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I have had to deal with sexism on a daily basis. My mom taught me to be a trophy wife, except I’m not very pretty. My childhood was about looking good in public, she pushed more when I went to middle school. Acne started to pop up so she told me to cover it up and always said I was gross. I never ate as a kid because I was told that I need to be skinny. It morphed in to me making my self throw up. This type of story is shared by many of my friends and I know this is common in life. Btw I’m in high school

Burnt out teacher

I’m a music teacher, I give individual lessons to children on piano and recorder as an employee of a state public school, and my experiences with succeeding at my job have been bipolar. What I mean is that I have had fantastic breakthroughs helping even the most “difficult” kids succeed in playing music beautifully and in accepting and loving themselves, and on the other hand I’ve also had horrible momemts of being very grumpy and nasty and making kids feel awful about themselves.

In the latter moments, which I deeply regret and feel ashamed about, it was almost always exhaustion that made me lose my patience and stop being nice to the kid and put my needs in front of theirs. Exhaustion which I believe, after 8 years in this career path, could be avoided if teaching weren’t an underpaid, understaffed “woman’s job”. If a load of random kids weren’t insensitively dumped on one person and forced to all be taught with equal attention on each one, for 6 hour shifts without a break (yes in teaching 6 hours is long), with so little pay that most months you have to choose two options out of paying your bills, eating properly and doing anything other than the previous two.

Yes, I am a 33 year old music teacher spending Spring break at my parents’ house because that means I don’t have to buy groceries for a week, and contemplating a few days of sick leave even though I’m not sick because I’m that burnt out. After this break, I will have to continue going in to work to do the SAME THING every day, wether that’s actually good for children’s development or music or not. I love my job and I feel personally responsible for each of my students’ well-being, but I don’t realistically think I can do this much longer (and I sadly think about what a beautiful job I could do if the kids in school were given the conditions they need and deserve and if I were properly valued as an employee myself.)

Too bad teaching’s a “woman’s job”. Just think about where education would be if it were considered a man’s job and given the same respect, resources and recognition as men’s jobs.


I saw a video game meme with two women with caption over the (bustier) one on the left saying “E3 trailer”, and a skinnier less busty woman say “official release” over her. The meme was using this picture of women to create an analogy for an issue in the video games industry where more content and polish is promised than released, but it was also making a statement about what this community found to be the ideal female. It just sat weird with me, yet I didn’t want to call it out because I knew that I would get replies saying, “its meant to be a joke,” “Don’t take things so seriously.”


I’m normally a recluse, and i often stay at home reading books or scrolling through social media…even when my friends ask me to hang out.
one day in 8th grade a friend, who i saw as a brother, came by my house since we lived in the same neighborhood(within walking distance from our school)and asked if i could come over since his brother is annoying and he didn’t want to be stuck alone with him. i agreed and we were hanging out in his back yard while his brother was inside playing video games or something when my friend decided to ask me if i would preform sexual activities with him (not sure how else to say it without feeling gross) to which i refused. as you would expect, he carried on asking me and began poking at the side of my breast and my inner thigh, just an inch or two away from my crotch. i kept saying no, he kept asking, so i made up an excuse to leave and went to my (at the time) boyfriends house and told him what happened while crying my eyes out. a few days later the ‘friend’ who did this sent me a nude picture of his private area. from then on out i would pretend to be sick when i could to avoid hanging out with him or say i was waiting for my aunt to drop off my cousin because she asked me to babysit.
i feel like i should mention that when the first moment happened i was in my school uniform which was black pants and since it was Wednesday i wore a red polo shirt with all buttons done and none of my cleavage showing. i never wore my usual Wednesday red again.

i only recently told my mom and grandma after we moved to a different state and i was, once again, still a recluse.
a few days ago i walked to the dollar store down the road because i finally had the money to buy my favorite cookies, and not only was there someone walking a couple yards behind me with a gun (which i found out about when he shot it towards my neighbors dogs who wouldn’t stop barking since they saw everyone they didn’t know as a threat), but as i was walking in an older man in his 50’s? was blatantly looking at my chest(mind you, i’m 15 during this) but he made a comment about them which i don’t remember because i sped up to walk away when i saw him looking at me like that. i was wearing sweatpants and a zip up hoodie. i made it a point to browse around the store a bit until i was sure that he was gone before buying my cookies and walked home.


