls will gladly send them but I haven’t because I’m not trying to have the school see my tits , and a lot of boys leak nudes and stuff and one boy blackmailed a girl and threatened to leak them if she didn’t send him more nudes. They also get fake pictures and say it’s you if they can’t find real nudes of the girl. They hack girls Snapchats to find pictures of them. At a party a boy got a girl drunk , she was already drinking but when she had a Fanta, he put more vodka in it. He then fingered her even though she was saying no. In general, the boys will make sexist jokes and don’t respect the girls, but a lot of the girls don’t care. It’s hard because I’m friends with these girls but don’t feel comfortable telling them that they can’t let the boys do these things. I have had a go at the boys a lot and have to make sure I don’t do anything that will get me in trouble, but it’s hard because I know they’re just going to get worse and god knows what they’ll be doing by the timetheyre 16. I’m always sexualised because of my boobs and am known for them being big which pisses me off. If I were a top that shows them at all I get called a slut, but the girls that are flat chested will wear tops that give them nip slips every five seconds and no one says a word. I hate to admit it but now when I go out I feel a bit scared walking past most men, from my age to really old. I always see them looking my up and down and I want to punch them because I’m nowhere near legal, even though I look older than my age. I’m worried to grow up Becuase I doubt men will have any boundaries with a grown woman if this is how they act to a 13 year old. When I’m out, men will shout stuff from their cars at me and I had a proper old man telling me how good I looked once. People shout that I have massive tits and someone gave me money and asked for a kiss. I can deal with it quite well because I’ll gladly say something back but often I get to angry and am kind of in shock. I don’t think it’s fair girls my age should go through this and I’m worried for my 8 year old sister to get to my age. People act like if you’re a feminist you hate men so I can’t speak out about it much at school but I always defend women’s rights when it’s brought up. This stuff might not seem like much and I’m sure people go through much worse but i wanted to share. With the stuff at school my mums friend is a psychiatrist so she can speak to the school without mentioning names because I don’t want full on investigations, so hopefully things will get better there


A few examples from a 17 year old girl: “Only a teenage girl would do something like that, your brother wouldn’t be that stupid,” “Your brother can stay out later because he can actually protect himself” “Men are more capable than woman in some jobs, that’s why women get paid less, not because of sexism” …. “You stupid bitch” “I’m not a feminist because the definition of feminism is equality for women to men, but women are already considering equal to men” Me : Yes legally, but what about everyday occurances like streetcalling, double standards, people assuming that if a woman’s mad she must be on her period? “Men get catcalled too…” Girls P.E uniform either had the option of tracksuit bottoms or a skort, we weren’t allowed to wear shorts. Most of us didn’t feel comfortable in skorts and had to wear tracksuit bottoms in the summer and became overheated


Everyday after school I take the bus, but the nearest bus stop from my house is about 10-15 minutes away, so I have to walk a bit, which is usually fine. Key word; usually. I get home late some days from study hall which ends at 6.30pm. It was late November and where I live it gets really dark at that time. I had never experienced sexual harassment before, I didn’t think I would until I was 18, but this took place only a few months ago when I was 13. I was walking home from the bus stop at 6.30, and it was really dark. I had my phone in my hand with the flashlight on, guiding me. I was aware of the man behind me, but chose to ignore him. I accidentally drop my phone and bend over to pick it up, when I feel a hand slap on my behind as my school skirt raised up a bit. I quickly stand up and speed up a bit, not knowing what to do. I want to call my mother, but the man was right behind me and I didn’t want to seem vulnerable. He stands a bit away from me as I approach the pedestrian crossing and says, “Raise your skirt up a bit for us, doll,” I kept looking down at my phone, texting one of my friends about anything, I was too embarrassed to do anything. Luckily, he didn’t bother me again. I didn’t like the situation. It left me feeling scared and uncomfortable. It wasn’t nice when he touched my body. I didn’t like when he called me doll. I feel ashamed. It felt weird having an older man make such comments about my growing body. Why did he get to do it? Why did he think he could just touch me? He didn’t even ask. I feel weird.


*So* fed up of working in a global organisation office culture where arrogance and bullying are perceived as ‘leadership’ qualities and the organisation pays lip service to diversity and equality then does nothing else to truly promote those concepts. Have tried to speak to managers and suggest improvements in workplace survey responses but challenging the status quo is vulnerable behaviour if you want to ‘get on’. One male manager physically recoiled when I mentioned sexism as a general concept. Coming to the conclusion that, in some workplaces, it’s not safe to highlight workplace issues or raise complaints unless you do it as a group or have active union representation. There is a BBC programme in the UK tonight called ‘No More Boys and Girls’ – the trailer suggests it will demonstrate how sexist attitudes are already pervasive in the classroom. Is macho office culture just the classroom ‘writ large’?


The Topsy and Tim children stories CD has an episode on firefighters. At one point, they discuss whether women can do it. The answer given is, in substance “yes, but they must be as physically fit as the men”. Credit where it’s due: this makes the point that firefighting is a potential career for women. But there is an insidiously (albeit probably unintentionally) sexist message: that men are the point of reference. A woman applying to be a firefighter will have to prove something more than a man would, namely that she is as good as a man. Furthermore, a male firefighter is completely normal; a female firefighter not somuch. So a woman applying to be a firefighter would be trying to go out of the comfort zone of social norms. Not everyone is a born rebel, so this can deter women. A much better way of presenting this would have been to say that there are physical fitness requirements, which all applicants, regardless of gender (or indeed anything else), have to meet. The difference may sound subtle, but it matters. None of this affects me directly: I am unlikely to ever become a firefighter (or indeed a woman). But my 4 year old daughter has been listening to that story…


Once my teacher and the whole class got into a conversation about the first world war and I asked the question “What part did the women have in the war?” the teacher replied “Women were nothing more than babymaking machines”, then I heard sniggering behind me. When I left school I felt sad for all of the women seen as nothing more than babymaking machines and jokes.


When I was in sixth grade, my class went on a field trip to a camp up in the woods. My friend, a male, shared a room with a bunch of rude, obnoxious, inappropriate males. When talking to him the next morning, he said that his roommates were talking about which girls they would like to fuck. Being the moral person he his, my friend decided not to join in. But seriously, these guys were 12/13 years old. It says a lot about our society and media when people that may have not even started puberty think it’s okay to joke about fucking people.

Sexist telegraph

Boys beat girls for first time in 17 years amid tougher exams Oh I get it , daily telegraph the boys did better because the exams were tougher whereas they’d been too girly before? Nice headline Did whites beat blacks? Just wondering if we should play divide and rule by race as well as gender…