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I was in the paper shop today, & when I was picking up a copy of our local paper for my mother, I happened to glance at the front page of The Sun, for my sins (the tabloids were next to the local papers). There was a picture of Kim Kardashian on the front cover, wearing a very low-cut dress & showing quite a bit of cleavage. There was a caption underneath saying something to the effect of ‘missing for 8 (?) days…Kim’s bra’. I took issue with this for several reasons. For a start, what business is it of anyone’s, least of all the ‘journalists’ that write for the gutter press, what Kim Kardashian wears?! I’ve never had that much time for her, but I still think it was bang out of order to write that about her, not to mention extremely hypocritical, bearing in mind what The Sun puts on the 3rd page of its newspaper, if you get my drift. If Kim Kardashian WANTS to wear low-cut dresses that show off her breasts- I repeat, HER BREASTS- then she should be able to do so without being shamed for it. That doesn’t just apply to her, that applies to all women- I get really annoyed when men ogle scantily clad women half- or more!- their age (sometimes with their wives sitting next to them, no less!), & when I voice my disapproval or call them out on their sexist & objectifying behaviour, I get the half-baked excuse that “if she’s dressed like that, she obviously wants people to look”, or that she deserves everything/all the attention she gets (I forget which) dressed like that. Bollocks to that! Women should be able to dress how they want without running the risk of being perved over by dirty old men or censured by their wives! I kid you not, this has happened- I’ve witnessed it! Anyway, I digress. The long & the short of it is that it’s no business of The Sun’s or anyone else’s whether Kim Kardashian wears a bra or not, or wears revealing clothes! Another issue I had with this is that it was on the front page next to an article about violence against women- how the killer of prostitute Becky Godden had been convicted- which I thought was in extremely bad taste. But then what else would you expect from The Sun?