I am 20 years old and i trust men, women, children, really anybody quite easily. I recently moved to a new city and met a man at a mall who seemed very nice he invited me to his home to meet some of his friends and when I got there none of his friends were there and it was only me and him. He started kissing me and at first I kissed him back and then I stopped and I wanted him to stop. I asked him many times and he would just dismiss what I was saying he became aggressive and I was terrified! Instead of fighting him I just stayed quite and that night I became so small. I have never told anybody the whole story, but right now I’m trying to find my voice again.


I’m at uni and I live in dorms, all my friends here are guys and that just causes its how it worked out, nothing really, no big scandals there. and usually, they’re pretty good about not being sexist but something ive noticed is if I’m hanging out with these two specific guys form the group they always target me and belittle and insult me and call it just causal joking around and banter and I’m like, hey you’re making me feel upset can you stop. I asked two times, me on the verge of tears both time. After the first time like less than a few minutes later, they give me shit and then claim it was funny and was a joke because id specifically asked them to stop. the next time I asked them they didn’t really respond well just oh yeah well try and I gave up and just decided I wanted to separate myself from them which I did. and when I bring it up and be like yeah we’re not close as we used to they’re like “you didn’t even give us a chance to get better” after the second time of asking. they claimed that that’s just how they act and they make fun of each other but I knew it was different and they just wouldn’t listen. I hate that because I’m a girl who hangs out with the guy’s people take that as an excuse to be mean to me and when I call it out they say ‘you’re so emotional chill out’ ‘we thought you were one of the guys, stop being so sensitive’


Why when I go shopping for clothes do I have to go all the way to the third fourth or fifth floor. Even in two story or single story units I always have to go upstairs or to the back and the choice is way more limited. All I want to do is get in and out as quickly as possible so surely it makes sense to put clothes for people like me at the front or on the ground floor and leave the seasoned and more dedicated shoppers to spend more time going up and down escalators.
Even going along any main street in a city the number of shops for people like me with deep voices, stubble and flat chests is outnumbered 5 to 1 aimed at the smoother more curvaceous memers of society.
Life is so biased to women


Man flu when men come down with an ailment that women would shrug off and get on with life. Ok so why when men are reluctant to go to a doctor do the women say this is equally stupid.
I have yet to hear a feminist complain that women have a longer life span.

Breast cancer is rightly taken very seriously and woe betide any man who sniggers at the mere mention of breasts. Alternatively Testicular cancer is a well known cause of sniggering amongst women opften in the media . . . “oooh he said balls!”
So onone hand men are to be sniggered at for taking their health more seriously but wimps for getting ill and dying earlier. mmmn!


My big sister is my best friend. She gained some weight because of going on the pill. My dad told her she needed to lose weight because she was going to be undesirable. He offered her a bribe to lose weight per pound.
In year 8 (I’m year nine now) I had the flu and barely ate anything for a week. My mum insisted that I needed to regain some weight in the interests of my health. My dad told me I needed to keep it off and loose some more.

Meadow Conner

On my way home from school, I was walking across the street when a young man in the passenger side of a car stuck his head out the window and yelled “Hey baby, nice ass,” before speeding off. This happened when I was 11. I was too shocked to say anything, and I then took it as a compliment. That was what I was supposed to do, right? I was noticed. I am 13 now, and I wish I had done something. Anything. Thrown a rock at them. Told them their mother would be ashamed. Anything except for nothing.