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Why do people need to tell women that they look tired? Ok i look tired – so? Whenever someone says that to me, its always in the tone of: ” hey your nose is running”. I dont care if i look tired, but i know that its not meant as a compliment! (Because we all know women must look: smiley, fresh, upbeat and pretty) So really your just being an asshole. Stop being so “worried” about womens look and try being a decent person. Just try.

Ex waitress

Carrying two hot plates is not permission for you to grab my breasts, had to walk with my elbows turned in to avoid this. Everyday waitressing? Also having to deal with a boss who joked about breasts every day. Literally every day. But it’s ok cos he likes art, like the other pervert, they both like art so staring at womens breasts and endlessly discussing them is totally ok. Also pride shamed for not being willing to get naked for the guy who was into art and drawing the female form, yeah he sprung that one on me while I was innocently chatting. Second time I’ve had to face a room full of topless women without warning. How is this ok? If I had a ton of dick pics on my wall I’d take them down before inviting a new male friend over. Common sense and courtesy.


At a conference. Go up to speak to the speaker (male) after a particularly good talk about which I have questions. Am passed over as if invisible for the dude who arrived just behind me. He gets a collegial handshake. After I wait my turn (sigh) I am treated like a student (siiiiiigh). Minor and totally unconscious on the part of both men, just a reminder of how often I am not even seen in professional spaces.


Im a cashier at this fast food restaurant thats slightly more upscale than McDonalds. So ive noticed this tendency amoung straight couples, that even when the woman/female is paying for the food, when i ask them, for here or to go? The man/male will always speak over and decide for her. Like EVERY time!! I live in the Bay Area in California.


During a work meeting tea break someone started talking about his kids, saying his 2 year old girl was much harder than his 4 year old boy because she gets upset and cries more at which another guy responds deadly serious that that was to be as expected as ‘that’s women for you’.


This morning in work within an hour I had two experiences that jolted the term “everyday sexism” into my consciousness. 1. An male colleague who I’ve had only ever passing engagement with addressed me as “princess” 2. Another male colleague touched me twice on the shoulder in the course of very benign work related conversation that lasted appropriately 5 minutes In both cases I was uncomfortable. However, I also felt like if I said anything I’d be the one who would have a “problem”.


I’m a midwife and I’m in my twenties. I walked into a room to check on the post natal mother I was caring for and her middle aged, male relative was in the room. Before I had the chance to speak, and without knowing who I was or what profession I was, he said; “You must be here to give me a sponge bath”.


To use the words of one of Shakespeare’s favourite fools, as women, if we smile not, we are gagged. Last week, I and two other female teachers (all under 40 years old) had requested a conflict-resolution meeting with our school principal, a white male in his 50s, to address a difficult ongoing conflict that we were facing with an uncooperative male colleague, who is also a teacher and department head. The meeting was wrapping up and the resolution was not tidy — we were asked to understand that our male colleague (who is in a position of responsibility and leadership in our school) needs more time to be mentored. Then, just as we were about to leave, one among us was told: “C’mon [name], smile…” Smile. Smile? Why is it as women, we must smile and smile, or be a villain?

Olivia Rose

I have the ..fortune.. of seeing my first ever boyfriend and rapist almost everyday because we work in the same complex. This is for ALL people who experience SHAME and NERVOUSNESS when they see their RAPIST. Love to you all.


People who haven’t met me assume by email every single day that I’m a man because of my job title. Dear Mr… If I’m at a meeting with men who haven’t met me before, it’s routinely assumed that I’m there to do the catering/admin/minutes. Mansplaining and repeating I’m almost deaf to now, got so tired of saying “that’s what I just said”. Tired.