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“Gary lineker moves pregnant ex wife into London home they shared”

Did he actually physically pick her up ? Did she have any agency in this or is she just a helpless bovine being passively moved around by a male?
Maybe it was, you know, her home too? Her decision?

Blimey the news does like to keep men in charge doesn’t it?


I eventually left a company after 4 years after pointing out to my boss that I wasn’t as senior as one would expect or paid as much as one would expect given my experience and the role I was carrying out. (I left for a job with nearly twice the salary so I think I probably had a point!). After only one year my (male) replacement has already been promoted.

To cap it off I’ve just seen an advert for the company where it is lauding itself for “the great career opportunities available to girls”. Yes, they actually referred to female professionals as “girls”.

Blah blah

Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) strongly criticized a new “liberal” mosque in Germany on June 20, saying it violates the principles of Islam.

The new Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque, a mosque which allows female and male Muslims to pray together and bans the wearing of burkas, was opened in Berlin on June 16. The mosque is located inside a Protestant church.

“This initiative has disregarded the basic principles of our holy faith,” Diyanet said in a written statement.

Got to keep those women inferior and separate. Too tempting for men of faith to stand next to a modestly dressed woman, the sex beasts.
Weirdly burkas aren’t even in the Koran but hey.

shouted down

Apparently me being groped in a pub by a totally random male stranger is proof that I’m attractive which is a win for my boyfriend so it’s quite funny and there’s no need for either of us to be bothered and I shouldn’t be so hypersensitive.
But me buying a drink in the same pub for a man who joined our quiz team for the second time is fucking outrageous,weird and slutty because he will get the wrong impression if a girl (whose boyfriend is literally ten metres away) includes a new quiz mate (who she met through his girlfriend who isn’t here this week but both were on our team last week) when she is buying her boyfriend a drink. I thought that was called a “round of drinks”
Totally worth being shouted at and shamed about. After all, our shared income is his really, including all the winnings which go straight into his wallet.

Glad he’s my ex. Go fault find and shout at someone else whilst ignoring my safety and “drawing a line” under your appalling verbal violence. I had to lock myself in the car outside the pub the shouting got so bad, just to wait for him to calm down. Remind me which gender is meant to be hysterical?


I’ve been doing these exercises from a book about sex (yup, nearly 30 and need a sex ed textbook. Well done, education system.) and the first one is all about remembering your body’s history, like, recalling times that you were aware of your body, how you felt about it, how you physically developed etc.
First off, I notice that there are very few happy memories related to my body. Alarming.
Secondly, I realised that the first time I ever felt fat was in a ballet class when I was 6. It wasn’t anything that was said to me, I just noticed that all the other girls in their neon-pink leotards had flat stomachs and mine wasn’t.

Being a girl fucking sucks, doesn’t it?


When I was 16, being drunk in a disco, a guy takes me to a hidden corner (I cant remember how) and started kissing and touching me. I couldn t separate him by myself but two friends of mine helped me (they were both 15 age girls), they had to hit him. The worse was that some of my classmates were there also, they had seen the situation and they hadn t reacted, in fact they felt it was funny and I was a slut.


I pull into a parking space and the man in the van gets out and says:
Can I ask why you parked there?
Why do you need to know?
You picked this space.
Is there a problem?
Yes, there are lots of spaces but you picked this.
If you need to know, it’s because it is easier to leave the car park from here.
I need to open my side door and back door ( very rude tone).
From the front, which is where you sit unless you are planning on staying?
My wife is doing the shopping!! I don’t need to justify myself to you!
You got out to challenge me to justify my parking, in a space, within the lines, not obstructing your side or back door!
You need to get a grip woman!
I need to?
He then scurried into his van.

I go shopping; comes back.

Why did you speak to my husband like that?
With respect lady, you weren’t there when he got out of his van to challenge my parking. He then told me to get a grip.
Maybe you should.
They both then scurried into the van and ate their lunch.

My points:
Duncan (husband) and I had a conversation this morning about the many ways in which sexism presents itself. Right there baby. I guarantee that the man would not have got out his van if it was Duncan sat there.

What IS the actual problem?

Go me for not losing it!


I was shopping, with my daughter, for storage boxes in an large office supply shop in Newport, Gwent. At the till we noticed a container of plastic bags containing various items of stationary – pens, rulers, erasers – they were labelled ‘Girl’s Goody Bag’ and ‘Boy’s Goody Bag’. We examined them and noticed that as well as being sorted by colour (as predicted) they also had different items – the girls bag contained erasers in the shape of high heels the boys set had a eraser with a chemical element on it. I pointed out the sexism and the implication that boys were identified with science and girls with high heels – as well as just the notion of ‘boy’s’ and ‘girl’s’ stationary being slightly ridiculous. The assistant laughed at me. A little taken aback I asked to see the manager who listened to my reasons for finding the items sexist – she listened but seemed nonplused – she didn’t offer any explanation or apology or offer to report my concern. The assistant apologised for laughing and said she had labelled the bags putting the items in ‘as she was told’.
This is so minor – but the most frustrating thing for me was that both the manager and assistant were female and just didn’t seem to understand what I could possibly take issue with


“Twenty of the worlds most beautiful female news anchors”

1. Relevance to a story about Isis?
2. Care to include any males at all?
3. Why news anchors, they aren’t models
4. Great that you mentioned they are all female would have looked so gay dude if you hadn’t /sarcasm


At the beginning of each school year, there’s always a very kind, very condescending male student offering to help me with the computer/projector/etc. Young male students get extremely offended if I choose a female classmate to start a game or do something fun and immediately accuse me of being a ‘feminist’. Yes, yes I am, kids. Sue me.