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A guy at school lightly stroked the upper part of my bum as I was sitting directly in front of him. I kept quiet about this as it was really embarrassing, I didn’t know who to report it to, and it was scary that it was actually happening.


So I was traveling to work on the tube in London and it was very busy, like a sardine tin at 08.30 in the morning with everyone pushing to get onto the trains. About one stop into my journey I felt a man pressing against my ass. I moved but he moved with me and continued to press his GROIN into my ass. There is literally nowhere to move because the train is so packed so I wait until the next stop and then move further down the carriage. This asshole moves with me and attempts to do the same thing again. I turned and stared at him, confident that I would shout out loud at him if it carried on another minute. He then got off the train and I actually felt really stupid for not saying something out loud. Like I was embarrassed or maybe I was wrong…but I know that I was not wrong. I reported him to the transport police but sadly they did not have any CCTV to prove anything so I dropped it. It made me feel quite powerless actually. and how does any asshole have the right to do this to you on your way to work!?


Remembering the lengths I used to go, and the amount of time that was wasted trying to cover up my body, so that I didn’t get crude comments from men and boys or disapproving looks from adults just for being a teenaged girl. In the end it didn’t even work that well, despite the baggy clothes and uncomfortable layers, I STILL got sexist comments and harrassment. Shopping for clothes was a nightmare, everything for girls and young women seems designed to be sexualised and revealing, when in reality not all teenage girls want to express themselves this way. I even had to wear a hot, uncomfortable tshirt under my school uniform shirt to stop my bra from showing through, and PE class meant too-short shorts which many girls were embarrassed to wear. That is before even mentioning the hassle of trying to deal with periods while in school where privacy and time are in short supply, or the absolute Hell that is PE class on your period. (Stephen King’s Carrie doesn’t do it justice!) We shouldn’t have to go to such lengths to hide our body-shape and something as natural as the menstrual cycle but while girls bodies are sexualised by the media, fashion and just about everybody else, school dress-codes make having a female body into something shameful to be punished for if your clothes are a little too tight or short, making life especially difficult for tall or curvy girls who have to fit into the same uniform as everyone else. Sexual harrassment of girls is widespread and too-often tolerated, there is still shame and stigma around periods, clothing retailers and school-uniform-designers don’t do anything to make life easier for girls. This is actually sexist (boys experience sexism too, but the world doesn’t seem to make such a big deal out of their bodies and appearance) because it means girls are being treated unfairly and have to waste a lot of time which could be spent on studying or something more useful.


I’m a transmale but only recently came out, so everyone at my school still thinks I’m a really masculine girl. A year 8 boy yelled after me “I wanna make you squirt” in the corridor. I’m in year 12. He and his friends then laughed really hard. So much wrong going on here.

Anon, 33

I play on Xbox live to relax in the evenings but there is this one guy who is married and in his forties that keeps making sexual comments. He totally humiliated me tonight by joking that I would perform a sex act on another person in the party. I felt so embarrassed and stupid and degraded even though he seemed to think it was funny. He has previously circled around me female avatar saying ‘nice tits’, ‘nice ass’ and making noises of approval even though I’ve made it clear that I’m not happy with it. People seem to think it’s just banter but it’s really not okay.