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I was on YouTube again earlier, & was watching a video clip with a couple walking around. One of the comments underneath (will I ever learn?!) said something along the lines of how the chick walking with the man was ugly, & how they didn’t understand how straight men (I assume that the commenter is gay) go for women who look like she does. One, she’s not a ‘chick’, she’s a woman (I hate it when men refer to women as ‘chicks’, especially when it’s prefaced with ‘hot’), & two, what business is it of this man’s what sort of woman the man in the vid goes for? I assume that the man in the vid found the woman attractive, or else was attracted to other things besides her looks! And the man who posted that comment may be no oil painting himself, & I may not find the men he goes for attractive! I get really cross when men- especially those who fall into that category, and/or who could do with losing a few pounds themselves- make disparaging comments about women’s appearances and/or weight. Someone previously posted a comment about men being nasty about women’s appearances, then ended the post with something to the effect of ‘why are men so bitchy’- I think this person would rest their case! Anyone who thinks that women are nastier about fellow women’s appearances than men are are seriously deluded. Not that women are incapable of being nasty about their fellow women’s (or men’s, for that matter) appearances, of course. Why do some people seem to think it’s acceptable to be so horrible to others (particularly on social media), & make personal remarks about others’ appearance?