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Bi in Brittain

I watched porn for the first time a while ago and being bisexual I looked for stuff involving other girls. Under the lesbian section I started to watch a video in which the first girl was posting an ad to the newspaper looking for a boyfriend. Her female companion just happens to be there and compliments her looks and eventually they have sex. Because they’re not completely lesbians, they just aren’t fucking dudes because they don’t have boyfriends! Why is Lesbian porn being aimed at dudes? I mean I get why but I thought by looking in the “lesbian” section I’d actually be getting porn that you know, actual lesbians and girls attracted to girls could enjoy!


My mother had a car accident the other day with my dads new car. He made the comment ‘all women can’t drive’ and ‘this is why they shouldn’t drive’ – it made me really mad that my mum didn’t say anything so I said ‘that is like saying men can’t cook’ and he got really triggered because he is a chef himself.


Radox! They’ve made my bloody BATHS sexist! I can’t have an invigorating soak any more because that product’s only for men now! So once again women can’t do invigorating things because our ovaries might fall out? What the hell?! I’m really angry! And no more luxurious baths for guys either, because it’ll make you gay??? Just when I thought feminism was getting somewhere again, unilever take this massive step backwards.


“Vagina. Vagina. It’s just like faggot. I like the angry way it sounds,” he said. “Don’t look at me like that, trying to guilt me.”