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A little while ago now, but while returning from a concert with a couple of my friends, a pair of middle-aged men in the seats behind us continued to stare at us through the reflection in the window. This continued for about 30 minutes, before they moved into closer seats (as the train emptied out, it being roughly 11pm). Another group of older women who were concerned about my friends and I – us being only 16/17 at the time – discreetly made sure we were aware and at the next stop (where they were departing), asked us to get off with them. They then walked us down to the next train carriage, which had more passengers, so we would not end up alone with these strangers. An act of female solidarity that I will forever be grateful for, but that I wish was not necessary. Thinking about what could have happened if we were left alone with still them makes me feel a little sick.


i used to be involved with a boy in my year at school. it ended badly but to this day we have our moments of friendliness. he’s varyingly seen as narcissistic, materialistic, overconfident, possessive, and just frankly as an asshole in general. time upon time during school, this boy and i have been in partially flirtatious conversation and for some reason he believes he has the right to ‘jokingly’ just grab my boob or touch my ass. he doesn’t believe it is a big deal. it makes me sick. he does not stop when i tell him to because he finds it humorous. i don’t feel like there is much i can even do as this point. he thinks he owns me and i would or even want to sucumb to his every need. it’s ridiculous.


I’m 16 and when I was walking to and from work in shorts, 2 or 3 cars had beeped at me or men catcalled me. This annoyed me so much and this happens to me even when I don’t wear shorts and when i’m just casually walking in public.