I am in my early 30s, and I am a woman of colour. I work in a good daytime job at a Canadian hospital , and I also volunteer as an executive of a well known national humanitarian organization non-profit. I’m passionate about my volunteer work because of how I can contribute to society, but I very rarely bring up the topic of my volunteer work in social situations. I was applying for a new position in the hospital , and to show my leadership skills , I mentioned at the end of my interview about my volunteer title. Upon hearing about the volunteer appointment , I was jokingly asked whether I have any time for my husband at home anymore . All three interviewers, in high profile positions , were laughing at the joke . I was silent for a second , but knowing that the interviewers had power over my career , I joked back that I was lucky that my husband was so supportive. My husband is actually very supportive of my work , but I felt silly having to justify myself. Ironically , the three interviewers were all older women. I never talked about my volunteer work with them again.