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Just leaving a feminist meeting and we get wolfwhistled by one of 3 men sitting on a bench at the end of the road. I say “fuck off” & what response do I get? “no need to be rude” !!! (like wolfwhistling isn’t rude???) and “Sorry, didn’t realise you were lesbians” (like lesbianism is the ONLY reason he will accept as to why we rejected him). No mate! I just want to walk down the street without being sexually harrassed! To top all that off on the way TO the meeting some weird clown blowing balloons decided to block my path where I was walking and blow a cazoo in some strange sexy tune while rubbing his sausage shaped balloon over my chest and torso! You might wonder what I was wearing to attract this kind of sexual harassment (not that dressing provocatively gives anyone the right to harass me) – a tshirt that said “Love cannot be clicked, porn kills love”, jeans, trainers and no make up. If anything said “I am not sexually available to you” it would be that outfit! FFS


I have recently turned 18 years old, but this is a problem I’ve experienced for the past 2 years. It is occasional, but still bothers me. I walk to and from sixth form everyday; my road always has at least one house under construction on it. Since I’m a sixth former, I don’t wear a uniform, just smart office-like clothes, basically I don’t look like a school girl, but I am. Walking down the street, I frequently get wolf whistled at by the builders (ages ranging from about 25-45 years) or them saying ‘hey gorgeous’ or something to that effect. I’m just innocently going to get an education, I don’t need to be worried about whether or not what I’m wearing is provocative as I leave my house each morning. This has been going on since I was 16; I’m still a child. It’s wrong.