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Annika Scourse

Why do I need feminism? I am thirteen years old. I have always had a fiery passion for feminism and people’s rights. I read ‘Girl Up’ and heard about this online project. I thought that this would be a great place to share a story which really changed me. I was walking home from a school theatre rehearsal, in full costume, when I walked past a male builder, maybe late thirties? He gave me a strange look. I’d had that before and it annoyed me, but I kept walking. Then he stopped and I heard his voice- ‘nice legs you got there. just saying. they’re gorgeous,’ . I was shocked. No one had ever said anything like that to me, I did all I could at the moment, which was keep walking forwards, tears streaming down my face. When I got home and lay sobbing into my pillow, my feelings turned from fear to pure anger. Anger at him, anger at myself. Why had I gotten so upset? People were going through so much worse every minute of every day. Did I even deserve to be affected? Also angry at myself because I hadn’t spoken out. Why not? Why had I been so terrified? Why are girls like me scared to stand up for ourselves in front of sleazy men in the streets? I know the answers to those questions, and THAT is why I need feminism.