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After trying to achieve what felt like the impossible holding down a full time teaching job and running a house with 2 boys mostly single-handedly as a result of my hubby not pitching in, I finally said I wasn’t doing anything else and he would have to for a while. He immediately announced that he couldn’t possibly with his current workload and would have cut down his hours (which are already fewer than mine). It was clear that he expected me to be able to handle it because ‘women are good at those kinds of jobs.’


I am a teenage girl in high school. The other week I heard a boy in my Chemistry class say to his friend “its not hard for girls to fail”. I found this particularly offensive as we had recently received our results for midterms and I failed one of the chemistry tests. To suggest that girls have it easier when we sit the same exams in the same time under the same conditions and are taught by the same teachers is ridiculous and extremely sexist.


Shana Grice, 19 years old, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. She had reported his abusive stalking of her repeatedly to police. The police fined her for wasting their time and treated her reports with skepticism. Thankfully, the ex-boyfriend was found guilty and is now serving a life sentence. But this case just goes to show how little women can reply on the police to take them seriously. The judge criticised the police for their attitude towards her and for stereotyping her. How many more women need to die before we are taken seriously and afforded the rights and protection that we deserve?

Stephanie Hayes

My housemate (he’s 24 years old, I’m 32) – “Women should never shave any part of their heads, it’s a big turn off for a man. So if you do it, just so you know – I’ll hate it!” I did it – I fucking love it! : ) MY HEAD, MY HAIR He also added, “Women should never have tattoos on their arms or any part of their body that are obvious.” I have a tattoo on my wrist, my shoulder and my pelvis. And just for you, Adam – I’ll soon get a whole sleeve of tattoos, on MY BODY

Dee Rose

I am disappointed in the country’s choice of a new president, and ever since the election, I am outspoken about it. Without resorting to false information, memes, and name-calling, I make intelligent researched arguments on the topic. However, posting on social media draws a host of men who attack me as a woman to knock me off course or attempt to upset me with creepy comments. One man told me he wanted to “collect my tears and drink them,” or perhaps he could just “lick my face.” Another man, in an attempt to be derogatory, said, “you must be one of those feminists,” and that he “should have known there would be alligators in the water.” His fiend told him to stop attacking me because I am “super hot.” Since the election, I have heard every kind of screwed up opinion on reproductive rights. I spoke out to someone on this, and he told me, “because I like you, we’ll deport you last.” I am angry that women’s voices are dismissed repeatedly as unimportant, whiny, or irrelevant, and the only way for a woman to merit respect is to be “super hot.”


I was chatting to a lady at the station today during tube delays, who happened to mention she was 82. I was with my kids, and so she was telling me about her great-grandkids. She was absolutely lovely and I enjoyed our chat! But one thing I did think was funny.. she was talking about her grandson’s former partner who she still saw/ got on with as “very messy” and added “lovely girl, but yes she really didn’t like cleaning”. I thought to myself, maybe her grandson is the messy one. Or maybe her grandson doesn’t enjoy cleaning!


I answered my colleague’s phone at work once (we answer each other’s calls), and informed the caller that he wasn’t at his desk. At this point, the caller asked me if I was his assistant. Classic!