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I was at a Halloween get-together with a small group of friends (including myself there were 6 females and 4 males) last night. At one point a (horrible) guy I’d gone to high school with was the topic of conversation. I was explaining to one of my (male) friends why the guy we were talking about was so horrible. I told my friend about how this guy refers to women as “warm holes” and all kinds of other degrading terms, how he has been known to degrade and insult, humiliate and assault specifically women. My friend was somewhat understanding, but the other males in the room just laughed at what I was saying, mocking me in a way and downplaying the terrible things the guy has done. They told me they thought his reference to women as “warm holes” was “hilarious” and that I needed to stop being so uptight. None of the girls in the room said anything, but it was clear to me that they were uncomfortable. I am just so sick of situations like that. I’ve been in far too many of them…The guy we were talking about is one of the most sexist people I know, and most of the males in the room just mocked me for even bringing it up. Why do (certain) men feel the need to dominate the conversation and make women feel as if their valid feelings of resentment towards sexism are purely over-exaggerated and unnecessary? It makes me fucking sick.


While walking down the street in new york city on a sunday, early in the morning. two men walked past me and one said ‘you look like you got a fat pussy’ first, i was confused because what does that even mean, and then i turned around and shouted fuck you. people stared at me like i’d done something wrong.


So yesterday I went on ‘a date’ with a guy. Everything was new and cool and at the end of the day we end up at a bar full of people and with really nice vibes. But when we go to buy the drink that we were supposed to share, the bartender says in spanish “Oh I’ll put two shots in here to make her more ‘romantic’”. And in Spanish it’s hard to separate if they mean “it” as in “making the moment more romantic” or if it means “she” – as in “making her loosen up”. So I think it’s the first and I laugh. And both the guys laugh. And then after like an hour when I’m kind of drunk and have gotten closer to my date and a little touchy he says “ha, you didn’t really understand what the bartender said back there, right?.” and I told him what I thought it had meant and then he laughs and explains that it was me that was supposed to get more romantic. Because when he 5 later after buying the first drink went and bought his own, the bartender only put one shot in there. And when he told me this I just felt so betrayed and stupid that I actually became more loose and attracted to him. And all this with my history of a guy in the past actually making his way to make my drinks stonger than his and then raping me. Fuck this world. I’m so angry, sad, hurt, upset.


I have been going to work the past couple of days despite being quite sick with a fever. Since we are in the middle of an important project, and it Iwas a ”all-hands on deck” situation, I decided to work regardless. After a meeting with a senior figure (male) from the company, and as all of the attendees left the meeting room, I happened to mention that I wasn’t feeling too well. The senior man went on to tell me ”at this point in history, we do not need more women martyrs such as yourself. You are all the same.” Oh how I wish someone from HR had overheard his comment (which is one of the many he constantly shares).


A guy in my class told me tha there was no such thing as a pay gap, there is no difference between male and female salary. When I told himk that he was wrong, he told me that I only siad that because I’m a girl, not because of FACTS.


While a female customer wearing volleyball shorts waited for her carry-out food order, one of my male managers mumbled to himself, “That girl with the shorts is driving me nuts. And they say it’s the rapist’s fault.” I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to leave work. I was the only woman working and was too scared to call him out. I reported it to the general manager the next day, and he got a mild “talking-to” and got off with just an apology (to his boss, not to me) and with saying that he “was just messing around” and that he “knows better”. I told the story to a couple of other male managers I trust and they said he says stuff like that all the time. Now I am just uncomfortable every time I have to work with him., and he won’t make eye contact with me or acknowledge me, and the matter is considered resolved among the all-male managers.

John B

It happened while I was on campus talking with some friends of mine. A few new faces joined our conversation which had turned around sex and politics and one of the new people, a girl, shared how she thinks all men are rapists and sexist. It wasn’t bad just because she was sexist but also because I have been sexually assaulted before.