Easter Sunday I am wearing a one-piece white shorts outfit. Comfortable enough to drive back to art school, which is a 3-hour drive. I am visiting my adoptive parents for 2 days and Uncle Paul spent holidays (lunch) with us as well as my grandparents. When I leant over to Uncle Paul to kiss him goodbye on his cheek, HE STUCK his tongue down my throat aggressively and felt me up with his hands. When I pushed him away he simply laughed out loud at me! I drove back to art school and rang my adoptive mother straight away. I was beyond furious. I said, “tell your boyfriend Uncle Paul to keep his tongue and hands to himself next time otherwise SAL (adoptive father) will be told ALL”. When my adoptive mother challenged her lover Uncle Paul about his sexual assault on her daughter he simply said “just look at her, I couldn’t help myself”. Nothing was ever done.