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Today, I was watching an interior design programme which was following the lives of a small family who wanted to build their dream house. The mother of the family was going to be in charge of ensuring the builders were working efficiently and doing their work and she would also be lending a helping hand & her husband would be looking after the children whilst she worked on the house, I thought this was wonderful and she was doing a brilliant thing, unfortunately the presenter of the show thought otherwise as he constantly called her out for small issues, such as she may have mislaid a brick or measured inaccurately, he even went as far as to say ‘Perhaps she should’ve been the one looking after the children..like most women and let her husband do the work’ which I find disgusting. I went on the watch the following episode of this programme where the house was built, it was beautiful! Perfect in every way imaginable, unfortunately the presenter kept calling out the woman and laughing behind her back and being incredibly rude indeed! #EverydaySexism


My friend group consists of almost entirely girls, apart from one guy. He’s super nice, and we share common interests, but his male classmates and friends often ask him why the hell he hangs out with girls all the time. As if it’s unthinkable that a boy can hang out with girls. And as if there’s no point hanging out with girls when you can hang out with boys? Me and a couple people in my English class (All boys) were talking, and we got onto the topic of gender. Someone said that there were only two genders: Male and female. I disagreed. he started to argue back, when another person said: There are only two genders: Male and attack helicopter. Women are objects. It was a joke, but not a very funny one. I didn’t say anything. Kids need to be taught from a younger age that everyone, regardless of gender, can do what they wish to. Maybe there’d be less of this in my school.


My executive manager, sitting in a meeting, told me to ‘look’ him in his eyes and to ‘never to speak’ to my male team leader in the ‘tone’ I used. I was instructed to ‘show respect’ to my team leader, as he is promoting my skills behind the scenes, and I should be ‘grateful’. I was shocked and could feel tears welling up, however, I managed to hold it back (even though I think they could see it). I was angry and disappointed that I apologised like a meek little girl – even though I was belittled and disrespected by these two individuals. I’m the only female on my team with 15 years IT experience. I was under the impression that my work within my team and the compliments I was receiving from business owners, was due to the quality of output. My mistake was to assert myself in a moment I felt safe and respected and part of the boys club. It clearly made the two men very uncomfortable. I now rather keep to myself and continue with the friendly, smiling pleasantries and be the ‘little helper’ they expect and adore, even though they are my peers.


Thursday I tried to get Start Up Funding, but as soon as I went to use the slide show, I was mocked as if I didn’t “know” how to do a slide show, BEFORE I EVEN DID IT OR STARTED TALKING! Of course I knew – I had it even saved it to the desktop. Most of the room were males as well. That makes me wonder if it is because of my appearance. I don’t think they even knew what it would be about before, right? It also is about a website… and well, I feel sexism each day. From mechanics, to websites. If you notice, all the main websites I think were founded by males…


This didn’t happen to me but I witnessed it a few months ago at a conference I was at. So, it was a healthcare conference in the UK. Lots of high-profile speakers at an event being held by a very well known think-tank. We received an excellent speech from a geriatrician about the way that an ageing society was changing healthcare, she was maybe in her 30’s very well-presented and obviously super smart. I really enjoyed her speech. She was immediately followed on stage by a journalist in his 60s who was giving the next presentation. His first sentence was “I am [Insert name here] and I am a futurist, which means I live in the future.” Then without pausing for breath he goes “Typical woman, you’ve nicked my bloody microphone”. He was referring to the geriatrician who had taken the microphone with her when she left the stage. There was an audible gasp from the audience. He apologised, but I don’t think he understood the irony of saying he lived in the future and then demonstrating a completely prehistoric point of view. I was so angry, the geriatrician gave a really intelligent speech establishing herself as an excellent doctor but at the end of it he still clearly saw her as ‘a woman’ not a professional. Also stealing isn’t even a stereotype of women???

Jennifer M.

I am a hispanic female in the predominantly male field of bartending and mixology. Throughout my two year career, I have experienced some extremely obvious and undeniable sexism. On multiple occasions, I brought up strong ideas which fell on the deaf ears of my superiors until the right male counterpart later regurgitated these same ideas. These include such ideas as the incorporation of affordable student menus, the changing of bar policy and happy hour to increase the sales of stagnant product, etc. For months I would pitch my ideas to whoever would take the time to listen. In time, these ideas would become policy; managers and owners introducing the idea as an original from the mouths of my male peers. Eventually I had had enough and left this location.


