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A few days ago i was walking through my school hallway when the girl beside me was dress coded for the most outrageous thing. Apparently we are expected to cover our bra strap because god forbid a boy sees it and is reminded of the anatomy of the female body. Girls have boobs people. Anyways, i was disgusted by this but of course i couldn’t say anything so i carried on. Later in the day i walked past by a boy wearing a marlin Monroe shirt, and on the shirt she was wearing gang signs and a red bandanna. This article of clothing was CLEARLY offensive and against dress code (reminding you gang signs were on the shirt and us students arent aloud to wear bandannas) and teacher were greeting the boy and not saying ANYTHING AT ALL. i mean seriously how sexist can we be people?????


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I’ve seen girls get dress coded by female teachers who they then ask a male teacher if their outfit is too sexualizing. This can go from shorts, or shirts that are maybe an inch above the end of their jeans. Even today i was dress coded because my shorts were too short (even though they went passed my fingertips, the rule at my school) because, and I quote this from a teacher, “Boys have enough distractions as it is. They don’t need to see legs too.” Dress codes are sexualizing women and what I’ve noticed is that it’s not even the male students at our school sexualizing women, its the teachers and the staff. I see boys wearing t-shirts that have women in only their underwear and get away with it, but girls get yelled at for wearing spaghetti straps.


Hi there, Last year I was on jury service In the first case the Barrister defending one of the two accused was hammering the victims character (the victim was autistic) during this vicious victim blaming rant he said this is a crime where there is a lot of false reporting such as is the case in RAPE – yes that’s right he said RAPE was the crime where there was more false accusations than other crimes. Of course he was also abusing a learning disabled person as well in very unsavoury terms. The Judge said nothing (appeared half asleep) which I found more shocking frankly the entire experience was completely traumatising. Of course with our legal system there is no way to complain or do anything about this appalling, obnoxious sexist git!


My teacher was once making a point about sexism in society. He asked: “Who’s ever been discriminated about because of their gender?” I didn’t raise my hand and he asked me: “Did your dad never ask your brother to wash the car instead of you? Did you never have a pink room?” I’d never experienced that at all. My dad’s non-gender. He was the ‘house-husband’ while my mother was the ‘breadwinner’. If anything, he’s more feminine than masculine. He even wears dresses. My family has therefore always been a ‘be who you are’ family, not a social stereotype conforming one. I was raised to be myself, not a ‘girl’. When I told my teacher I’d had a pink room, he said: “There you go then, you’re a girl.” I’m a girl? I’m Catherine. I’m whoever I want to be. I had a pink room because when my brother moved into his own room when I was five, I chose to paint over the green with pink because it was pretty. My room’s now white and aqua because I like that colour. Never assume a person’s something when they’re not. That teacher knew and knows nothing about who I am, nor does he deserve to. He was trying to prove a point about stereotyping in society being wrong, but the way he treated me showed his ignorance.


Some people don’t think this counts as sexism but this frustrates me. I am 14 years old and lover of athletics and sports. I wore a flowy crop top with another floral crop top underneath just in case the flowy top flew up if we were doing something like the high jump (which was one of my favourites to do as we don’t get to do it often). So after one of my jumps over the high jump on my way back to the line my female teacher stopped me and told me that my top was Innapropriate so I should wear a different too next PE lesson. I got annoyed and glared but didn’t say anything just attempted to explain that I was wearing something else underneath but she just shrugged and repeated herself. I wore a hoody the rest of that period. The next period I decided not to get in my teachers bad books so I changed my top to a thick material black top that went down to my elbows and had a high neck that didn’t even show my collar bones, the only skin you could see was a slit between the bottom of my top and the top of my Joggy bottoms. The teacher stopped me again and told me again that my top was Innapropriate not explaining why. I thought this was ridiculous as the top didn’t even show my belly button. That was a while ago, I haven’t worn a crop top to gym since. I still get annoyed as the boys in my class wore baggy shorts that you can practically see up, and not a word was breathed to them. Is this sexism?


I rememeber 10 years ago I was sitting on the London Underground. It was off-peak and not may people in the carriage. A large, older woman opposite me started telling me off for wearing a short skirt. The implication was that I was being irresponsible. I often wore mini-skirts like that at that sort of age (probably early 20s) and i just remember thinking she was really annoying and rude, and I suppose being slightly embarrassed. There was at least one guy sitting near her who looked at me sympathetically but said nothing. I wish I’d told her where to go now!!!! Or maybe told her off back for wearing too many layers.


My boss, old enough to be my father tried it on with me- He’d comment in front of my male-strong team on my ‘weight loss’ and ‘how it made me beautiful and attractive’, he even said that I ‘had a good bum’. But he was old enough to be my dad, and I wasn’t interested. So his harassment turned nasty and personal- he obliterated my character within my young career and lost me a new position that was going to lead to a doctorate, all because he lied about ‘my character’. When I reported it to HR, they moved me from my team and put me in a lower paid position working unsociable hours- my former ‘team mates’ didn’t bother to stand up for me. After a Psychological referral, a suicide attempt and loss of over 5 stone due to lack of eating I attempted to take legal action- to no avail. Now i’m working a job paying minimum wage and have to start from scratch regarding my career. Turns out that a First Class Honours degree from one of the best unis is nothing in comparison to a sexism and vile male boss. He kept his job, sanity and dignity whilst he stripped me of mine for good fun.


on a school trip i had brought lots of my favourite clothes that i wanted to waer while away, i was especially looking forward to wearing a lacy black top. however when I put it on to wear one day, when i asked other girls what they thought of it they all said it was ‘too slutty’ and that i would look like the ‘slutty’ girls in our year. because they had said this i lost lots of confidence and didn’t wear my favourite top bc other people were telling me that wearing something revealing is instantly giving off the wrong message — when the thing that’s actually wrong is people sexualising a 13 yo girl’s clothes. now im sure the girls arent sexist, many of my freind in the group say they agree with feminism, but still. i think that what happened was sexist because it made my own choice about my own body into something inherently sexual and that would distract boys.