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Big Four

I worked at a Big Four accounting and audit firm, and a partner invited my whole team out for drinks after work one evening. At the end of the evening, he cornered me and attacked me. He very forcefully tried to rape me, but I managed to escape before he could. I reported it to the company and the police. The police are investigating. There were no witnesses – he’s not stupid enough to attack a woman in front of other people. There’s no physical evidence of his attack because I stopped him before he could rape me. Ironic, isn’t it, that protecting myself from rape means the rapist can go free. The Big Four firm did a half-assed investigation and said it’s “he said, she said”, so they can’t take any disciplinary action against the partner. Then they let me go from my job. This is what happens in a male dominated industry, where partners are masters of their own domain and basically impossible to fire as they’re not technically employees. So who gets fired? The victim. Nice. Don’t believe a word when you read these Big Four companies talk about how female-friendly they are. It’s just good marketing.

Jane Doe

It happened on a school bus. I was a freshman in college and this older boy who was drunk sat next to me. He told me that I was hot but being gay, I had no sexual interest in him. However, I couldn’t vocalize my sexuality because I was deeply closeted. He started to touch me and get closer and I wanted him to stop. I just froze. I couldn’t speak, move, or do anything. Finally when the bus ride ended I ran off and my “friend” told me that I wanted it and that I should just get over it. My “friend” watched me get sexually assaulted and she told me that I wanted it. Today a new friend told me how she is friends with the man who assaulted me and asked me what I thought of him. I hate that even though this was two years ago it still makes me uneasy when his name is brought up. I don’t like the darkness he brought into my life even if he didn’t remember it.


I work on weekend nights selling food to the drunk people on a night out. We naturally talk to the people in the bars and the doormen, so i thought nothing of it when i was on a Night out myself, that i then also would continuesly talk to the people befriended from work. I went into a dark corridor of the club, one only used by staff. One of the men i had befriended was there and i thought nothing of it, cause we were just friends, a kind of colleages. As i walked past him to get to the door leading into the club, he kissed me, hard and unexpected… he pushed me up against the wall and i scrambled to get to the doorhandle. He held my arms above my head and put his hand into my pants. I escaped him and barged through the door and straight into a bussy club where people stared at me. It was the most horrible experience of my life, and i cant stop crying and worry about next time i go to work.


When I was fourteen, I was catcalled for the first time. I was wearing jeans and a jumper. When I was fifteen, I was sexually assaulted by my best friend of two years. I tried to commit suicide not long after. Now I’m sixteen, and I’m followed home by drunk men after late shifts at work. I’m scared. But apparently it’s not a thing to be scared of men.


The first time I was sexually assaulted, I was nine. I had no sexual awareness at all about myself. I wasn’t in puberty. I was a naive, happy, skinny little kid…. I was walking down the street in a busy downtown area just around the corner to where my mother was working. We were going shopping that afternoon. But at that moment I was alone. I suddenly felt a hand cup me and 2 large meaty fingers glide from back to front of my female parts between my legs. And I froze, cold. I wasn’t sure what to do and I started to cry. I sometimes think I remember the man’s face. But I don’t. I only remember the older, weathered looking man a few feet in front of me walking in the opposite direction who yelled, “Hey!” and ran after the man who assaulted me. No one stopped. Not a man or a woman, to console me or asked to escort me to safety. I was left standing in shock in the middle of a moving crowd. It’s like no one else even saw what happened. Maybe no one else did. So finally I walked on to my destination, confused and upset. …when I related what happened to my mom, she got hysterical. It totally freaked her out. But then, I was told my shorts were too tight. In retrospect, I think she didn’t know how to react at that moment. It was a lot for her to deal with and embarrassing. It was right then and there I learned to shut up about things like that. And I buried the whole incident. I normalized it for myself. So when it happened again (differently), I got angry but accepted it as ‘part of life’. It took me years to understand that this kind of behavior wasn’t normal or ok.


When I was 17 I lost my purse on the way home with a friend. I told my friend to walk on as I wanted to retrace my steps. I was busy looking at the floor for my purse when i was aware of someone walking toward me. It was 6pm and a busy main road so I didn’t feel threatened. I was wearing no make up and ‘trackies’ because I had been cleaning a house. As the person got close to me i looked up at him and he grabbed my breast hard through my sweater. I Was shocked and carried on walking, trying to compute what just happened. He followed me, calling out Oi! Come here! I walked faster but I didn’t break I to a run. I don’t know why. As he got close to me i turned around and told him to leave me alone. He grabbed my breast again and twisted it hard. He said, you fucking bitch I came all the way back for you. (Meaning he had followed me) i ran home crying and phoned the police. The police officers looked at each other when I described the man as though they might know him. They never followed it up or got back to me about it and I had no further support. This was 1997 and happened In Crewe in UK.


I was raped and half of the trauma of the rape has been its aftermath. It’s the stuff you don’t expect that’s the worst….my feminist roommate moving out a week later because she couldn’t deal with my trauma, my secret fear that people are tired of my need to talk about it or emote…how in reality I’m expected to have recovered already (just a year later). Ppl just want me to “get over it.”


I was fifteen and on a bus home from a different city. About an hour into the four hour journey, a man got on the bus and sat next to me. He pretended to be asleep and kept leaning forwards, resting/ rubbing his face on my breast. This was a few years ago now, and at this point no one had ever talked to me about sexual assault and I didn’t know what to do. All I had been taught was to be polite. So I was, I shuffled and tried to lean away but he would slowly move to a position where he was back there. Years later, I still feel stupid for seriously considering that maybe he was just asleep and now wanting to cause a fuss. He tried to wait for me when I got off the bus but left when he saw that I went to friends who were waiting.

Worthless name

I was sexually assaulted, then called a liar about it all when I finally opened up to the police. I’ve never felt more alone. I’m left knowing that the investigation isn’t going to go to cps because all the witnesses were his friends, who are the ones texting me, bullying me. I’ve been called a slag and a liar, all sorts I find it so unfair. Boys get away with so much, it’s not right or fair.