I recently purchased the book ‘Everyday sexism’ and it awoke the urge to talk about my experiences with sexual assault and sexism. As a Hispanic teenager, I am expected to know how to cook, clean, be polite and submissive, and respect men simply because they are the ones who will protect me as I am ‘fragile’ and ‘not smart enough yet.’ It really sucks to have to require validation from my father in order to stay in the U.S. and obtain a higher education than i would in my native country. It is extremely exhausting to not be able to hang out with my friends or to burp or to be fat or hairy because that’s not ladylike. At school I have to deal with my fellow classmates looking at my body and I honestly hate being responsible for not getting raped when I walk down the street. I hate having to carry around loose bobby pins and how my brother was forced to teach me self-defense in case someone tries to do something. I don’t like the way I feel when i have to not make eye contact and lock doors behind me when I see a man give me a weird smile. I’m sixteen years old. I don’t like not being able to show my shoulders or my knees because a horny teenage boy might find that attractive and try to take advantage of me. I have been told that they are ‘complimenting’ me and that I should be grateful that someone would ever find me attractive, but the truth is that it makes me feel really uncomfortable and it makes me want to puke. A huge form of sexism that I see in school and in the general public is that we often fail to understand that men get sexually harassed, men get raped. I have met plenty of boys who have also ran away from other men and in some cases women. I have noticed and even done it, with all honesty, I grabbed my friend’s stomach and made my way up to his nipples and everyone took it as a joke, i noticed that even thouhh men are usually the ones to attack they are also victims and they get no validation or respect. You see? Men are also struggling with this because just like how I’m expected to be the perfect wife they are expected to be tough, strong, fearless, and ready to take any compromise or burden on their shoulders and not complain. Men are also victims of sexism. Men have feelings. Men are worthy of being loved. Men are worthy of being held and cared for. Men are a light of love in the darkness of sadness. There are a fair amount of men who have made mistakes or simply bad choices; choices that have affected many of us, but men are also pure and they are victims too. I have been sexually assaulted by both men and women and the only difference were the sound on their voice and their body type. Their intentions were the same and essentially had the same outcome. Is no different. I want to make a change and make school a safer environment for both boys and girls but we need to make it clear that feminism is gender equality and that it does not mean that women are better than men like many of my peers think. This is just a little something of who I am, what I’ve been through, and what i stand for. I might return later on. Thank you


My boss — I’m so worried about this relationship because while my boss IS my boss he hits on me and stuff, I mean just yesterday I told him if I could leave for lunch break because I didn’t have any and he just up and gave me his lunch! Ughh, these womanizers sure do piss me off. All well, girl power I guess, we’ll have to wait for a little longer for anything to happen to these sexist narcissists!


I was in a bar the other day and the woman I was talking to was obviously attracted to me. Then she let her finger tips ‘fall’ ‘accidentally on purpose’ down the front of my stomach and across my genitals. She clearly wanted check how slim I was and possibly something else. This is not the first time a woman has done this to me. It has happened in the past in exactly the same way. I have never had anyone let their fingers fall ‘accidentally’ like this across any other parts of my body, so this apparent tendency to inexplicably lose co-ordination seems to be highly selective in its result.


I was at a Halloween get-together with a small group of friends (including myself there were 6 females and 4 males) last night. At one point a (horrible) guy I’d gone to high school with was the topic of conversation. I was explaining to one of my (male) friends why the guy we were talking about was so horrible. I told my friend about how this guy refers to women as “warm holes” and all kinds of other degrading terms, how he has been known to degrade and insult, humiliate and assault specifically women. My friend was somewhat understanding, but the other males in the room just laughed at what I was saying, mocking me in a way and downplaying the terrible things the guy has done. They told me they thought his reference to women as “warm holes” was “hilarious” and that I needed to stop being so uptight. None of the girls in the room said anything, but it was clear to me that they were uncomfortable. I am just so sick of situations like that. I’ve been in far too many of them…The guy we were talking about is one of the most sexist people I know, and most of the males in the room just mocked me for even bringing it up. Why do (certain) men feel the need to dominate the conversation and make women feel as if their valid feelings of resentment towards sexism are purely over-exaggerated and unnecessary? It makes me fucking sick.