I posted a link to a video where something really positive was being discussed on a talk show. A good guy-friend of mine responded with “Not usually a fan of these kind of clucking women talk shows, but…” If my friends were to post a link about pro wrestling or superhero movies, I don’t make a point of saying “Yeah, I suppose that depicts something positive, but I’m not normally a fan of macho-man showoff-y stuff.” Why make bravado a man thing and clucking a woman thing? Why not define your likes and dislikes by something other than whether or not if fits your preferred gender stereotype?


Ok so girl in IT first problem in our lovely country… Had multiple incidents were I was made aware that women dont belong in a working environment whatsoever. Then got the speech you are better off as a housewife… Now we placing you under suspension cause its is a known fact women lie… Thank u dearest company for msking me doubt myself and backing sexist pigs


Very powerful, older male associate introduced to me at a meeting, shakes my hand for like 5 minutes straight while staring at my breasts, invading my body space and telling me “We need to find you a husband.”


I’m seventeen right now. When I was younger- twelve years old to be precise – I had quite a large bust already and I was in seventh grade and a guy in the same grade told me that he’d rape me. He sexually assaulted me by grabbing and groping me. My mom tried to tell the school principal about it, but he said he can’t do anything about it as it would ruin the reputation of the school. I have experienced catcalls, whistling, I’ve had men tell me what they want to do to me – physically hurting me and sexually abusing me and I’ve been followed home because I “look easy.”


The engineering firm that I worked at is a mostly all male environment. In electrical engineering, it just is like that. Nothing new.In my first week I attended a meeting with one of the consulting technologists at the firm. The meeting included two other contractors. As I am only a student, I was obviously only there to observe and obtain some experience. If asked a question, then I would respond, but otherwise I would listen to the conversation and observe the contractual business. One of the contractors started chirping me under his breath because I was so quiet. I shrugged it off as a joke. Nothing bad. But when we walked outside, he was making remarks about my open shoes to the consulting technologist. Something about ‘she should learn to put on proper safety shoes when going out to site’. To the site which is currently a rugby field with well-maintained grass. To the site, THAT HASN’T EVEN STARTED BEING A CONSTRUCTION SITE. He was posing these remarks not to me, who was standing next to him, but to the consulting technologist who would be my supervisor for that interim. I ignored it. It’s not that bad. When it was time to say goodbye, I was civil. I put forward my hand for him to shake and he held my hand, squeezing it tight so that it hurts.


Sexist and misleading headline: http://www.timeslive.co.za/world/2014/05/07/woman-caught-having-sex-on-virgin-flight


I started what I thought would be a career at an IT company. Male dominated industry. This great job was sold to me and I bought it. Upon meeting clients that I would be working with in the future, I met a man that was in charge of managing our products at a distributor. My boss introduced me to him, and as I turned around I saw this man sign ‘boobs’ and gave a thumbs up. I never wore low cut tops to work. That was my first impression of this man. Few months down the line, after many other incidents, this man is now my newly appointed boss. I am stern, and I am sure he is not happy with strong women. Every day at work is a new story. I was late a total of 5 mins due to traffic, where he called me in for a meeting and continued to reprimand me on my being late, accusing me of taking half days when I go out for client meetings, and even squeezed in “if you are going to have a pissing contest with your manager – the manager will always win.” Every day I record my times in at the office on a calendar that he can see. Every day the male technicians arrive late (15-30mins) and my boss laughs it off. When I confronted him about why is it different from one person to the next he replied “that is not your issue to deal with.”


I was 12 years old and accompanied my younger brothers to the martial arts class. One of the seniors (a school teacher, known by my parents) sat next to me while they were busy with their class, put his hand on my leg and slid it towards my crotch. I sat frozen with fear / anxiety / … until I got to my senses and before he got to my crotch … I left the venue and told a friend (13) what just happened. He attempted to retaliate in class with little success. 26 Years later I still avoid spaces where he appears … My Mom brushes the incident off with a “he’s changed” or a “he doesn’t seem like that kind of person”; even though he has sexually harrassed one of my friends in the past 3 years.


Everyday at school, just because I write fast the boys say ‘It’s ’cause she’s a girl’ They expect too much sometimes, but also too little. When you get something wrong in maths they get such a shock and say ‘But you’re a girl?’ I don’t see how this effects anything. Why are boys so sexist when they are young? Even in drama they say things like, ‘You can play the damsel in distress because you look like someone who can’t protect yourself.’ And also, ‘You can write down the script, we’ll set up the stage.’ At some points boys just get impatient and shocked when a girl gets something right, but so angry when they don’t. I was about to kick a soccer ball to someone on the field when some guy told me, ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll do it, you don’t know how to kick it.’ So I kicked it, and it went straight into the goal. I smiled and said, ‘I did soccer when I was younger.’ ‘But you do dancing.’ He replied. Stereotypical men I guess. I’ve said it over and over, I’ll play soccer and probably last, you do ballet, you’ll die from exhaustion. Saying things like ‘I’m a guy, I don’t do dancing, guys who do dancing are gay’ It’s just so stupid.


I was sitting waiting for my martial arts class to start chatting to the father of a boy who also attends. He asked me how far along I am and if I know what I’m having (I’m 21 weeks pregnant) I said a boy and he told me ‘oh that’s good, they’re so much easier than girls, much more logical and less emotional’