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I was watching a comedy-related vid on YouTube just now, & when I finished watching it, a vid entitled ‘Top 10 most embarrassing moments’ appeared on screen as suggested viewing. It featured 2 newsreaders- one male & one female- & one of the newsreaders had their shirt open & a big red arrow pointing to their chest. Guess which one it was (clue: it wasn’t the man). I bet that if the man’s flies were open & his penis was on show, that wouldn’t have made it into the vid, but women’s breasts are perfectly OK, apparently.


A few weeks ago, YouTube uploaded a video on international women’s day about feminism. I smiled at the beautiful video and truly appreciated it, but then I scrolled down into the comments and *BOOM* hate. Some of the comments were about how women didn’t need a pat on the back, or about how men didn’t get their own video. Others were about sexism not being real. And the most stupid ones were the ones saying that there are worse problems in the world, and that we didn’t want to waste our time on this non existent issue. AGHH, those ignorant people make me so angry.


I have a modestly successful YouTube account for Disney fan videos, and a Facebook page to accompany it. All today I’ve been getting messages on the Facebook page from someone who calls themselves Donna, although their profile says Jacob and they claim Jacob is their brother. But then I started getting messages from “Jacob” himself, under another profile, and he started telling me to text him, call him, etc. and eventually said he wanted to “give my butt a slap.” I immediately blocked him – both profiles, as I am no longer sure if I was actually talking to a girl named Donna. I also blocked them on YouTube to ensure my own safety. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t create more profiles and continue to harass me, especially since reporting doesn’t do much good.


I was on YouTube the other day, & was watching a few vids. I read the comments under one particular one, & some guy had posted a comment with the sentence “rape her raw” in. To be fair (!), he wasn’t talking about a woman, he was talking about an inanimate object (won’t go into specifics about what), but I still thought it was an unacceptable thing to write, & I did find that it was a jarring note in an otherwise very enjoyable vid. Why do people think it’s OK to toss the word ‘rape’ around in such a casual fashion?