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John B

It happened while I was on campus talking with some friends of mine. A few new faces joined our conversation which had turned around sex and politics and one of the new people, a girl, shared how she thinks all men are rapists and sexist. It wasn’t bad just because she was sexist but also because I have been sexually assaulted before.


At a stand-up comedy gig in Shepherd’s Bush. I was the only woman in the room and was relentlessly picked on by the comedians, who would not stop telling me how “gorgeous” I was. One asked whether I was dating the male friend I had come to support, when told no my friend was advised to simply “keep trying”. Another said to the whole room that I was “a woman worth dying over, or at least spraining a wrist over” and received thunderous laughter from the audience. I left feeling utterly humiliated. Was I supposed to find that funny?