If aliens were watching all the adds for anti dandruff shampoo or incontinence pads , they could be forgiven for assuming these were exclusively female concerns .


Apparently only women can manage people giving away biscuits… ADVERTISER: Meya Kallala September 18 at 2:02pm NATIONWIDE ***Saturday 23rd Sept*** Looking for female EMs and BAs in these areas for a fun job promoting cereal bars with a photo opportunity. Working in-store 9am-5pm. rate: EM : £120 and BA £80 EMs – a polaroid camera will be sent to you for this. Locations: Wembley Watford Feltham, High Wycombe, Lower Earley, Stevenage, Wallington, Message us or inbox Facebook group PromoFos


The mew John Lewis And/Or jeans ad that just popped up on my Facebook feed. The short, slo-mo film exclusively focuses on a close up of a woman’s denim-clad arse as she rides a bike. She even stands up on the pedals, giving a fuller view of her backside. I guess it’s supposed to be provocative, but it’s just depressing and regressive. It doesn’t belong in this century and Johm Lewis should be ashamed.


Nice bit of casual sexism in a TV programme sponsorship message from Rachel’s (a British purveyor of organic dairy products): “Rachel’s, loved by Eva, who promised to clean the kitchen before the in-laws came”, with a lady sitting eating yoghurt with cleaning utensils sitting abandoned beside her. Because of course cleaning is the woman’s job, isn’t it? No stereotyping there then! Another sponsorship message from the same company features a man who’d promised to put up new shelves in the kitchen neglecting to do so in favour of eating yoghurt. Because of course only men can do DIY, right?


Two incidents: -‘News’ item on the front cover of the Daily Star today about how Holly Willoughby “won’t be doing any more sexy photo shoots because she has 3 kids & no one wants to see that”. I know that the Daily Star is pretty low down in the food chain as regards ‘news’papers, but come on. -The ad which includes a request which states “my wife wants a new kitchen”. Because OF COURSE only women use the kitchen, don’t they?!


Another sexist advert: McCain Roast Potatoes- just like Mum’s. Because of course only mums cook, don’t they? What about families where the dad does the cooking, or where the parents share the cooking (or indeed if the mother isn’t on the scene for some reason, or if the family is a gay couple who have kids)? The advert for this product is sexist to both women & men. Newsflash, McCain- it’s not just women who cook- men cook as well! This is 2016, not 1956!


I work in advertising. I had to really, really, really persuade the all-male creative team to use women in a project about engineering. They kept talking about the customer as ‘he’ and used stock images of men to bring the brand to life.