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I have my dog who I love dearly, and I walk him around my block every day because my mom thinks it’s “safe.” I usually wear sweatpants and a t shirt. Nothing fits me tight or is revealing. But every time I go to walk them I get catcalled at least once. It never got farther than that, until a few weeks ago. I was walking my dog and we stopped because this man has a dog about the same age and they both seemed to get along. He seemed friendly and we just stood there when we started talking about the dogs. They were simple things like the breed, the dog food they eat, their age, and so on. He was slowly coming closer to me, and I soon became uncomfortable. So I called my dog and told him it was time to go, and we started walking home. We were walking down the sidewalk when he caught up to me and told me that he was going the same way, and I knew he was lying because we were going in opposite directions. I just nodded my head and continued walking when his hand reached for my butt. He grabbed it like it was nothing. That was when I told him to back off. He told me that I was making a fuss out of nothing and he went to grab my breasts. I tried to run, but I couldn’t get away seeing as he was much bigger than I was. My dog saw that I was trying to get away, and he started to bark. The people who lived in the house we were by looked out the window and saw what was going on and came out as well. Thankfully it was a woman and she told him to back off or she was going to call the cops. She asked me of I was okay and offered to walk me home. She walked me home, and luckily didn’t tell my parents what happened. Ever since then I have refused to walk him anymore. My brother is the one who walks him now. I’m only 13 years old.


Over the summer I ‘grew up’. I now wear a C cup, but because I’m thin, it looks bigger. I’ve been walking down the street in my town and have had grown men stare at me, and it is very uncomfortable. At school, there have been guys who make me feel the same way. Women are not things to look at. I think that if I were brave enough to make a stand then that would be better. Just because that sacks of fat on my chest are noticeable doesn’t mean that you should pay more attention to ‘them’ than to me.


I work as a host on canal boats in my city. Sometimes we hire people from outside the company to help out or be a cook. Yesterday there was a cook I hadn’t seen before but I started working right away so when I spotted him my hands were full and I told him I’d be right back to properly introduce myself. Our interaction started of by him saying ‘A wink would be fine too’, following his words with a wink. This made me feel awkward, but I thought I’d let it pass because I had things to do and it was just like ‘oh okay’. Later on I was leaning out a window for a few minutes and when I ducked back to get back in, he was behind me suddenly. So I bumped by behind right into him. I said ‘Oh I’m sorry’ and he just went ‘Yeah, you kinda have to look out with a big butt like that’. At that point our guests were on board and I couldn’t start a scene but I did mention it to the guide and the captain who said that if he kept going, they’d make a point out of it. Anyway, the tour went on, everything was fine, I went upstairs to wash some of the last things and when I came back our guide told me she spent 5 minutes with him alone and he pretended to trip and fall so he could grab on to her. I mean???? So we both send an email and he won’t be hired again. TL;DR I got someone on the black list within 24 hours of harassing 2 of the crewmembers I wasn’t down for that