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While pregnant, one of my colleagueas told me that he was sad for my husband, that since I was pregnant I was unbearable. After giving birth I lost 10kg, and now my colleague keeps making references to my weight and how I look so much better tan before.


Working in the same job role as two men, one of who had higher qualifications than me, and one who had lower. However they were both paid several thousand more than me, despite being on the same pay grade. We were also all recipients of a company car. However, when the time came for a new car, they were allowed a better model than I was. When I asked why, I was told it was based on your job role, even though I said I was on the same role as the men. I pointed this out to my boss, who was lovely and sorted it out for me. One of the male colleagues got promoted into a managerial role, which was fine as he was good at his job. However, I had to take up his slack as, and I quote from the head boss “he can’t manage people”. I got forced to train the new recruits, who were on the same pay as me, effectively doing the managerial role. I got moved off my case to help with his, loosing out on a chance to prove myself. I later found out, when I complained that I was doing his job for him, that he had had another payrise, even though the boss thought he wasn’t performing to the necessary standard, whilst I was still paid the same as the trainees.


I took a job at a convenience store which sells a lot of alcohol. I’d been working there for a week when I was left in the shop by myself on a busy saturday evening. Where I worked wasn’t sketchy at all, just the occasional drunk. But a middle-aged man came in with his friends, jeering and shouting. When he sees me behind the till, he immediately leans over the counter, puts a hand on my shoulder and asks if a ‘pretty lady’ like me has snapchat. I politely say no, and don’t bother to correct him that I’m a trans-man. He tried to slip me his number when i told him i had a girlfriend and wasn’t interested. He starts shouting in my face, calling me a faggot, slut, etc, and insisted i was just playing hard to get. I then refused to serve him, At which point he said he was going to cut my throat after i finished work, before leaving. I called my manager as soon as he left, and all he said was “You should expect it” and chastised me for overreacting to a regular customer, and it was just an empty threat. I left that job within the hour, and I had to get my flatmates to escort me home. The guy was waiting, but seeing my male flatmates made him back off.


Arm wrestling in the office – Team Leader goes to the strongest looking men (but arguably all the men) and lets them know an arm wrestling competition is happening. I feel like I need to prove something because I was ignored. But a part of me is embarrassed about the possibility of standing out (which mini me would be horrified about), about the obvious doubts that will flower in people’s minds. By challenging this, I would be changing people’s views, even if I lost. My point is, I’ve been brainwashed to feel like I can’t take part in something that I want to & that I need to prove myself far more than any man. I’ve been trained to fear the doubts that others will have instead of challenging them. When did I become like this?


Me: Director of Marketing Him: Middle Manager via email Him: Did you get that email for my project sent out? Me: I have barely had your project request for 24 hours. So no. Him: Hey sassy pants be nice. (smiley face) I was just following up. We love you! I know your busy, I was just checking in. Didn’t mean to put pressure on.


I work in the (very male dominated) construction industry. We have a potential new female client, and I’m doing our proposal. I was told by our board to remember i was writing for a woman, implication being that she would not understand technical detail. I asked about her background and she is a qualified construction professional. I am not sure how they think i, as a woman, understand what i write by that logic.


Me: *Comes out of flat building at 6:45am to go to work* Builders: “All right sexy? Fancy a fuck? Me: *Walking with headphones in proceeds to ignore and walk on* Builders: Okay take it your way you fucking bitch faced cunting whore. Me in my head: ..its 6:45am. OR Me: *Waiting for bus to leave work, traffic is rammed and cars are crawling by me* Strange man in passenger seat: *Makes variety of compliments to me.* Me: *Has headphones in, ignores and continues to wait for bus.* Strange man in passenger seat: *Once car is opposite me, proceeds to lean out of said car and grab my forearm, pulling me towards the car before break in traffic and car speeds off.* Following this incident I was incredibly shaken, he had almost pulled me into his car while I just waited for a bus, that same day a random man decided to try and hug me at 6pm in the evening UK while I walked home. Not sure what was in the water that day but it was horrible.


I was at work, putting clothes on and rail and a man came behind me and slapped me on the butt. I wanted to shout at him but at that my moment I felt like I had loss my voice. When I look back at the situation, I wish I had said something, this happened a couple of month ago when I was 18.

Carina K

Four years ago, I was working as a “valeter” for a BMW Dealer in a small town in county Wexford. I had been working for them for four months when a manager started to call me “honey”. As I found it rather inappropriate in a work place, I asked him to call me by my name. Soon, a very arrogant, stuck-up person (another manager) showed up, and started to explain that here, in this country ladies are called like “Hon”, “Sweetheart” or whatever men want to call them, so he started to call me “Darling”. From that day on, this manager visited me regularly at work until he managed to got me to understand that it would have been much better for me to become his “Friend with benefits”, if I had wanted to keep my -otherwise- underpaid and hard physical job. I relied on this income as I was married and had a family, however, he (or the company who was backing him in his filthy blackmailing, and was covering his acts in every possible way) was never interested in my being married. They never accepted this as an excuse for not being a “Friend with benefits” of anyone. I just wanted to work, earn money and spend it on my family. I did not want any trouble. They were extremely happy with my work, so I calmed down a bit when a 20-year-old girl arrived to the company (I was 39) to participate in a 9-month Internship as a receptionist, and this manager had found another amusement for himself in the person of that girl. (Literally, they spent the whole day together, the company supplied them with enough time, car and fuel to travel to the next town where the girl lived so that they could have sex instead of being at work. I was happy with that because I thought, at least, I would be left alone.) The only thing I was not happy with was that when this girl went on holiday this manager came and started the harassment over again as he needed someone for sex. As I could observe it, he was literally “bathing” in the fame that he was a “fashionable womanizer” who could bother anyone unpunished as he was completely a beneficiary of nepotism at the company I worked for. Being famous for having more than one “Friend with benefits” simultaneously was his real enjoyment, rather than having sex with them. So, he often came and pretended in front of my colleagues that I was one of his “Friends with benefits”. I was warned for the second time that it was better not to fall out with that manager, so to save my job AND ONLY TO SAVE MY JOB!!! I slept with him for the second time. When his girlfriend returned from holiday, she was not even jealous of me when she heard the story of how his boyfriend had compensated himself when she was gone – which showed me the fact that how high expectations she might have had regarding being the girlfriend of an accomplished 40-year-old businessman. Probably, a job or a marriage had been promised to her. To make this story short, I could not take the harassment and humiliation anymore as he and the whole company objectified me as his spare sex-toy, so I quit my job. The most interesting part of it is that my reputation has been ruined, I could not get a job ever since I left them. No one will give me job here because nobody wants to piss them off by employing me. I am the one who lives with “stigma”, my life is broken, and I needed 4 years to recover and tell this story. I think this is some “form ” of rape when someone is blackmailed with their job. And the person, that committed it on me, had spent two years stalking me afterwards. I did not do anything wrong except I did not report his threatening messages like ” (I quote)…believe me you don`t want to fuck with me, or you will be sorry!…” to police at all. Thank you for reading my story, and …LADIES, LEARN YOUR LESSON OF IT!!!