Angelique di Domenico

I was in a packed metro train close to the door and had opened the door a few stops already to let people off. At on point I start to feel the person behind me rubbing themselves on my backside. At first I thought it was due to the amount of people on the metro, so I move forward only to feel he does too, continuing to rub against me. At that point I realized what was going on, turned around and asked him, “what are you doing?”. He answered saying, “I just want to get off at the next stop”. Then I said, “you can’t open the door when the train is still in motion, and it doesn’t give you the right to touch me”. He kept denying it and people on the metro just looked like they wanted to avoid any conflict. So I yelled “DO NOT TOUCH ME.” And then he got off the train, and I was left there shaking from the encounter. Thanks for listening <3