In my freshman year of high school, I had moved to an entirely new district and knew absolutely nobody. I already had depression from my crap middle school, and a precarious social situation made it a million times worse. This one guy who was pretty well liked universally would keep suggestively looking at me and saying my name in a way that was creepy and would give me chills. I said nothing obviously because saying someone’s name is hardly basis for being ticked off and I didn’t want to hurt my social life. I ignored it till it got bad. He was in my math class, and one day during rotations he looked at me and asked if I was warming his seat for him. I was completely repulsed, because even though I had some mild sexual harassment in middle school (guy wrote fake love letters between me and a guy I knew talking about my “plump lips” and going into more detail I frankly don’t feel like talking about) this felt different and more personal somehow. The worst part is there were at least 7 people around us, including my friends and the teacher who I loved having, who just said nothing. For a while I thought I might have just been hearing voices because it was so out there and nobody said anything. A part of me hopes someone reached out and confronted him because he stopped being so bad soon after. It’s been a while but I still unconsciously flinch away from him and he hasn’t stopped the bone chilling flirting.