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I’m a transmale but only recently came out, so everyone at my school still thinks I’m a really masculine girl. A year 8 boy yelled after me “I wanna make you squirt” in the corridor. I’m in year 12. He and his friends then laughed really hard. So much wrong going on here.

Anon, 33

I play on Xbox live to relax in the evenings but there is this one guy who is married and in his forties that keeps making sexual comments. He totally humiliated me tonight by joking that I would perform a sex act on another person in the party. I felt so embarrassed and stupid and degraded even though he seemed to think it was funny. He has previously circled around me female avatar saying ‘nice tits’, ‘nice ass’ and making noises of approval even though I’ve made it clear that I’m not happy with it. People seem to think it’s just banter but it’s really not okay.