Hey, my name is Sonja, born in 2001.
I’ve experienced different type of sexism/assaults.
The one thing that comes to my mind right now is this situation: I was about to leave the house when a friend of my dad (and his wife) came by and said something like: „ oh no, you are leaving? But who will cook for your father then?“ my father was next to us but he didn’t say anything. I was angry and tried to show him that I felt offended: so I said: „well I don’t know about your family but ours is not sexist so my father cooks as well!“

A different thing that happened to me when I was way younger (around 10 or 12). My brother (4years older than me) tried to penetrate me while sleeping. I was so shocked and didn’t really now what to do. As this continued some other nights I tried to protect myself by kicking and punching him. He still tried to do it. The other night I was in a bad mood and my mom asked what was wrong with me. I started to cry and told her what he had been doing with me all the time. My mother talked with him and it stopped. She gave me the feeling that he assaulting me was wrong but she kind of explained to me that in this age boys start to explore their bodies. I’ve only talked with one friend about it (when I was around14). Except for her nobody knows about this. I guess I’m okay about this but it feels wrong that We all pretend that this never happened. My relationship with my brother is good.