The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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I love science, last year, I joined a science club at school. I was the only girl there for the entire year, I don’t mind being around boys, but it really pissed me of when my peers in the club would ignore my input and pretend I didn’t exist, even though I was right.

This year I was too old to join the club and instead joined the debate team, I was the only girl again, and worse my views were often ignored


My ex-boyfriend and his friend were hanging out, then I went up to talk to them and my ex grabbed my breast in front of everyone. Right after that, his friend handed him five dollars. They made a bet that my ex wouldn’t grab my boobs in public in front of all of my friends, for five dollars.


When I was about 11, i went to the city with my at-that-time boyfriend and some of his friends, and we went to this video game shop where you could try out a very famous football game. The boys wanted to try it out, but there was already an adult man playing, so they played with him. After some time, the man addressed me and asked, if i wanted to play too. I had never really before played a video game, i always wanted to, but just never had the possibility to do so, and so i was too afraid that i would mess up and do something embarrassing. I said no thank you, whereafter the man laughed and said :’Blond girls and technology…’ I’m sure he didn’t think about it or wanted to hurt me, but I felt really bad as I am very interested in technology, and didn’t have the courage to call him out on it.
I know that this is not that dramatic, but it still affected my younger self, as i always bother with self-doubt. On the other hand, i think it is one reason why i am now following the path of a technological job so determined – to prove that man wrong.


I have my dog who I love dearly, and I walk him around my block every day because my mom thinks it’s “safe.” I usually wear sweatpants and a t shirt. Nothing fits me tight or is revealing. But every time I go to walk them I get catcalled at least once. It never got farther than that, until a few weeks ago. I was walking my dog and we stopped because this man has a dog about the same age and they both seemed to get along. He seemed friendly and we just stood there when we started talking about the dogs. They were simple things like the breed, the dog food they eat, their age, and so on. He was slowly coming closer to me, and I soon became uncomfortable. So I called my dog and told him it was time to go, and we started walking home. We were walking down the sidewalk when he caught up to me and told me that he was going the same way, and I knew he was lying because we were going in opposite directions. I just nodded my head and continued walking when his hand reached for my butt. He grabbed it like it was nothing. That was when I told him to back off. He told me that I was making a fuss out of nothing and he went to grab my breasts. I tried to run, but I couldn’t get away seeing as he was much bigger than I was. My dog saw that I was trying to get away, and he started to bark. The people who lived in the house we were by looked out the window and saw what was going on and came out as well. Thankfully it was a woman and she told him to back off or she was going to call the cops. She asked me of I was okay and offered to walk me home. She walked me home, and luckily didn’t tell my parents what happened. Ever since then I have refused to walk him anymore. My brother is the one who walks him now. I’m only 13 years old.


I was in class looking at a friend’s paper and a guy that was friends with my friend started trying to throw balled up pieces of paper into my cleavage and actually got one in. I then had to try to fish it out while he watched me. It was humiliating and all anyone did was laugh about it or ignore it and I was too timid to say anything to him. I wish I had, though.


I remember watching two films- one in school and one at home. Both of them involved a scene where a man told women that they are not unwanted and therefore don’t need to depressed. I feel anger when they called women- an individual “something that will only live a better life if they are wanted by a man”.

Another issue is that almost everyone around me said that they are not feminist as feminists are people who think women are better than men. I tried to tell them feminist means gender equality but no one thought so.


Sorry I do not want to tell my name

One time in school I played truth or dare with a few friends and we asked a classmate(male) that if he has another life, will he want to be a boy or a girl. He told us that he will want to be a boy as they are generally better, stronger in most aspects. I felt unfair and anger but kept silence.

Caro Turner

I had taken my two young daughters to see Cats in the West End,and was heading back to our hotel on the tube. We had watched a matinee performance,and by the time we got to the tube station,it was rush hour. We boarded a tube, and with only standing space available, I held onto the hand rail with one hand and had my two small daughters ( 6 and 8 years old) firmly held with my other. The train was packed, and all my attention was taken up by ensuring my daughters stayed close to me and that they didn’t fall over. I became aware of a body behind me, pressed up much closer than was comfortable and then of a hand on my bottom. Thinking back I can remember thinking and feeling two things….I didn’t know what to do about it and I felt I needed to make sure my girls were safe in this packed train. I tried to edge away by turning my body away from him but the only direction I could turn in,was towards him! I tried to lean away, leaning in towards my girls. But no matter what I tried with my body,he just followed me. Even now I don’t know why I didn’t do something. I felt frightened,embarrassed and desperate to ensure my girls were ok. After what seemed a long time, the train pulled into a station and a man, in a smart suit brushed past me and got off the train. A woman sitting near me said, ” I saw what he was doing to you,love” I do not know why I didn’t confront him. It shocks and disgusts me that the fact I had two young children with me,wasn’t something he considered.


When I was 13, a 14yo boy at the beach started staring at me all the time and shouted ‘tits’ every time he passed by me. His friends laughed with him about it and I gave them as little attention as I possibly could. Their group of ‘lads’ grabbed girl’s asses randomly. I was scared to tell my mum because I was embarrassed by the prospect of her making a scene, but thankfully one of the male employees working there that I’d known since the age of 3 noticed and had a chat with them. Obviously this didn’t stop it, but it’s reassuring to know that some people are willing to take action.


When a friend of my sister commented on a video I posted, making a comment about her bum and wrote a hashtag which linked to porno style pictures. When I let him know I didn’t appreciate this & didn’t understand why he thought it okay to comment on women’s bodies, he told me I didn’t have a sense of humour and didn’t get to patronise him just because I was a woman.